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  1. Stupidly...a new terminal at the then Stapleton International Airport.
  2. Considering the massive decade long controversy of Qatar 2022... It was actually a good tournament. I did love the upsets of some really big teams going home early. Full of surprises such as Morocco climbing up into fourth place. BUT cannot deny the dark undertones of a culture that is not as open minded to the world, and I hope this is a wake up call to that region. My score is a respectable 7.5 out of 10.
  3. Christchurch lost the opportunity to build a new "QEII multisport" complex years ago. The new swimming pool aquatic complex has been delayed into oblivion and may never be built. as you mentioned, there are now no FINA standard pool facilities left in NZ. A new facility is planned for Auckland but would need a push and govt support. Currently Auckland has a very conservative mayor who is all about cutting costs and reducing debt... He's not interested in providing sports stadiums. Such a shame as NZ Swimming is going through a rebirth after decades of stagnation in performances and results. There are, of course FINA standard 50m pools, just not the five star hotel expected facilities that have to go with them nowadays.
  4. ...Oh well...France it is. BUUUUUT....Morocco v Croatia.... Could get ugly....
  5. Spain shown the door by Morocco. 3 - 0 in penalty shootout. Unbelievable.
  6. Yeah...This looks like what it could become...But England is known to completely fk things up about now at a World Cup.
  7. So far at this point in time the only nations I can see in the Semi-finals at 2023 are: France England Australia Ireland If France makes it to the final...They'll win it.
  8. Russia '18 wasn't a disaster...It was pretty good. The "disaster" starts in a few hours time... That fan zone looks like a giant detention centre and got a feeling it's going to be a Fyre Festival 2.0!
  9. Portugal has knocked the United States out of the 2023 WC Finals...The first time that nation has qualified.
  10. Legacy is what it's all about. It's interesting you bring this up... A classic is Christchurch 1974 and the hosting of Pacific regional sports events that got really good coverage for about a decade after. It's still an iconic thing here in NZ...Yet Auckland has been totally forgotten as no attempt was made by that city to cash in on a legacy.
  11. ANY closing ceremony will always be better than that absolute shambles that was the 2018 event...It ruined what were a great Games.
  12. New Zealand's best ever GOLD medal haul at the CWGs and second only to Auckland in total medal haul. Fifth on the Gold table, Sixth overall. New Zealand always seems quite at home in England. A great effort from a post pandemic cobbled together depleted team with some surprising results from sports that were not expecting the larger haul they took. The stand out events clearly were the Cycling in all forms, Track and Field, Swimming and Squash. The barely get a mention sports threw up some surprises which allows them to gain access to funding. Great to see some "oh so close" moments from determined athletes as well...Beach Volleyball coming to mind, and great to see the girls say they'll wear what they like on the day after some Woke issues about the size of the "minimum" bikini requirements. During the day they flipped the bird to the complainers and wore the smallest they were allowed to, and evening sessions, tight leggings. The pandemic saw some sports have a "quiet" games, Weightlifting, Boxing, Judo, all at least getting some minor medals. Track and Field saw great results when it came to jumping/vaulting over bars (those long legged "Supermodels" in their barely there "underwear" clearly a reason why that section of the stadium was packed out), and biffing cannonballs. There were also frustrating disappointments, from the Team sports... Hockey, both teams, crashed out completely, Rugby Sevens, although Bronze in both, were expected to at least Silver. Cricket T20 were lucky to get Bronze. Bowls, were expecting more and disappointed at their haul. Triathlon, I'm gonna say it - the Mix Team would've medalled if it was not for one hanger-on athlete who is well past her use-by date and should be a coach. But redemption for the Netball in getting on the podium with Bronze, clearly showing just how much work is still needed now that Jamaica has come of age. As for the Host city...Thank you Birmingham for showing the way forward for a city hosting. I hope the mechanical Bull finds a home under cover as a keep-sake for stepping up and SAVING the games. Handing over to Victoria Region who will show another concept in hosting these minor albeit fun multisport events clearly has shown the way for New Zealand to finally step up and put in a serious bid for 2034.
