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  1. If Madrid gives a good presentation I think they'll take this. Both Istanbul and Tokyo failed at answering major concerns about their bids.Those answers were not persuasive.
  2. it is very very cheap to use Tsunami story. Be cool a little bit!
  3. at last we are gonna see Masterplan video at last
  4. Home Stay Programme is a greeat idea! guys that's a good prsentation i guess
  5. there are some amazing pictures of Istanbul at this link, also some pictures of the existing venues and proposed locations http://fotogaleri.ntvmsnbc.com/istanbula-kusbakisi.html?position=0
  6. you can see al renders from here https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.517610784947871.1073741842.320486461326972&type=1
  7. they look really awesome!! you can feel the spirit, just amazing!
  8. yeah there will be a challenge but they're building another underwater tunnell for vehicles and the tunnell ends like by the stadium. So there will be an Olympic Lane between the village and Bosphorus area, they don't have to use the Bosphorus bridge. If they use this express way it will take 15-20 minutes to reach the stadium. Also Maracana is away from the Olympic Village so they might have the same problem in terms of logistics.
  9. more renders here Velodrome, Archery, Rowing, Beach Volleyball venues http://fotogaleri.ntvmsnbc.com/haydarpasaya-bogazici-stadi.html?position=0
  10. there's a support video made by the most watched Turkish sports channel http://www.ntvspor.net/video-galeri/istanbul-2020-olimpiyatini-hak-ediyor
  11. i don't want to sound arrogant or offensive but that video looks so cheap. 2016 Masterplan video was a lot better!
  12. without traffic you can go to the furthest venue from olympic village in 20 minutes by car. Everything you have seen on venue map is connected with express ways. So it's not that far away actually without traffic. If they reserve olympic lanes only for olympic transportation, traffic won't be a problem. There is space to build extra lanes to the highway and express ways.
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