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  1. I think there should be a minimum age for the Olympics. I don't know which sport you mention without limit but, in my opinion, without limit should be ridicolous an Olympic Champion 10 years old! 16 years should be the minimum for al the sport, and furthermore now we have the youth olympig games for teen agers; come on, let us leave the games to men and women, the games are not school events.
  2. In the next 20 years we'll have hundreds of millions of people in India, China, Indonesia with better life style, those countries will pay more and more for TV rights. It is time now for US to forget its actual superiority and be ready to share it: markets, technology, power and arts are moving ... Concerning the time for the events, there are many serious tests made in High Sport Science laboratories that demonstrate there is A BEST TIME FOR A BEST PERFORMANCE ( without considering now the personal attitude of each athlet): the exertion of the maximum efforts has very different results at 8 in the morning, 2 in the afternoon, 7 in the evening, as different are circadian byoritm, weather temperature and humidity... This could appear useless, but after 4 years training, even those perhaps stupid details are very very important for an athlet and his NOC. Has the NBC the right to interfere with this ? And if one day the best TV time for NBC ( or other its accomplice) correspond to night in the OG host country ? Will they force competitors run 100m at midnight, will they force to stage sailing at 2 in the morning, judo or taekwondo finals at 4 ? ( just befor breakfast? )
  3. Yes of course, and there are Billions of people in 4/5th of earth that pay to watch athletes during what athlets feel their best circadian time, the other 1/5th ( in 2008 is the turn of America) should take coffee or arrange TV on their job sites. In 2012 different regions will take coffee and so on... Ah, beside, best regards from dimwits on the field !
  4. No matter if, when and where they protested. OG exist for athlets mainly, not for TV presidents and their bank incomes. For LA '84 opening Cerimony, I waited in the night with my girl friend and many other friends and was very nice experience ( with a little help from my frigo, cards, music )
  5. All the International Federations have their own Olympic qualifications system, different but in any case well ruled and with the maximum quota of athlets to be selected. This quota is established by IOC for each sport ( the total OG participants cannot be higher then 10.500 ) How can you manage the NK system? SK and NK should renounce to send strong competitors to the hard continental and/or world qualification tests, and bring a team with somebody that will probably loose the qualif ? I think NK should try to get spots in the unified Korean team; beside they can improve their performances with the help of SK trainers which are very strong in many sport (archery, taekwondo, badminton, judo, ....) They can also apply for wild cards, and let some promising competitor to join the team.
  6. Yes, undoubtedly, and, beside, the merit system will force and motivate North Korea to develop its sport activity.
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