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  1. Not hugely surprised by this - it's probably been on the cards since NBCSN launched. On a similar note coverage of many Olympic sports said to be underthreat at the BBC with a £35m reduction of the sports right budget and axing of the broadcast red button service, where many events which didn't get a broadcast on the main channels were aired. The internet delivered "Red Button+" service will continue.
  2. I don't see the logic in cutting the shortlisting completely - after all nobody is looking at this list and booking their tickets to Budabest or Hamburg in 2024. If it becomes clear early on they're not offering a bid which has a chance of knocking out the big three it surely isn't in anyones interests, especially theirs, to continue with it.
  3. I don't see how that could be enforceable at all - members may have to travel for family reasons, business or if a city is bidding for the Olympics there is a chance it might be hosting major sporting events, while with the bigger international cities the IOC can't stop people from holidaying there. Chances are an IOC member might like to visit Paris, Rome or LA in the next couple of years. Agree though with the point of the article though of course it would get trickier when it isn't a two-horse race. Perhaps the field needs to be trimmed down to just 2 or 3 candidates with a year to go and then an opportunity for members to visit them at the time, but kept short and sweet rather than a week of wining and dining.
  4. It would be a shock now for a logo to be revealed and everyone to like it. I just think they look very dated, and while the Olympic logo the T is clear, reversing the colours makes it far less obvious for the Paralympic logo.
  5. Really nice cauldron but would like to see the return of it at least appearing that the final torch lights the cauldron.
  6. What took them so long? So glad to see the Zaha Hadid design dumped - she built a costly ugly bunker for the London Olympics which might look OK from the outside but looked horrid from the inside. I'm all for great architecture but her designs just aren't fit for purpose when it comes to the requirements of Olympic venues.
  7. Well that happened. An event on this scale just goes by unnoticed without the major Olympic sports being there in full, plus crucially free to air coverage. For the first couple of days I did go to the effort of finding some stuff on BT Sport or watching stuff via the Youtube app, but the novelty faded fast. That said I'm glad Britain performed well, even without athletics, cycling and rowing properly represented.
  8. This is the first real challenge when it comes to sports rights and I hope at least one broadcaster in one country does push the issue. The EBU can bit collectively (and indeed did for many years), and in more recent times for the countries outside the big five the rights have been on sold to an agency, but then they were sold on in a country by country basis. Not even the biggest channels have a chance if the rights are sold collectively - and indeed in this case behind closed doors it seems. It's one thing organisations renewing rights with their existing partners without putting them out to tender but I think it's pretty bad form to sign them away without giving the existing rights holders the opportunity to bid.
  9. I'm far less worried about this than I would be had it been Sky or BT snapping up the rights. (As the Tory policy, they like to **** over the BBC and help Sky as much as possible) Eurosport is a long standing player in the Olympic market and I really do think this deal is more about them protecting their main portfolio - Olympic sports outside of the Olympics - by taking control of this Olympic channel. Had it developed the way the IOC were planning they'd have had a major new competitor in the market. As for the games themselves I really do think Eurosport will be looking to on-sell the rights where possible - suspect there is far more value in doing that than in trying to recoup it through advertising. There is the question of how much - 200 hours of the summer games and 100 hours of the Winter Games is roughly what we're used to on BBC1/BBC2, but if that is all that was offered it would be setting their coverage back 20 years. There needs to be a little bit more to please all sides - I'd say 6-8 streams for the BBC, with Eurosport having everything else. The BBC also has a potential sweatener in opening up the 2016-20 games to British Eurosport too. My main fear isn't what Eurosport will do, but how BBC Sport will react. In recent years they've been quite happy to give up rights and become a minor party at the rights table, something which doesn't sit well with fans of their respective sports (F1 and Golf). I hope they do fight for as much as Eurosport is willing to give away, rather than just be happy to snap up the crumbs at a discount price.
  10. This is my tip for 2024. (So that's probably ruined it's chances!)
  11. Is Spain still broke though? Agree though if they're still serious about the Olympics and think they have most the venues in place it would be a wise move for Madrid. Suspect though they've missed their Olympic chance for now - my heart says Paris for 2024 and I think that would put a potential Madrid Olympics back to at least 2036.
  12. Really hope all those journalists who slag off the BBC every time they send a couple of hundred staff to the Olympics are watching these Euro Games - or perhaps not watching is the right expression. BT Sport have gone to pretty much zero effort, simply broadcasting the host feeds with no presenters, commentators or interviewers of their own. There is the odd pre-packaged interview to fill a bit of time, but barely anything. And thanks to the way BT is distributed for me it's easier just to call up the Youtube channel for the live coverage - I've watched a bit here and there, but with little coverage in the media at all it's actually quite difficult to curate your own viewing to catch the moments you want to catch. Also after being able to watch practically every event live at London 2012 and Glasgow 2014 the coverage of Baku seems quite limited. There never seems to be more than 4 live feeds coming out of Baku (and quite often 1 or 2 of them are "replays"), while surprisingly there doesn't seem to have been any coverage at all of the first rounds of the Boxing (live or pre-recorded), which is quite surprising considering Taekwondo and Karate has been covered in full and I'd have thought with all the focus being on one ring boxing it would be relatively easy to cover, plus I'm sure it's quite popular in that part of the world too.
