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  1. RIP Jonah Lomu, 40, One of NZs finest and propably the World's, best Rugby player.

  2. Oh France... not again! In Shock. Hopes and Prayers for the people of Paris.

    1. Mainad



      All my thoughts are with our neighbours across the Channel!

  3. Forum page blocking all posts with a server error. Bummer as can't post the results of RWC Semi Final 2, which Australia won 29 - 15 over Argentina.

  4. Forum page blocking all posts with a server error. Bummer as can't post the results of RWC Semi Final 2, which Australia won 29 - 15 over Argentina.

  5. Forum page blocking all posts with a server error. Bummer as can't post the results of RWC Semi Final 2, which Australia won 29 - 15 over Argentina.

  6. All Blacks are total yawners at the 2015 World Cup...England, Australia and Wales...now that's Rugby!

  7. AND the Blatterites have taken revenge on NZ and ended Oceania's bid for direct entry into the World Cup at least untill 2026.

    1. Rob2012


      TBH, I'm not sure what the merits of guaranteeing NZ a World Cup spot are. I mean that's basically what it would've done right?

    2. LDOG


      yet he didn't take any "revenge" on UEFA who are his sworn enemies. Same number of spots as in 2014. oh, BTW Asia and Africa (in Blatter's pocket) weren't given any increase as it was being speculated.

  8. Gee FIFA, thanks for wrecking our U20WC hosting.

    1. zigzag


      That was nothing compared to all Indonesians who will be banned from FIFI by tomorrow or the day after that...

    2. Ikarus360


      I'm sorry because you guys will do a well organized event. Its not your fault football itself is corrupted to the core.

  9. IOC: If you want NZ to host one of your train wreck events...YOU PAY FOR IT!

  10. So Downton Abbey finishes this season but the prequel looks likely to be the Xmas extra?

  11. Wow...First time since WWII that two Cunard " Queens " have sat side by side in Auckland habour. Amazing what a Cyclone can bring in.

  12. Standing by for the 1030GMT posts by You KnowWho...

    1. Alexjc


      Actually, was a wee bit late today...

  13. Well that was easy Durban...CWGs pretty much handed to you on a plate.

  14. What's with Aussie politics? Could have a new PM by tomorrow night?

    1. plusbrilliantsexploits


      Not gonna happen, especially as Turnbull is not challenging - and it's unheard of for a leader to lose a spill motion with no alternate candidate ready to challenge him. Abbott will stay on by default and probably stumble along until the Coalition loses the election in a landslide. They essentially managed to negate their entire rationale for governing (i.e. their stable, no-nonsense way of running things against the ALP's internecine warfare)...plus, that knighthood for Prince Philip...

  15. Lance Armstrong...would you just Fk off! Nobody is interested, and nobody cares...Got it you drugs cheat?!!

  16. I hope calm can now settle accross France now that these horrible events of the last few days draw to their conclusion.

  17. Adele is right to turn down cynical Bod Geldof's latest "take money from those who don't have a lot and make them feel guilty if they don't give scheme" so he can continue to live his lavish lifestyle critizing governments around the world who are not doing enough to fight Ebola...Even though he and his U2 mate have the money to fight it themselves.

    1. Rob2012


      I've no problem with it at all. The money raised is going to a great cause and I see no downside. Whether people should put these celebs on a pedestal is a different question, of course, especially those of them who pay less tax than they should. But the world is better off with this single than without it.

    2. Alexjc


      More Geldof's foulmouthed comments on why no one appears to be spending gazillions on it...it's simply that everyone is spending on CONTAINING the virus. There is a huge effort underway already...especially on home border protection. Once it's in, it's in! No one wants that.

  18. Adele is right...DTKI Xmas 2014 is just a cynical marketing scam by Bob Geldof's classic "rich people using our precious time so we can take money off those who don't have alot and make them feel guilty if the dont give"

  19. Scotland 16 - New Zealand 24...And only after a desperate play in the last minutes by the All Blacks ended Scotland's almost there victory.

  20. Welcome to New Zealand, Angela Merkel.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Scotguy


      I like Merkel, a proper stateswomen, makes mr Key look like a child rapist, murderer, joking bafoon.

    3. Alexjc


      ...So when are you going home "Scotguy"

    4. mr.bernham


      I like Merkel a lot, kinda wish she was American because she would be a kick ass president.

  21. Thanks Brazil! You've captured a creepy monster who is so dangerous to children.

  22. Rio 2016 Brazil GB members. HELP! A filthy Paedophile has escaped custody in NZ and has made it to Brazil. Phillip Smith is his name but he also goes by Phillip Traynor. He is evil and murdered the father of one of his child victims. He is cunning and sly. Once a Paedophile, always a Paedophile! Deal to him...

    1. DannyelBrazil


      If he is a criminal, he have some kind of notice for Interpol. In that case, he won't be able to enter Brazil.

      But, if he manage to enter Brazil, it's not easy to find anybody in a country 8 million square km big with 200 million people...

      Not to mention the huge empty areas...

    2. DannyelBrazil


      And problably, he didn't came with his real name and probably changed its face characteristics.

    3. Alexjc


      GOT HIM! Well done Brazil! Cheeky SOB has been goading NZ authorities for the last few days, little realizing the international Paedophile police team were closing in on him.

  23. Queenstown 2026 dreamers...change the bed sheets when you wake up please.

  24. Rugby League 4 Nations...Aus 12 - NZ 30, Eng 32 - Sam 26

  25. Lang Park, All Blacks 29 - Wallabies 28...What a game!

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