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  1. Wait, how can you tell Scotguy21 that he's wrong? Do you know what's going to happen? Your from San Francisco, so I'm geussing that you arn't one of the people that's coordinating the handover cermony, so how can you tell him he's wrong. Anthing could happen, that actually sound good, and could very well happen.
  2. Oh, I must be slow or something, cuz i just found it, ok sorry!
  3. Ok, this might be old news, but i'm happy about it. I have found a site off of Beijing2008.com that shows the progress of all the Beijing 2008 Venues. Awesome! http://en.beijing2008.com/99/29/column212042999.shtml
  4. The motto should reflect the area and caulture of British Columbia, shomething liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiike "Sport and Passion to Eturnity" just that has nothing about caultures, add "In Vancouver" to the end or something
  5. I like it, it's really neat. I've never saw anybody use a mountain look like a person in anything, so like kool
  6. It would be cool if it was some that's unique to Canada and has never been seen before, like a moose. I would make it myself, but i have no artistic talent at all, so anybody that can draw, you can steel my idea. actually, please steel it.
  7. I've seen some pictures of what the couldron may look like, and there semms to be many differnt ideas. The most popular that I've herd of was the big ring in the middle of the stadium, but i also saw one that looked like an upside down spoon. weird. Ok so what do you think? I like the ring plane, just them there's the probly of how will you light it? Oh well they'll thin of something.
  8. I herd that they are goin to try to go through most of the ancent civilizations of the world, such as Rome, Greece, India, and the Middle East, thou the Middle East is still up for debate. The torch, relay route, and logo will most likely be unvailed etween Febraury and July or next year. I predict that the torch realy will begin in March 2008.
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