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  1. On 7/28/2022 at 1:29 PM, BigVic said:

    Victoria 2026 will begin 20 years and 2 days after the beginning of the Melbourne 2026 Commonwealth Games and 2 days after the conclusion of the Milan-Cortina Paralympic Winter Games

    Really is disgraceful they are so close - just shows a complete lack of respect, and practically too you'd expect quite a few countries ot have the same broadcasters covering both.   Nowadays "host broadcasters" of such big international events don't rely on local expertise but a network of global experts who go from one event to another.   Such a short turnaround between the two events does neither event any favour - surely the calendar isn't so crowded that Victoria couldn't wait at least another week.

  2. As nice as the idea of Jamaica hosting the Netball is they really do need to put the athletes at the centre of their planning and as much a couple of weeks in the Caribbean is tough for anyone to object too having them so remote from the rest of the games essentially removes the sport from being part of a multi sport event.

    One of the very few complaints about the Birmingham games has been the athletes being split out over three different villages.

  3. Agree.   There was so little hype in the lead up but they've been a brilliant games, no doubt helped by being the first big multi-sport event with crowds back and although it's been nowhere near the TV audiences of a decade ago the ratings have actually been really strong considering where TV ratings are now, generally above the slot averages for the BBC.


    You can tell how good it's been by me not feeling the need to comment here.   Means I have virtually nothing to moan about.   The Opening Ceremony was pretty decent too - clearly London inspired without the London budget, as indeed the opening of the closing ceremony has been, but all the better for it.

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  4. Really is depressing to see where Britian is today compared to where it was a decade ago for London 2012.  

    I'm not too enthused by a games returning that quickly (I think another European city needs to host before we consider bidding again) but I think Birmingham 2022 shows there are other options for the Olympic Stadium than a stadium to be converted for football if they were out of London.   Yes, scaling the Alexander Stadium up to 80,000 on a temporary basis might be tricky, but 50,000 or so would probably be possible.   It just becomes a question of cost - how much does a temporary stadium cost as opposed to a legacy stadium which needs converting.

    FWIW if the Olympics did return to London I'm not even convinced the London Stadium would be the host venue.   It's already being used less and less for athletics and I can see West Ham wanting to buy it out at some point to convert it properly.       

  5. On 7/10/2022 at 12:06 PM, RooBlu said:

    Also in Australia you have to account for the domestic cricket season, the AFLW, and the Victorian Spring races which draw enormous amounts of spectators. All of these occur over September into the Summer.

    Isn't cricket more November, certainly at an international level anyway.    The problem with cricket and indeed most sports now is the seasons never stop - the Winter Tours run into the Summer Tours and the breaks between them are weeks (sometimes days) rather than months.    It used to be a case you'd get at least three months between the end of one season and the beginning of the next in most sports, but that gap has virtually gone.


    Must say though I've been watching the Australian version of Hunted this last week which is filmed across Victoria and it's actually showcasing the state in a way I've not seen any other TV show do.   Whether the Games can do that I'm not so sure but it is kind of setting a template for future games to be hosted perhaps by a country rather than city - although few countries have the sporting infrastructure that Victoria (and NSW) have.

  6. Ridiculous to have them in March - that's part of the reason interest in the games is declining.   Late April is just about OK but generally late September/October better for the event after the season in most sports so it's something the season builds up too - and extends it for the viewers rather than catches them unaware.    No doubt though agreements with the footy codes in Australia, which have their grand finals in Sept/Oct, rules that out.

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  7. On 7/5/2022 at 3:35 PM, Apple said:

    Ugh, Vancouver winning the 2010 bid also affected Hamilton's 2010 Commonwealth bid. The Games was awarded to New Delhi. 

    Have to wonder if the Commonwealth Games are now considered such a small non-event in Canada that they probably could get away with hosting them in the same year as the Winter Olympics.

  8. Of course he is but for UK Athletics I can't really see the justification now that Birmingham has been revamped - I doubt the one Diamond League event a year pays that bill.

    Obviously a shame in terms of whether it would then be available for any future London Olympic Games but it's probably not a done deal that it would be used in the way it was in 2012 anyway given the downsizing since.    And it's very rare "legacy" plans seems to include the possibility of reusing venues in a future Olympic bid.

  9. On 5/31/2022 at 2:39 AM, TorchbearerSydney said:

    The model for the Paris 2024 opening is a security nightmare- and poor choice from a risk management perspective...it would be a better fit for the Closing if it is to be done.

    Given what a disaster the crowd control for the Stade de France was for the Champions League Final you have to wonder if the French organisers saw that coming and thought the venue unsuitable for handling not just the crowd but also the athletes arriving too.

  10. Backing up to the North v London debate I actually think although I'm sure the politicians of the North would like a chance with London 2012 being so fresh in the memory most Brits would rather see another games in the capital and those venues largely reused than a multi-billion pound building programme in the North.


    Have to wonder too after the success of this weekends Jubilee Concert whether a future opening ceremony on the Mall might be considered if Paris somewhat starts a trend of non-stadium openers.

  11. Triggered much AustraliaFan?

    Key personnel of failed and forgotten 40 year old Brisbane bid changes bidding process and games are then awarded to Brisbane four years ahead of usual time frame just looks so honest doesn't it.   A shame really that Brisbane Games will always be tainted by that question however good they are - and as much as I believe it's a good thing to see the Olympics embracing smaller regional cities rather than just the worlds megacities I just don't believe under the familar process they'd have got close to winning.   Yes, some would say that is entirely the point but when a process lets transparency the questions will always be asked, even if it was all absolutely above board.


    The main reason though there are seemingly so many cities interested in 2036 is that many were completely blindsided by the awarding of the 2032 games before they had a chance to open a dialogue of their own.    The Olympics shouldn't be awarded on a first come, first serve, basis.

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  12. Top of the list for the "legacy" of the games should be the ability to stage the games again.   Always thought that should happen in the 2040s.   2036 feels too early with only Paris as the other European host in the period between when there are so many other cities who deserve a shot.


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