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  1. <font color='#000000'>Read what I wrote again. You will notice I didn't actually say I didn't care, even though the truth is I don't.

    The truth of the matter is that, on a global scale, that venue is not in the same league of fame as Wembley. That is why Wembley is one of the most famous and well loved stadia in the world.</font>

    You mean Wembley was the most loved stadium in the world... but without the towers it just becomes another stupid piece of modern junk architecture... there is nothing to remind me to remeber the new stadium, not even that arch thingy! What sticks in my mind are those four famous towers that have been stupidly knocked down.

    Very impressing picture. Although it'll look very much different of the stadium we used to know -- Wembley will still be a true football cathedral. Well done!

    But there's something I don't understand: Why have they already laid the turf when the opening is still 10 months away? Isn't it quite unusual to endanger the turf by the ongoing construction works?

    This stadium picture doesnt look special at all... what a disaster we lost our famous stadium to be replaced with junk like this!

    Ohhhh...I feel sick.

    On the MonoMetro website they have a map showing it reaching Wembly! that would be cool

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