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  1. I think there should be a minimum age for the Olympics. I don't know which sport you mention without limit but, in my opinion, without limit should be ridicolous an Olympic Champion 10 years old! 16 years should be the minimum for al the sport, and furthermore now we have the youth olympig games for teen agers; come on, let us leave the games to men and women, the games are not school events.
  2. Ok, this is quite interesting. Samsung from korea is stronger in IOC than taekwondo from korea.
  3. The whole games in Beijing (34 sports and disciplines) gave medals to only 84 countries, Taekwondo alone gave medals to 22 countries besides Korea, among them Afganistan (first historical olympic medal), Dominican Republic, Nigeria, Greece, Norway, ITALY, France, Mexico (2 GOLDS, male and female !), Croatia (2 medals), Canada, USA, China, Iran... Where is the gift to Korea? Even without taekwondo the place of Korea in the medal standings is the same. The distribution of medals in Taekwondo competitions is very large compared with many other famous sports: how many countries get medals in equ
  4. Don't touch taekwondo Beside, you would put out a modern fighting sport and put in a martial art without contact and nearly impossible to be judged? Sometime in taekwondo game you can see some trouble in refereeing, try to imagine an olympic medal given in a martial art like karate where competitors have not to touch the other contestant.
  5. In the next 20 years we'll have hundreds of millions of people in India, China, Indonesia with better life style, those countries will pay more and more for TV rights. It is time now for US to forget its actual superiority and be ready to share it: markets, technology, power and arts are moving ... Concerning the time for the events, there are many serious tests made in High Sport Science laboratories that demonstrate there is A BEST TIME FOR A BEST PERFORMANCE ( without considering now the personal attitude of each athlet): the exertion of the maximum efforts has very different results at
  6. Yes of course, and there are Billions of people in 4/5th of earth that pay to watch athletes during what athlets feel their best circadian time, the other 1/5th ( in 2008 is the turn of America) should take coffee or arrange TV on their job sites. In 2012 different regions will take coffee and so on... Ah, beside, best regards from dimwits on the field !
  7. No matter if, when and where they protested. OG exist for athlets mainly, not for TV presidents and their bank incomes. For LA '84 opening Cerimony, I waited in the night with my girl friend and many other friends and was very nice experience ( with a little help from my frigo, cards, music )
  8. All the International Federations have their own Olympic qualifications system, different but in any case well ruled and with the maximum quota of athlets to be selected. This quota is established by IOC for each sport ( the total OG participants cannot be higher then 10.500 ) How can you manage the NK system? SK and NK should renounce to send strong competitors to the hard continental and/or world qualification tests, and bring a team with somebody that will probably loose the qualif ? I think NK should try to get spots in the unified Korean team; beside they can improve their performanc
  9. Yes, undoubtedly, and, beside, the merit system will force and motivate North Korea to develop its sport activity.
  10. From Olympic Charter <<<<< Art. 47 - Sports Programme, Admission of Sports, Disciplines and Events page 90 ……… 4 Criteria for Admission of Sports, Disciplines and Events: 4.1 To be included in the programme of the Olympic Games any sport, discipline or event must satisfy the conditions specified by this rule. 4.2 Sports, disciplines or events in which performance depends essentially on mechanical propulsion are not acceptable. ……….. >>>>> In the case of rowing, cycling, windsurf the performance does NOT depend essentially…. Different is the case of wa
  11. And why not Formula one, in the future .. Anyway...... UP UP UP with FERRARIIIIIIIIII ! Logic
  12. The list of recognized sport is very long, comprising chess, Tug of war, Mountaineering and Climbing, bridge, motorcycle......... A recognized sport IS NOT an Olympic sport. The Program Committee of IOC says that to enter the OG the sport must not use engine of any tipe. Bst rgds Logic
  13. 1. Baseball ( out from London 2012) 2. Boxing ( very serious proposals to put out) 3. Modern Pentathlon ( very serious proposals to put out) 4. Softball ( out from London 2012) 5. Table Tennis (in the program, very popular, no venue cost, loved by younghers..) 6. Weightlifting ( very serious proposals to put out) 7. Badminton (in the program, very popular, no venue cost, loved by younghers..) 8. Taekwondo (in th
  14. Morning Faster, The IOC chooses every four years the city for the next Games. Each International Federation (IF) has its projects for the medium future and so the National Oly Committees. How can those organizations study and built a project for their sport activities if after four years 1, 2 or more sports are out of the official list ? The cost for the preparation of 1 high level competitor is, for example, more than 1 million € and then ? The sport venues and other facilities, the money invested are different for Olympic or Non Olympic sport, a national sport federation receives support
  15. I think and feel that IOC wants to lower the average age of spectators and TV audience. The last sports introduced recently are (please correct me if I am wrong): tennis (back again) and table tennis '88 ( badminton and taekwondo as demo sports), badminton and baseball '92 ( taekwondo and rollers as demo sports), softball '96, taekwondo and triathlon 2000; windsurf was added ('92 ?)as new discipline among sailing sport.... In winter Olympics snowboard, free style ........ We can easily see that younghers and fashion sport are more involved (rightly or not we'll see in the middle future), tha
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