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  1. I know that, but as i said it had too much. I thought they would go beyond that.
  2. 5 / 10 showed how projections can be great and how it can also overwhelm. too much maple leaves. there's no doubt the poet and the poem was good, i just think it dragged the segment way past its limit. the totems at the start really looked like ice zombies.
  3. forgettable, boring. the only highlights for me started will nelly furtado and ended with sarah mclachlan. take away the projections and its largely bland like fluff. not David Atkins' finest.
  4. worst countdown ever. the snowboard stunt was nice enough but timing was off and he need not have said welcome anymore. is that the best rendition of the canadian anthem? felt like some old pop song. i did not like the totems, and the "welcoming" arms did not help, it looked like glass zombies.
  5. A bit underwhelmed with the video but am still optimistic how it all goes together. All this talk about having less performers than beijing, vancouver compenated with the projections. Take that away and its really bare in the video at least.
  6. should negotiations fail, will anyone really miss iraq in beijing?
  7. Initially, I was a bit underwhelmed with beijing's environmental graphics, but i think it was more because they have so much to inspiration to pull from yet they chose the lucky cloud pattern as the program's central element. In contrast to Athens which stylized different greek motifs not to mention their cool mediterrenean palette, beijing chose one motif and went against their traditionalist red to explore primary hues. Instead of having blocks of colorsas Athens did, they chose gradients to weld their shifts in colors. I like it, it's simple but effective. But I question the consistency of their applications which I think Athens did flawlessly. Although it stuck to the basic graphic program, there seems to b e a disconnect in how the banners, decals, and wraps have been made and positioned.
  8. as much as i want to, i couldn't bring myself to weep for those athletes. the IOC's ruling on their NOC's political interference is a valid one. should the Iraqi athletes be allowed to participate under the Olympic flag? nope, because doing so would defeat the purpose of sanctioning the country. if they are allowed to still participate, what would stop other nations' goverments from interfereing with their own NOC's and come Games-time just let their athletes participate under the Olympic flag? And it has been done before so there's a precedent. Afghanistan was in more or less the same shithole as where Iraq is right now. As much as it is a sad story, I would concur with the IOC's decision. it's the Iraqi Olympic Committee's fault.
  9. seouls' chamsil complex is pretty forgettable. although for the time they were cutting edge especially the gymnastics arena. the satdium also remains elegant but again - forgettable. i like the watercube. i like the bird's nest. modern classics in the making.
  10. ^^^ A Games sanctioned by the IOC for KIDS and the ceremonies will be crap? are you sure? It wouldnt be like the SOG or WOG but it would be something different. Imagine the participants watching a 2-3 hour speech fest? I don't think so. I just saw the opening of the BKK Universiade2007 which has arguably some parallelism with the YOG and it was really crappy, just as crappy if not crappier than Korat's ceremonies. Hosts in SEAG does have some unfair advantage from the get-go, but come-on, Thailand is not exactly known as a land of hometown crowd/advantage, they practice however hometown decisions which is sad. I rememeber quite clearly the spectacle that Thaksin did in 2005 to Manila and it was in fact a couple of Thai judges that got booted out of the Games for biases in their decision-making. It was I think in some aquatic sport. Nobody contested the prediction that Thailand would emerge as over-all champion. but by that much? It was Thailand who proposed the streamlining of the events in the SEAG prior to the opening in 2005 but lo and behold they still went on with 45 events. In fairness to Thailand, they have the necessary experience to back their bid but, they have aeons to go for the Olympics or at least the YOG.
  11. why? did Indonesia also suffered some kind of Thai "fancy footwork"? but come to think about it, it would be to their advantage if BKK hosts as they can send alot of their kids there since rules on the qualificatiosn are still un-final yet. as for me, ceremonies matter a lot. If BKK plans to put up something to the ranks of what they did in nakhon ratchasima, then they ought to be booted out.
  12. the wild fires would not have such a drastic effect of their bid. I do hope that by the time that the bidding process gets rolling that the fire has already been put out. Athens would be a very special host to the first Youth Olympiad. Spiritually that is. I don't really need to explain it, but the nostalgia of Hellas hosting the first of this IOC santioned event plays heavily on Athens' side. Though I would want to see Singapore step up as hosts, the absence of a completed Sports Hub by 2010, is a big question. They should just go for 2014. After the SEA GAmes in 2011 or 2013, and the Youth Olympiad in 2014, they could gun for the Commonwealth Games in 2018. Should they be succesful, they could go for the Summer Olympiad by 2020 or 2024. Algiers would be nice, but not yet. They have shown a lot of interest in hosting a high-profile event that they should really be considered for something like this. Moscow and Torino, Maybe.
  13. can they use that stage for athletic events? nope they can't. they built that stage precisely for their NDP's and not for sporting events. If they can't deliver a stadium by 2010, there is really no point in continuing their bid. unless the IOC would require a smaller athletics venue then they should be alright.
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