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  1. In the same post you just said you have no doubt that Madrid could be a "fantastic Olympic host" and then went on to ask why should the IOC "suffer an austere Olympics" It really seems to me that you don't like the Madrid bid and you don't like seeing people supporting it on here. What else do you expect from Madrid supporters other than support? Please get over yourself and go post on Istabul's thread if all you care to contribute here are constant attacks on Madrid and the members supporting the bid. Your point that you don't think Madrid should host because of the economic crisis has been made...many many times. Thank you. It IS NOT your job to criticize people for their support however "blind" and "emotive" it may be. You're irritating as hell when you do that. Para los españoles, es un resentido, nada más. Y no hay que prestarle atención cuando solo trata de atacar.
  2. Congrats? I guess now that your point has been so snidely made we can all rest easy that this important issue was laid to rest..
  3. You're so eloquent FYI... I almost want Madrid to win just to see you eat your words. Fact is Madrid has a solid plan; the only negatives, and granted they're big, are the economy and the pull of Tokyo and Istanbul's candidacies. We'll just have to wait and see what happens.
  4. I have objectivity. Cheap insults, however, are not objective. But I digress, the issue is resolved BTW what other language do you speak besides Spanish and English?
  5. I don't think an Istanbul vote takes away Europe's chances for 2024 at all. It's not exactly seen as a European city compared to Paris, Berlin or Rome. I also don't think it's seen as an Asian city, despite its efforts to be thought of as " straddling two continents". But the fact that it would decrease the likelihood of another frontier games is all the more reason why IOC representatives from possible frontier cities would not want to vote for it. Y para ti Shrek. Este foro es para hablar de las candidaturas de una manera respetuosa y no insultante. Madrid tiene tanto derecho de estar en la carrera como Tokio o Istambul, y tachando a los madrileños de "stubborn" y "delusional" por apoyar la candidatura, y a mi de arrogante por defenderla ante tu ataque es a la vez fuera de lugar y bastante maleducado por tu parte. Have fun translating that
  6. Oh shut up, that's so not called for. I was doing some thinking about IOC voting politics, and I feel that voting Madrid is the best thing that every IOC voter from outside of Europe with a horse in the 2024 race could do for their own chances. A Madrid Olympics would boost the chances of N. America, Africa, and Asia by getting the european cities out of the next race. Any possible South African bid gets a boost because Istanbul wouldn't have won and taken the "frontier" games role for the second olympics in a row. If any Asian countries are thinking of bidding (I can't think of any to be honest, maybe Australia could fall into this category) not having Tokyo win increases their chances too. I feel this is important because if Madrid doesn't win, everyone knows Europe will be coming hard for 2024, and voting Madrid takes away that threat. Anyway, that's just how I see it, let me know what you guys think, I know that some of you are much better analysts of these kinds of things and I could have overlooked something important. BTW currently watching the boat parade down the Thames for the Queen's Jubilee celebrations on BBC, it's really an impressive site, makes me wish I could be in London!
  7. lol that one picture posted wayy bigger than it showed up on the preview, I'm sorry guys! haha baron there's nothing wrong with a few pictures to adds some color to all the dry paragraphs of debates
  8. Madrid is, for me at least, one of the most beautiful cities I've been in, which include London, Paris, Barcelona, and Prague. There is so much natural beauty in both its urban parks (Retiro, Oeste) and peripheral parks (Casa de Campo, Madrid Rio(Manzanares)) as well as the surrounding vistas and areas (la sierra) A litle bit of iconic Madrid...
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