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  1. If Madrid gives a good presentation I think they'll take this. Both Istanbul and Tokyo failed at answering major concerns about their bids.Those answers were not persuasive.
  2. it is very very cheap to use Tsunami story. Be cool a little bit!
  3. at last we are gonna see Masterplan video at last
  4. Home Stay Programme is a greeat idea! guys that's a good prsentation i guess
  5. there are some amazing pictures of Istanbul at this link, also some pictures of the existing venues and proposed locations http://fotogaleri.ntvmsnbc.com/istanbula-kusbakisi.html?position=0
  6. you can see al renders from here https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.517610784947871.1073741842.320486461326972&type=1
  7. they look really awesome!! you can feel the spirit, just amazing!
  8. yeah there will be a challenge but they're building another underwater tunnell for vehicles and the tunnell ends like by the stadium. So there will be an Olympic Lane between the village and Bosphorus area, they don't have to use the Bosphorus bridge. If they use this express way it will take 15-20 minutes to reach the stadium. Also Maracana is away from the Olympic Village so they might have the same problem in terms of logistics.
  9. more renders here Velodrome, Archery, Rowing, Beach Volleyball venues http://fotogaleri.ntvmsnbc.com/haydarpasaya-bogazici-stadi.html?position=0
  10. there's a support video made by the most watched Turkish sports channel http://www.ntvspor.net/video-galeri/istanbul-2020-olimpiyatini-hak-ediyor
  11. i don't want to sound arrogant or offensive but that video looks so cheap. 2016 Masterplan video was a lot better!
  12. without traffic you can go to the furthest venue from olympic village in 20 minutes by car. Everything you have seen on venue map is connected with express ways. So it's not that far away actually without traffic. If they reserve olympic lanes only for olympic transportation, traffic won't be a problem. There is space to build extra lanes to the highway and express ways.
  13. It's a great arena but really far away from the main competition area. I don't think they'll put it up as a venue.
  14. World Wrestling Championship will be held in Istanbul next week, I have just learned that That's +1 for our organization experience.
  15. i posted detailed information about a possible bid plan for Istanbul on page i posted detailed information about a possible bid plan for Istanbul on page
  16. we are early frontrunner right now i hope it will not fade so soon Because on paper we really look like favorites especially considering the big deal of development in infastructure and transportation and sports venues since the last bid.
  17. Rio is the only city that I REALLY REALLY WANNA SEE before i die...That's like a dream place for me, I really want to be there in 2016 at least. But I should start to save money first...Brazil doesn't ask for a visa from Turkish citizens which is awesome
  18. this is a commercial of Turkish vodka brand, it focuses on night life in Istanbul and there are some inserts on video which are the names of the towns in Istanbul and they put the names in the right place when the definiton passes with the impersonations you won't probably get it but it is fun http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kc0zWjTGaJk
  19. some Istanbul videos for your pleasure this is my fav Istanbul video this is my 2nd favourite this is also great, there are every flavor in it video sucks but you can see the landscape to imagine the city in this video
  20. evet ya heyecanlı bir iki yıl biiz bekliyor, favori değiliz ama bir şansımız var bu sefer. Ben her ne kadar Madrid'in alacağını düşünsem de bizim de alabileceğimiz bir sunum hazırlanabilir. Tek avantajımız İspanya'nın ekonomik durumunun iyice kötüleşmesi olabilir yoksa Madrid'in planı baya iyi. Roman'nınki de oldukça kompak bir plan ondan da korkuyorum. Tokyo bana ilk turda elenirmiş gibime geliyo

  21. Istanbul has a typical Mediterrenean climate. In summers, it's not hotter than 38 C. e.g now it is around 30 C for a few weeks.
  22. Let me give you some information than We presume that there will be 3 clusters: Olympic Park, Old City and Ataköy Cluster. Taksim might be called downtown because it will be the main hotel area. Olympic Village will be in Olmypic Park btw. There is no "real" downtown in Istanbul. Because it is so huge there are like 5-6 main centers in the city. But Taksim is the main connection point of everything, it is like the heart of the city. This is the main map: At the top Olympic Park, in the very south Ataköy and Old City just next to it. Taksim is just on the right close to Golden Horn. Olympic Park-Taksim: 26,4 kms this two centers are already connected with light rail and tram. Olympic Park metro will be finished at the end of this year. Olympic Park-Ataköy: 18 kms and these two has direct connections with light rail, metrobus and suburban rail Olympic Park-Old City: 20 kms this cluster has also rail, metro and tram connection with main center. Ataköy - Taksim: 18 kms Old City - Taksim: 5 kms Three clusters and main hotel area(Taksim) all have rail system which is connected to each other. They are developed right now with new lines. Rail system was not developed like this at our last bid. Ataköy-Old City: 16 kms and there is direct rail system connection you can see page 20 of this thread I posted a detailed infastructure plan of Istanbul and also some venues. also there will be a new highway at the very north of the city which will be the expansion of Third bridge in the north. This highway was planned to use as Olympic Lane in our 2008 plan.
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