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  1. Adele is right to turn down cynical Bod Geldof's latest "take money from those who don't have a lot and make them feel guilty if they don't give scheme" so he can continue to live his lavish lifestyle critizing governments around the world who are not doing enough to fight Ebola...Even though he and his U2 mate have the money to fight it themselves.

    1. Rob2012


      I've no problem with it at all. The money raised is going to a great cause and I see no downside. Whether people should put these celebs on a pedestal is a different question, of course, especially those of them who pay less tax than they should. But the world is better off with this single than without it.

    2. Alexjc


      More Geldof's foulmouthed comments on why no one appears to be spending gazillions on it...it's simply that everyone is spending on CONTAINING the virus. There is a huge effort underway already...especially on home border protection. Once it's in, it's in! No one wants that.

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