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  1. Something they could do without in the run up to Delhi, though IMO it looks a rather isolated incident.


    AT least eight people were hurt when two bombs exploded at a cricket stadium in the Indian city of Bangalore, sparking panic among fans and stoking security fears ahead of the Commonwealth Games.

    The explosions, which occurred as spectators were streaming into the stadium overnight, came amid heightened fears about security at sporting events in India, which is scheduled to host the Commonwealth Games in October in New Delhi.

    A third small bomb which had failed to explode was later found on the roof of a ticket counter at the stadium as police combed the venue with sniffer dogs, police inspector K Raghuram said.


  2. Very much like London 2012's early days when the new Wembley was rejected in favour of an Olympic park in the East End.

    Though technically Wembley rejected the Olympics (well, athletics) rather than the other way round.

    If Meadowlands could be converted for athletics it seems the best option - but also probably means it's regular tenants are locked out of their own stadium for the best part of a year.

  3. That is unfair. I'd say the majority of the members in this forum topic are avid fans of the Olympics, me included. And the majority here dislike this project immensely. We aren't just going to say "yeah this is a great tower/monument", just because it's connected with the Olympics in London. I'll call a spade a spade, and this planned tower is horrific.

    Exactly - and we all loved the idea of a landmark tower/sculpture as a permanent legacy too. Trouble is the people who moan about everything means concerns about this tower, both from fans and critics, are just dismissed out of hand and the marketing jargon is taken as truth - we will like it whether we want to or not.

    Now, sometimes that's a great attitude to have, as the 2012 logo proves - a couple of years on I think a lot of people wonder what all the fuss was about! In this situation, I'm not so sure.

    Does this tower have to go through planning before it can get built, or was outline planning for an unspecified tower granted beforehand allowing them to build any monstrosity on the site?

  4. Even LA with a $100 million warchest is a hard sell for a 3rd round. Remember, it only came back in 1984 because there were no other bidders. That's NOT going to be the case for many years to come. If LA were up against a Paris, Berlin or maybe even an Osaka, and I were on the IOC, I would NOT vote for LA. I would go with any of the other 3 because other than Beverly Hills or Palos Verdes, there is nothing attractive about the LA landscape.

    Firstly of course it all comes down to personal opinion, and I'm sure there are still people within the IOC who would get blinded by the idea of a Hollywood Olympics, whether it's the right choice or not.

    And secondly, it all comes down to who wins what. Yes, hypothetically Berlin and Paris may be your preferred choice for the games, but if one of them wins 2020 or 2024, that would change your views were LA bidding for the next games.

    Back to New York and what really works in their favour IMO is there lack of history bidding. Some cities just look desperate when they're always putting their hat into the ring - but New York hasn't got a history of doing that, so when they do bid, you know they're pretty serious about it.

  5. It wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't right in the heart of the games - it would probably look slightly better if it could be seen in the distance from the Olympic Stadium rather than right next to it.

    I share concerns about the Cauldron too - would have been much better the money used to finance a cauldron tower which would have a lasting legacy as a high rise viewing platform, not that one is needed in that part of London.

  6. Oh my god! Never mind putting the cauldron on top, I think we'll see the whole thing burnt to the ground. I was expecting something modern and graceful which would blend into the Olympic park rather than stick out like a sore thumb.

    And if it is home to the cauldron, it's going to look even more hideous just dumped on the top. Whether it over shadows it or not, seeing that I'd rather the Cauldron be hooked to the inner rim of the stadium roof ala Beijing than have the indignity of being place on that.

  7. Good to see it going ahead, and it should make the Tri-Nations a better tournament. Makes much more sense to have home and away fixtures rather than the current three tests per clash they have now. I think Argentina have shown too they will be competitive - I doubt they'll win it in the near future, but I think they'll make a bigger impact than Italy did initially in the Six Nations.

    Probably wouldn't happen as it has implications for the World Cup, but rather than the current NZ v Aus fixture they're having in Asia before the autumn internationals I'd love to see an annual clash between the Six Nations and Four Nations champions.

