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  1. You are right, sponsors are not pulling out of the games because they have already commited to $millions in ads and product designs. Just look at all the Coke and Poweraid bottles. They all have 2010 ads on them. On the other hand they may be cutting back on their corporate tents or displays during the Olympics.
  2. Yes, I will be working in transportation department. Most likely driving shuttle vans for internal staffs.
  3. Just checked online with Air Canada and there is lots seats/flights available for Toronto to Vancouver during the Olympics. The price seems very reasonable for the Olympics. $359 each way plus taxes.
  4. I just checked with the Bay and the special "Pin of the Month" is limited to only 496 pins. Also, it is only available at the Bay's in the Vancouver area. As of right now, I believe most of the Bay's are sold out. The Mukmuk pin holding a Canada banger is really cute.
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