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  1. It is there best chance - I really do think the CGF will be looking to London for the centenial games so NZ would have a great shot at 2026.
  2. We wouldn't want the Americans anyway - the whole point of the Commonwealths is they're not there! Football is unlikely due to the timing (World Cup years) and infrastructure required. It's a shame Twenty20 never happened in Delhi as I think that could gain a regular place in the games.
  3. Will be interesting to see how Seven use "hBB TV" as they call it - or Smart TV/Connected TV as the rest of the world call it. The BBC have used it very effectively, but they don't need to worry about generating revenue from it so can essentially just put the world feeds straight on there, adding their own commentary if they wish. Seven will somehouw have to monetise it, so either through advertising or as a subscription service.
  4. I don't think the CGs need to expand too much but a slight increase from 17 to 18 would be a nice controlled expansion, and I'd like to see Gymnastics and Cycling included in the core sports. Personally I'd drop Weightlifting and possibly Lawn Bowls and Badminton from the core sports line up too, though I guess Lawn Bowls is there as a non-Olympic sport. It would be nice to see one or two team parasports - something like Goalball or Sitting Volleyball.
  5. I do think the prospect of London 2030 might put off another UK bid for 2026, and with Edmonton bidding for 2022 I'm not sure how keen Canada are on a centenial games anyway.
  6. As much as I'd love South Africa to finally host the games, I do wonder if the Commonwealth needs Canada to fall back in love with them and hopefully an Edmonton games would see CBC (or CTV) treat them with a bit more respect than of late.
  7. Think you sum it up - the sport was good but the ceremonies were absolutely dire, the first in 20 years+ of watching the Commonwealth and Olympic Games that I've actually turned off. Personally though I've just not got into these games as much as I usually do - as I said a few days ago I really think the London hangover made it difficult to enjoy them for what they were. They were just missing that something which lifted them beyond a sporting event.
  8. Concussion - goes against what you'd believe but the evidence suggests when it comes to the risk of concussion the head guards were actually increasing rather than decreasing the risk.
  9. Talking of Manchester another thing that was underwhelming was the arrival of the baton. As it is no Olympic Torch they need to do much more than just bring it in the stadium - Manchester had the beautiful aerialist arriving from above on a balloon which has not been topped, whilst Melbourne had the fantastic final relay along the relay, something I thought at one point Glasgow might be about to rip off, but no, they just ran in with it with no fan fair at all. The less said about the final relay inside the stadium the better.
  10. It was pretty dire - easily the worst I've seen in 20 years watching the Olympic and Commonwealth Games.
  11. This seriously cannot be allowed to happen. If it does at least I know Wales will be boycotting once again!
  12. What have we done to deserve that? Surely if they're going to let one performer dominate at least make it someone relevent, not a relic from the 18th century.
  13. I bet they selected that extra person just to spite them.
  14. Would be nice to see the games continue to expand - at the very least expanding the snowboarding (and ideally reworking Snowboard Cross so it's more like the Olympic version rather than just a 2 out of 3 run time trial). They also need to introduce Women's Sledge Hockey - they can't just keep pretending the mens version is "mixed".
  15. Indeed they are, especially with Australia's strengths being elsewhere. Is worrying though but the CGF have nobody to blame but themselves as the lack of interest in 2022 is hardly a surprise after pretty much head to head bids over recent years. They really should have opened up the bid for 2022 and 2026, giving bidders double the chance of success based on one bid rather than two. As others have said tweaking venue requirements would help as well. I don't think the sport requirements need to change too much - the numbers seem about right and the mix of sports is appropriate for most Commonwealth countries.
  16. That's what makes it all the more interesting. There is a risk of all these ceremonies being very much the same if they all just do what their predecessors do - it'll be a welcome change to see this go in a different direction. And the Lillehammer opening ceremony is the first video you'll find with a "Lillehammer 1994" search on Youtube.
  17. EDIT: Actually now I've read what the so called athletics programme is made up of I take that back. The EAA doing itself no favours, seemingly prioritising a third tier of an unimportant European Cup competition over involvement in the new Eurolympics. http://www.aroundtherings.com/site/A__45946/Title__Athletics-Officially-Part-of-Baku-2015/292/Articles
  18. Didn't realise Athletics had now been confirmed - now it's a proper games. Surely though they're not going to continue having two European Championships as well every Olympic cycle - that's a bit much.
  19. Considering it seems unlikely the World Cup will be in England first I do wonder if they'd have been best off not playing a part in this 2020 farce and instead focusing on hosting 2024 outright - as frankly thanks to the ridiculous expansion to 24 teams only 4-5 countries could probably host the tournament alone now.
  20. I do think London's lighting was pretty superb, but they lost major points for what happened to the cauldron afterwards. Athens is probably my favourite of recent games, and Salt Lake City of the Winter Games - that was a fairly simple mechanism but it was very effective, especially as the torch clearly did light the cauldron.
  21. Vancouvers was the same mechanism repeated 4 times - and they screwed that up. Lillehammer could have the claim to the most potential for something to go wrong - if that ski jumper hadn't landed properly it would have been quite embarrassing.
  22. I wonder how much this all costs - considering the Olympics have scrapped the worldwide torch relay I'm surprised the Commonwealth Games haven't followed suit.
  23. Still quite surprised India didn't work Twenty20 into Delhi 2010. Curling would have been great for Glasgow though it would be occupying one arena for most of the games.
  24. I doubt this Vice President has any authority to do so - and indeed it looks like it's just poor reporting and that they've been invited to bid rather than to host. All members of the Commonwealth have been invited to bid. Absolutely agree though it would be a very bad move to award the games to a nation with any kind of anti-gay laws. That would do more damage than having no bids at all as unlike the Olympics, people wouldn't think twice of boycotting.
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