  8. New York is the only American city I'd like to see host the games in the near future (failing that I'd prefer LA again over the usual contenders) - and 2024+ seems about the right time to do it.

    Internationally the US did themselves no favours winning the 1996 bid - regardless of how the games were perceived in hindsight, no country should be allowed to host the games just 12 years after the last. Personally I'd set the limit at 16 years, with no more than two games in a 40 year period.

    For me, and I suspect for many at the IOC, 2012 - and even 2016, was just too close to the last games, and with LA84 and Atlanta 96 they'd have been the third games in one generation - whilst many other countries haven't had the games at all for two or three generations.

  9. I suppose what puzzles me is that last wek there was talk of a March 31 deadline for bids, yet all the reports I've seen from here and NZ this week are now mentioning May next year. I wonder if the CGF are leaving the window open a bit longer to see if they can entice any more promising starters.

    I still have hopes the South Africans might get enthusiastic after the WC. July-August this year shouldn't be too late to get a bid rolling.

    Well, I won't try to claim the Gold Coast is still a tropical wonderland in mid-winter (July-August), but it's still pretty mild enough. April-May and September are definitely possible, even most desirable. Probably the loveliest time weather wise when it's still warm without being too hot (or wet, as is likely in high summer).

    When are the games due to be awarded - sometime next year I guess?

    I imagine realistically it's too late to get a bid off the ground for South Africa now - though IMO in the next couple of decades they are Africa's only realistic hope of getting the games, though unlike other African countries, should South Africa bid for the Olympics I'd imagine they'd always be a strong contender. It's a gamble really - do they go straight in for the Olympics, or delay their Olympic dreams and show they can host an event such as the Commonwealth Games first - but if they were to host those in 2018, I think we'd be looking at 2028 (2024 at a push) for South Africa to be bidding for the Olympics.

  10. At this moment in time I'd say they definately should, but should Delhi turn out to be a huge success, I'd imagine they'd be much more confident in moving into Africa.

    When would the Gold Coast propose to hold their games - it's getting a bit ridiculous now with them March one games, October the next. I know June - August is probably out of the question, but April/May or September wouldn't be too bad. I'd just like more than a couple of weeks between the Winter Olympics and the Commonwealth Games!

  11. The ParalympicSport.TV site is very good for both live and on demand coverage. The highlights per day only come to 20-30 minutes, rather than a fixed 55 minute programme as it looked initially, but surely at the least broadcasters could make that available on their on demand / interactive services even if they're not carrying other coverage.

  12. A link to something planned not too far from me up here in North Wales:



    Now, I'm not too sure on the dragon (would prefer a much more modern interpretation) but quite like the rest of it - and something similar (minus the dragon) could work as the Olympic Cauldron/Tower, assuming the two are one and the same thing, with a cauldron situated on top of the central spine.

    I've even worked out how it would be lit. It breaks my own rules about hydraulics and actual contact between torch and cauldron, but basically when the flame arrives in the stadium a fairly simply cauldron/platform would rise out of the centre of the stadium, with a glass spine. That cauldron would then be lit at the top, and we'd then see the flame travel quickly down the spine and disappear into the ground, and then (as seamlessly as possible) rising through the central spin of the cauldron tower to light the cauldron at the top.

  13. Well I think it's obvious really but everything from athletes/nations pulling out or apparently threatening to pull out to the lack of interest in broadcasting the games as a result, and I guess it's also affected sponsorship too. Alot of it completely unfounded, but unfortunately these concerns could write off Delhi's games before they even begin.

  14. Hopefully the seemingly successful Hockey World Cup has settled some nerves about the games - but as I've said before I think now regardless of how successful the games are in October, the damage has been done by the uncertainty in the lead up to them.

    As for the Aerostat debate - don't quite get exactly what it is, but surely it's no more of a luxury than say fireworks. If the organizing committee has budgeted for it why not!

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