  13. NZ beat England for the Bronze in a team sports double - Cricket and Netball! (I'm going to do my Team New Zealand report card at the end)
  14. I wouldn't be too deflated just yet...There will be a society backlash when the Govt changes. I'm more worried it will trigger off something so much worse. Yes there will be the traditional maori welcome but as we are seeing with OCs this century, a more focus on community. Yes to tradition but also to reflect on what NZ has become. - Who'd thought that we would be launching rockets into space nowadays back in 1990? (I do know that a mention was made after the 1990 OC that although the "war story of NZ" up to the Treaty signing was amazing, it was only after the Pacific Islands dance routine (reflecting Auckland) came in that the tempo of the ceremony really picked up.)
  15. Yes definitely at least they'll want something positive to go out on...and leave National with the hard work of laying out a clear plan. - Only to come back and be Govt when the Games are on and take credit as NZ's election cycles seem to pattern out. Overall the '22 games have been pretty good for the original TRADITIONAL CWG sports. The team events that get all the anticipated glamour have fallen short. If the CGF want to pull a double host bid and bring 2030 and 34 to the table next year...then what's to stop the NZOC/NZ Govt from going for 2030 with an Auckland centric bid head to head with Ontario-Hamilton...a great final build up to Brisbane '32. - failing that... All the while putting in a long term planning for a NZ wide super games in 2034 post Olympics? I do prefer 2034 as NZ's turn...It will be decades overdue and the look of the games will be vastly different 54 years after we previously hosted. (hopefully the OC wont be so maori-centric as it was in 1990 and more reflect the "everybody" nature of today's diverse society.
  16. No real planning for an Auckland centric games has been made yet. A mayoral candidate has stupidly brought back the idea of a waterfront stadium with such a long lead in time...Don't even go there... Forgetting that the CGF insists on using what you already have - in Auckland's case, Albany Stadium which could have a track laid in it or Waitakere Stadium that would just need temporary seating.
  17. Not as much because Matlida was only created for the 1982 games whereas the Birmingham Bull is symbolic of that city.
  18. All "Groundswell" speculation for now...BUT it is the first time since the failed Wellington '06 attempt that the NZ Govt has shown more than a passing interest. Considering the decade long lead in time needed to host what will be chosen as an "upsized" Games, If the NZ Govt moved on it now, 2034 could be secured.
  19. This OC brought back wonderful memories of Manchester '02, probably the best OC and Games overall this century so far...IMHO. (expect that to change on Tuesday 9th August). The Bull will become Iconic like Matilda '82.
  20. Nobody was interested in 2026...(or picking up 2022 for that matter)... This current govt simply paid it no mind as the only two real contenders, Auckland and Christchurch were/are in the middle of a massive infrastructure building program not really ready for a '26 Games...Also mentioned elsewhere, Christchurch has only just started construction of Te Kaha Stadium after a decade and a half of arguing. New Zealand does have a limited budget, only 5 million taxpayers. The closest we'll get to hosting the CWGs is 2034 as Hamilton, Ont. is putting in a firm bid for '30 and looks likely to succeed. As for the current 2022 CWGs NZ team.... Fourth on the overall medals table and third on the Gold table for now, but naturally will drop when the premium events start...Track and Field.
  21. Really DISSAPOINTED at Gamesbids Forum moderator at not creating a separate page for what are turning out to be a very successful Games.
  22. Herein lies the rub...oh and by the way the country's name is NEW ZEALAND...not Aotearoa... Most New Zealanders want Christchurch to host the 2034 games as the central city to a nationwide event or at least have some major participation in them. It's going to cost a packet. We cant predict the world 12 years from now, but I would expect King Charles, being well into his 80s by then, would send out the Prince and Princess of Wales to open them.
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