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  1. So if Chicago wins in 2016, those against the invasion of Iraq (if in case that goes on till then) should also boycott the Games? An incredibly touchy subject, and while in a perfect world the Games shouldn't be politicized, that is inevitable. It would be nice to see come August 2008, it would be all about the celebration, the sports but that is one dream that can never be achieved. I just hope that Beijing is prepared to face these protests and pressures. Knowing they had detractors, they should have built in a contingency plan into their organizing of the Games, for protests and the like. I'm sure there are even more of these in the coming months leading up to the Games. A boycott would only be unfair for the athletes, the people of Beijing and the sponsors. I think awarding the Games to China thinking they'll give more liberties to their people is a bit messianic for the IOC. (If that was their reason) But still I think all of us are hoping for a positive impact and change and I guess that can be brought about if 2008 goes on as planned. I'm against a boycott. It’s counter productive, and will only bring about more division. I’m sure Beijing is aware that the world is and will be watching.
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