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  1. New Zealand is a country of sport nuts and would pull out the stops to put on a great winter games. And while it is perhaps a small country population-wise, it is on a par with Norway which put on a fine winter games. They have organizational experience (America's Cup), an intense sport culture and a vested interest in promoting themselves to the world as a sport/adventure holiday destination. While many of us may find multiple "practical" difficulties involved in envisioning a winter games in the southern hemisphere, such as the aforementioned... - 90% of WOG atheletes are from northern countries - infrastructure is lacking - the calendar scheduling issues I would say that an Olympics in the Andes of South America or the blue mountains of NSW or New Zealand's South Island would be fantastic for winter sports and the games! - build a "second season" on the ski circuit - build enthusiasm for winter sports in new places - build upon the global intent of the games It could add a sexy twist to the WOG audience even. C'mon, a south seas "Maori Winter Olympics" in New Zealand, now that's a cool idea! Besides, you know that the kiwi's would kill themselves to put on a games with as much flair and quality as Sydney!!!
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