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  1. And England the womens event in 2025. No surprises there - if there is a relatively safe option on the table World Rugby usually go for it.
  2. The dedicated thread seems to have vanished so perhaps the idea of them hosting has too but I'd much rather see a Perth games than a Sydney games.
  3. Just two cores sports would kill it off ultimately IMO. It largely only remains really relevant in the UK and Australia so catering to their core events is necessary too. What I think is an issue, and this is partly due to the UK and Australia dominating hosting, is the Commonwealth Games isn't seen as a springboard to hosting other multinational events. Really it should be the stepping stone for many countries to show they could step up to the Olympics (though India really screwed that up!) or at least major international events. OK, it has to change otherwise it will die but must admit that if Europe got it's act together and sorted out a proper Eurolympics I wouldn't be too gutted should the Commonwealth Games come to an end now, even though it is one of the few non-team events where we can see Welsh athletes compete as Wales.
  4. Even if Peng Shuai turns out to be safe and well the fact it's even a question raises questions. If Tokyo 2020 can be delayed a year then Beijing can be axed. If sponsors can pull out of other events for much lesser reasons then they can pull out of this too. Scrap it and sort out some sort of centenial event in 2024 instead.
  5. Hopefully we have the return to a fully democratic open vote for the 2030/2032 games. It's clear that despite the fears of lack of potential hosts there are still numerous major cities wanting the games.
  6. It's the most blatantly corrupt host selection in Olympic history - and that is saying something.
  7. Largely because all but one city were excluded from the 2032 process. And 2028 for that matter too. The Olympic ban on Russia though clearly an absolute farce considering they're competing under the Olympic Committee banner and seemingly able to bid to host.
  8. Bit harsh to say they failed to cross the finish line when the starting gun was fired when only Brisbane had been invited to the track.
  9. Agree - it just felt far more fun. No doubt benefits from being over an hour shorter too. I don't know how much they spent on the Olympic Ceremonies but the only thing anyone will remember from it is a bloke dress head to toe in blue recreating the pictograms.
  10. I guess Gymnastics is a big driver of this, and possibly Beach Volleyball too. How does it compare though to the medal wins of Team USA - were the women more successful?
  11. In 2024 the format is going to be shrunk further into about 90 minutes, which surely puts even more pressure on the welfare situation when it comes to the showjumping. I think the current format works quite well as with the swimming, fencing and showjumping earlier broadcasters can package that up neatly or dip in throughout the morning before the final laser run. The way it's going they'll probably have to do a length of the pool on each lap before long.
  12. Full press release, schedule and commentator/pundit line up for C4's coverage. https://www.channel4.com/press/news/channel-4-coverage-tokyo-2020-paralympic-games In Australia Channel 7 have now promoted the Opening Ceremony coverage to the main channel, but on a delay with the broadcast beginning at 9.15pm (ceremony start 9pm Aussie time). Their daily coverage is mainly on 7Mate but with four hours each afternoon on the main channel.
  13. I think as others have said in the 2026 thread it's a downsizing of stadium requirements rather than sports which is most needed, but no doubt things could be trimmed too - although compared to other multi-sport events outside of the Olympics the Commonwealth Games has always been pretty restrained anyway. There were 18 in the Gold Coast, so trimming that to 15-16 wouldn't be that noticeable, though I think the core sports needs looking at and updated. Cycling should probably be on there, even if the velodrome cost is often a stumbling block. Lawn bowls - that could probably be sacrificed but is probably one of the cheapest to stage. Indeed other than swimming and athletics most of the core sports would be at facilities you should be either have or be able to convert for community use before the games.
  14. Probably won't make a difference in the short term for 2026 or 2030 but appointing a New Zealander to head up the CGF can surely only increase the odds of getting a games back to New Zealand in the not too distant future.
  15. I did love the Athens cauldron, and also Salt Lake City. Also liked the classic simple effort of Lillehammer, and Sochi somewhat did that too. London's lighting was spectacular but it loses marks for me just for being out of view for a week and not burning brightly over the city. I'm not a huge fan of the move towards lighting a stadium cauldron as the big symbolic moment and then someone lighting the main cauldron elsewhere in the city with no questions asked. Hopefully as cleaner energy is used to fire the flame we can see some kind of compromise which sees us return to the classic cauldron shining over the stadium.
  16. I agree and it's a shame their success will be framed somewhat by the ratings NBC got when they actually rated pretty well in Japan and other countries such as Australia saw really strong ratings too. As a spectacle though they far exceeded my expectations - the lack of crowd was a shame and took the gloss off but on the whole it meant the focus was on the athletes themselves and their performances, and there were some exceptional performances. The only real flop for me was the ceremonies, which was probably understandable given the usual reliance on artistic segments featuring hundreds of people. Literally the only thing I remember of them now is the pictogram segment and the Paris segment. Indeed the Paris segment may pave the way for a change in the future of the next host segment coming from the city itself which IMO would be a really good thing.
  17. Actually an interesting design - though looks completely impractical. Was it to be carved out of a mountain or something?
