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  1. Without the support of swimming and athletics, that already have major European Championships, these Games were always a joke. I wish they would just scrap it.

    And now there is also the European 'thing' being hosted by Glasgow and Berlin as well......

    Agree, The European Sport Championships have also had the foresight to use the federations links with the EBU to get the events out to as many people as possible, not hidden behind a paywall like the European Games will be in many countries.

    What would be great is if out of the Netherlands withdrawing that perhaps some agreement can be made moving forward for the events to merge, Not sure how many more events Glasgow could hold at relatively short notice if that were the case but my ideal scenario would be for the events to combine to become the second European Games in 2018, with athletics switched to Glasgow and in return Berlin getting the privelege of spending billions on a 2022 edition of the European Games. Alternatively more events split between the two cities in 2018 (surely between them they could host most events in existing venues) and then bidding opens for the next event in 2022.

    That would all rely though on all parties involved seeing common sense and being agreeable with each other. So it's never going to happen!!!

  2. I agree that it is in Western Asia (Anatolia, the Levant, Arabia and the Caucasus), rather than Central Asia. But Azerbaijan is still an Asian country geographically and again mostly Asian socially. (religion, politics, etc) It is certainly also influenced by European civilization as well, but so is Australia and no one would say Australia is in Europe.

    You obviously missed this years Eurovision Song Contest then where Australia were invited to compete. Interestingly too Israel are sending a team to the European Games.

    Here in the UK the coverage is on pay-TV so it's hardly anticipated, especially as the key marquee events where Britain do well are not properly represented at the games. Really hope that within a decade or so the much more promising European Sports Championships merge with this event to create an event which truly is a European Olympics.

    So glad though the Netherlands is the next host - IMO one of the key reasons for a European Games is to give major European cities which aren't big enough for the Olympics the chance to showcase their cities. I do hope though that whatever happens that the individual sports federations also retain their own European Championships alongside any involvement in either the European Games or the European Sports Championships so that cities not capable of hosting multi-sport events don't lose out.

    P.S. Meant to say though that the only exposure the games are getting is the Baku2015 ad airing quite frequently over the last few days - it appeared many times during the French Open finals, though really can't see many people deciding now that they're going to pop to Azerbaijan for the event with barely a weeks notice.

  3. Not posted here for a while and having searched can't see anything mentioned, but this news came as a surprise when I stumbled across it this morning - are the European Games doomed before they begin?


    Glasgow and Berlin are to host the inaugural "European Sport Championships" in 2018, with Berlin hosting Athletics and Glasgow hosting Swimming, Cycling, Rowing and Triathlon, with the possibility of Golf being added too. I'm guessing Berlin had already been awarded the athletics championships so this is a compromise.

    This has a lot going for it - support from the relevant bodies meaning they'll be elite championships and full events, and I think most importantly guaranteed coverage by the EBU, meaning free to air coverage across Europe on national broadcasters.

    Hopefully common sense will ultimately prevail and the two events will merge to become the event Europe deserves. Think it's going to take some time though.

    More details of the locations: http://www.european-athletics.org/news/article=leading-sports-bring-together-their-european-championships-2018/index.html

    I do think the athletics being elsewhere might cause problems but I guess it's a compromise that has got European Athletics on board. I wouldn't be surprised to see more organisations join up before 2018 too.

  4. Will be interesting to see how Seven use "hBB TV" as they call it - or Smart TV/Connected TV as the rest of the world call it. The BBC have used it very effectively, but they don't need to worry about generating revenue from it so can essentially just put the world feeds straight on there, adding their own commentary if they wish. Seven will somehouw have to monetise it, so either through advertising or as a subscription service.

  5. I don't think the CGs need to expand too much but a slight increase from 17 to 18 would be a nice controlled expansion, and I'd like to see Gymnastics and Cycling included in the core sports. Personally I'd drop Weightlifting and possibly Lawn Bowls and Badminton from the core sports line up too, though I guess Lawn Bowls is there as a non-Olympic sport. It would be nice to see one or two team parasports - something like Goalball or Sitting Volleyball.

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  6. Talking of Manchester another thing that was underwhelming was the arrival of the baton. As it is no Olympic Torch they need to do much more than just bring it in the stadium - Manchester had the beautiful aerialist arriving from above on a balloon which has not been topped, whilst Melbourne had the fantastic final relay along the relay, something I thought at one point Glasgow might be about to rip off, but no, they just ran in with it with no fan fair at all. The less said about the final relay inside the stadium the better.

  7. Would be nice to see the games continue to expand - at the very least expanding the snowboarding (and ideally reworking Snowboard Cross so it's more like the Olympic version rather than just a 2 out of 3 run time trial).

    They also need to introduce Women's Sledge Hockey - they can't just keep pretending the mens version is "mixed".

  8. The commonwealth games are about much more than track and field athletics.

    Indeed they are, especially with Australia's strengths being elsewhere. Is worrying though but the CGF have nobody to blame but themselves as the lack of interest in 2022 is hardly a surprise after pretty much head to head bids over recent years. They really should have opened up the bid for 2022 and 2026, giving bidders double the chance of success based on one bid rather than two. As others have said tweaking venue requirements would help as well. I don't think the sport requirements need to change too much - the numbers seem about right and the mix of sports is appropriate for most Commonwealth countries.

  9. Where did you watch the 1994 ceremony?

    I think Beijing, London and Sochi have raised the stakes when it comes ceremonies. it would need to be quite a sophisticated temporary stadium to compete - there would need to be an aerial capability for lifting things and an underground area or raised platform. Given they'll have no roof ! in a winter venue - this isn't downtown Vancouver after all - I'm intrigued how on earth they'll do it to modern ceremony standards.

    That's what makes it all the more interesting. There is a risk of all these ceremonies being very much the same if they all just do what their predecessors do - it'll be a welcome change to see this go in a different direction.

    And the Lillehammer opening ceremony is the first video you'll find with a "Lillehammer 1994" search on Youtube.

  10. I do think London's lighting was pretty superb, but they lost major points for what happened to the cauldron afterwards. Athens is probably my favourite of recent games, and Salt Lake City of the Winter Games - that was a fairly simple mechanism but it was very effective, especially as the torch clearly did light the cauldron.

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