  13. Considering where the games are at now in their ability to attract bids if Hamilton are interested in 2030 if I were the CGF I think I'd be getting that signed off ASAP without a bidding process - let other cities concentrate on 2026/34.
  14. A two-hour opening ceremony - that's more like it! Didn't see much of it (and BT are rubbish at making stuff available On Demand) but was so glad to see something a bit different with the cauldron lighting considering in recent years so many have gone down the light small cauldron, set off some fireworks, light bigger cauldron route. OK, that is kind of what they did but it was far more spectacular than anything we've seen for some time.
  15. Agree, The European Sport Championships have also had the foresight to use the federations links with the EBU to get the events out to as many people as possible, not hidden behind a paywall like the European Games will be in many countries. What would be great is if out of the Netherlands withdrawing that perhaps some agreement can be made moving forward for the events to merge, Not sure how many more events Glasgow could hold at relatively short notice if that were the case but my ideal scenario would be for the events to combine to become the second European Games in 2018, with athletics switched to Glasgow and in return Berlin getting the privelege of spending billions on a 2022 edition of the European Games. Alternatively more events split between the two cities in 2018 (surely between them they could host most events in existing venues) and then bidding opens for the next event in 2022. That would all rely though on all parties involved seeing common sense and being agreeable with each other. So it's never going to happen!!!
  16. You obviously missed this years Eurovision Song Contest then where Australia were invited to compete. Interestingly too Israel are sending a team to the European Games. Here in the UK the coverage is on pay-TV so it's hardly anticipated, especially as the key marquee events where Britain do well are not properly represented at the games. Really hope that within a decade or so the much more promising European Sports Championships merge with this event to create an event which truly is a European Olympics. So glad though the Netherlands is the next host - IMO one of the key reasons for a European Games is to give major European cities which aren't big enough for the Olympics the chance to showcase their cities. I do hope though that whatever happens that the individual sports federations also retain their own European Championships alongside any involvement in either the European Games or the European Sports Championships so that cities not capable of hosting multi-sport events don't lose out. P.S. Meant to say though that the only exposure the games are getting is the Baku2015 ad airing quite frequently over the last few days - it appeared many times during the French Open finals, though really can't see many people deciding now that they're going to pop to Azerbaijan for the event with barely a weeks notice.
  17. Not posted here for a while and having searched can't see anything mentioned, but this news came as a surprise when I stumbled across it this morning - are the European Games doomed before they begin? http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/scotland/32057678 Glasgow and Berlin are to host the inaugural "European Sport Championships" in 2018, with Berlin hosting Athletics and Glasgow hosting Swimming, Cycling, Rowing and Triathlon, with the possibility of Golf being added too. I'm guessing Berlin had already been awarded the athletics championships so this is a compromise. This has a lot going for it - support from the relevant bodies meaning they'll be elite championships and full events, and I think most importantly guaranteed coverage by the EBU, meaning free to air coverage across Europe on national broadcasters. Hopefully common sense will ultimately prevail and the two events will merge to become the event Europe deserves. Think it's going to take some time though. More details of the locations: http://www.european-athletics.org/news/article=leading-sports-bring-together-their-european-championships-2018/index.html I do think the athletics being elsewhere might cause problems but I guess it's a compromise that has got European Athletics on board. I wouldn't be surprised to see more organisations join up before 2018 too.
  18. Would love to see Melbourne get the games again in my lifetime. They regularly top the annual SportsCity poll and are probably one of the few cities in the world who could host the games at relatively short notice.
  19. All the continental games seemingly shifting to the year before the Olympics should help the games too - leaves the non-Olympic even years relatively free.
  20. Good to see 7 have the rights - they seem to be the preferred multi-event broadcaster amongst Australians.
  21. Didn't see much of the ceremony itself but from the pics it was a hell of a lot better than the Commonwealth Games, though you expect nothing less with China. Love the cauldron design but agree the lighting was underwhelming. Everyone seems to just go for pyrotechnics now and we've seen it all before,
  22. London's stadia look ended up playing quite safe in the end anyway, and from the renders it looks like Rio will too. Also worth noting that despite all the fuss over the logos of each games you actually rarely see them during coverage of the games themselves with the rings taking president (as they should) inside the stadia and on TV coverage.
  23. Considering how protective the IOC are over various trademarks it's a wonder they aren't far stricter over it.
  24. It is there best chance - I really do think the CGF will be looking to London for the centenial games so NZ would have a great shot at 2026.
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