  18. I always felt the London 2012 plan should have focused a bit more than it did on the potential of a further bid in the not too distant future, though always thought that would be the 2040s rather than 2030s. Personally I think 2036 is a bit too soon given there is only one other European host in between, but get the points made earlier that it might be more viable post pandemic than it would be usually. Agree too that Brisbane should bring cities like Manchester back into the equation, although I think politically it would be a tough sell to build new Olympic venues up north with those in London being relatively new, and perhaps goes against the Agenda 2020 plans too. Stadium wise though with the ceremonial stadium not necessarily being the athletics stadium could the option of using either Old Trafford or The Etihad for the Ceremonies (and probably rugby 7s and the football finals) and a smaller venue for the athletics be a possibility - possibly upgrading the Old Trafford Cricket Ground to increase capacity (currently 26k). I'd quite like to see Rome get them to be honest. I think we can rule out Berlin and probably any German city for 2036 as I don't think they'll want the reference back to 1936 - this is why it's so frustrating there wasn't even proper dialogue, never mind an open and fair bidding process, for 2032, as by denying Germany a bid there has probably ruled them out until the late 2040s at the earliest now.
  19. Still annoyed Ireland didn't get 2023 with them going back to France after just 16 years, but as always seems to be the case that's all down to backroom deals and I suspect had they given the WRU a couple of games in Cardiff the result may have been different. Would love to see Italy or Ireland get one of those and guess it's between Australia and South Africa for the others. I think Covid may focus their minds on more familar hosts, especially as both Ireland and Italy hosting have more risk attached than France or England. As much as they should try and spread the game I just don't think it would resonate in the US yet in the way it did in Japan, so if they did look to the Americas I'd rather see Argentina get the first opportunity.
  20. I wasn't keen on such a quick return to Australia but with Brisbane having the 2032 Olympics that probably rules out 2030/34, so 2026 almost has to happen. I think if Canada want the centenial games in 2030 they'll get them as realistically that might be the only time they bid, then a UK games in 2034 before returning to Australia in 2038 I suspect. Although the future of the games always looks dicey if they get 2026 right they could potentially secure the next 20 or so years of the games. Agree with the above post about Singapore though - they've said in the past they couldn't afford them but they can't be much bigger than the Youth Olympics or SEA Games to host and they'd be a very reliable new host for the games. Would love to see them return to New Zealand too but the time has probably past for Christchurch to be at a centre of a bid.
  21. Hi. I've been drawing a blank on this but having looked at the sadly unsuccessful Winter Olympics bid of 2026 I saw that Stockholm did bid for the summer games of 2004, but their bid book seems unavailable. All I've found is a promo video which doesn't really detail the bid (or sell it that well TBH). To be honest though I've just got one question - what were their plans for the main Olympic Stadium? With the 1912 stadium only holding around 15,000 that couldn't have been the main value, and I suspect it's historic nature meant knocking it down and replacing it would not have been considered. I'm guessing any plans may have evolved into what became the Friends Arena, which opened in 2009.
  22. Covid could have provided the perfect excuse to move the 2022 games to 2024 and then take advantage of them being the Cenetenial Winter Games.
  23. Agree - although I think once they got going the Japanese got behind their athletes and the event a bit more ultimately through no fault of their own the Olympics isn't something they'll want in the next few years. Perhaps had they had a fair bidding process for 2032 there might have been an argument for discussions with Tokyo for the summer games to return in 2036 so they could put on the show they intended too and claw back some of the investment in venues from 2020, but with the games four years earlier being in Brisbane that is highly unlikely.
  24. Olympic coverage should always be based around your home nation expectations, but recognise the key Olympic moments too. The Eurosport coverage has highlighted how important domestic focused coverage is - the extra channels they broadcast in the UK were clearly intended far more for a European audience than focusing on what Brits would deem to be the most important sports. It's a shame that NBC's low ratings will frame these games for many as a failure when really they've exceeded expectations during these difficult times and been a much needed tonic. NBC's ratings are far more a reflection of their broadcasting strategy than the success of the games - it's laughable that even though they now broadcast everything live via Peacock and other channels they still think it's acceptable to hold events until primetime and then wonder why people don't watch an event they knew the outcome of 12 hours earlier. The talking point in Europe of course has been the Discovery deal - and no doubt about it the BBC paniced themselves into signing such a bad deal, giving away exclusive 2018/20 coverage, not to mention £120m, in order to get access to 2022/24, resulting in just main channel coverage and one additional stream. Meanwhile France TV, who were in exactly the same position, did a deal which gave them full streaming rights while ARD/ZDF in Germany were able to show ten streams of coverage. The soulless presentation on Eurosport though highlights how good and how important the BBC covering the Olympics are. They probably missed the ability to stream events they were covering live, but having to dip out of, more than showing extra sport - even one or two extra streams might have made the difference. I'm really hoping the unfavourable time zones of both LA 2028 and Brisbane 2032 put Discovery off bidding for the next cycle.
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