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  1. LOL - we've all been there. A video - nut quite so hideous in 3D, but I still think it confirms what we've always known - Boris Johnson is mad!
  2. Oh my god! Never mind putting the cauldron on top, I think we'll see the whole thing burnt to the ground. I was expecting something modern and graceful which would blend into the Olympic park rather than stick out like a sore thumb. And if it is home to the cauldron, it's going to look even more hideous just dumped on the top. Whether it over shadows it or not, seeing that I'd rather the Cauldron be hooked to the inner rim of the stadium roof ala Beijing than have the indignity of being place on that.
  3. If Abuja took that approach though it would prove they're not up to hosting. They need to do what Rio did and keep that message quite subtle and in the background, sorting out the technicalities first.
  4. Something like the World Challenge Cup (I should really be trade marking all this!). I'd be amazed though if it's not at least been considered at some point by the IRB and various unions in recent years.
  5. If it turns out to be the cauldron tower too you've got to have it being lit with the flame spiralling around it surely - though of course still the issue of getting the flame from inside the stadium to the cauldron tower
  6. Good to see it going ahead, and it should make the Tri-Nations a better tournament. Makes much more sense to have home and away fixtures rather than the current three tests per clash they have now. I think Argentina have shown too they will be competitive - I doubt they'll win it in the near future, but I think they'll make a bigger impact than Italy did initially in the Six Nations. Probably wouldn't happen as it has implications for the World Cup, but rather than the current NZ v Aus fixture they're having in Asia before the autumn internationals I'd love to see an annual clash between the Six Nations and Four Nations champions.
  7. Although you also have to think would their lives be any better if they were not working on such projects.
  8. New York is the only American city I'd like to see host the games in the near future (failing that I'd prefer LA again over the usual contenders) - and 2024+ seems about the right time to do it. Internationally the US did themselves no favours winning the 1996 bid - regardless of how the games were perceived in hindsight, no country should be allowed to host the games just 12 years after the last. Personally I'd set the limit at 16 years, with no more than two games in a 40 year period. For me, and I suspect for many at the IOC, 2012 - and even 2016, was just too close to the last games, and with LA84 and Atlanta 96 they'd have been the third games in one generation - whilst many other countries haven't had the games at all for two or three generations.
  9. When are the games due to be awarded - sometime next year I guess? I imagine realistically it's too late to get a bid off the ground for South Africa now - though IMO in the next couple of decades they are Africa's only realistic hope of getting the games, though unlike other African countries, should South Africa bid for the Olympics I'd imagine they'd always be a strong contender. It's a gamble really - do they go straight in for the Olympics, or delay their Olympic dreams and show they can host an event such as the Commonwealth Games first - but if they were to host those in 2018, I think we'd be looking at 2028 (2024 at a push) for South Africa to be bidding for the Olympics.
  10. That's a huge weight of Delhi's shoulders. Have Australia publicly committed to sending a team yet, or are there still some doubts there?
  11. At this moment in time I'd say they definately should, but should Delhi turn out to be a huge success, I'd imagine they'd be much more confident in moving into Africa. When would the Gold Coast propose to hold their games - it's getting a bit ridiculous now with them March one games, October the next. I know June - August is probably out of the question, but April/May or September wouldn't be too bad. I'd just like more than a couple of weeks between the Winter Olympics and the Commonwealth Games!
  12. Would that be what the people of Vancouver want though? It's a good idea to relight cauldrons during future Olympic games - but that's assuming you have a nice cauldron. If this was in my hometown I think I'd want it demolished ASAP.
  13. The ParalympicSport.TV site is very good for both live and on demand coverage. The highlights per day only come to 20-30 minutes, rather than a fixed 55 minute programme as it looked initially, but surely at the least broadcasters could make that available on their on demand / interactive services even if they're not carrying other coverage.
  14. A link to something planned not too far from me up here in North Wales: http://www.leaderlive.co.uk/news/85657/proposal-for-6m-regional-landmark-to-be-built-in-wrexham-poll.aspx http://www.shropshirestar.com/2010/03/01/dragon-tower-plan-revealed/ Now, I'm not too sure on the dragon (would prefer a much more modern interpretation) but quite like the rest of it - and something similar (minus the dragon) could work as the Olympic Cauldron/Tower, assuming the two are one and the same thing, with a cauldron situated on top of the central spine. I've even worked out how it would be lit. It breaks my own rules about hydraulics and actual contact between torch and cauldron, but basically when the flame arrives in the stadium a fairly simply cauldron/platform would rise out of the centre of the stadium, with a glass spine. That cauldron would then be lit at the top, and we'd then see the flame travel quickly down the spine and disappear into the ground, and then (as seamlessly as possible) rising through the central spin of the cauldron tower to light the cauldron at the top.
  15. Well I think it's obvious really but everything from athletes/nations pulling out or apparently threatening to pull out to the lack of interest in broadcasting the games as a result, and I guess it's also affected sponsorship too. Alot of it completely unfounded, but unfortunately these concerns could write off Delhi's games before they even begin.
  16. I'm assuming the outdoor cauldron has been lit again, but seen nothing of it. Is it in the same construction as for the Olympics, or like the indoor cauldron have the 4 arms been removed?
  17. Hopefully the seemingly successful Hockey World Cup has settled some nerves about the games - but as I've said before I think now regardless of how successful the games are in October, the damage has been done by the uncertainty in the lead up to them. As for the Aerostat debate - don't quite get exactly what it is, but surely it's no more of a luxury than say fireworks. If the organizing committee has budgeted for it why not!
  18. Do Eurosport have their own commentators there though or are they taking the feed produced for ParalympicSport.TV?
  19. Don't be ridiculous - no reason at all the games should be combined. And looking beyond the athletes themselves, I'm sure like able bodied folk, most disabled people enjoy the Olympics more than the Paralympics anyway. It's already bad enough that some Olympic events have been compromised due to going too PC in not being sexist (i.e. dropping cycling and boxing categories for 2012) never mind throwing Paralympians in the mix too. Merging the two events would benefit neither. Coverage wise and a shame the BBC can't even bring themselves to show the 10 minutes highlights of the Opening Ceremony. As for coverage in news - well, I've seen nothing today and due to the Six Nations there's only one full bulletin anyway.
  20. P.S. EU members can again watch online at http://www.eurovisionsports.tv - up to three live streams (without commentary) and a daily highlights show.
  21. BBC is shockingly poor - just one-hour of highlights the week after the games from the broadcaster who've pretty much been a leader when it comes to the Summer Paralympics, giving that daily live coverage and highlights programmes. They're blaming budgets and timezones for the lack of coverage - ridiculous really. The rights are bought, so bigger waste of money not to exploit them, and with a 55-minute show produced by the host broadcaster each day all they need to do is stick that on the interactive service. As for time zone - well all the skiing events are in primetime - suits UK TV even more than a games held in Europe. I suspect the real reason is more down to losing the rights to the 2012 Paralympics to Channel 4, who are pledging 150 hours of coverage.
  22. France the clear favourite in my view, though the increase from 16 to 24 teams means Italy and even Turkey will probably get their chance soon enough as it's just blocked so many countries from being to host the expanded tournament.
  23. South Africa obviously a strong contender, but I see no reason why it would be more deserving than say another Aussie bid or a non-English European bid.
  24. It'll certainly return to one of the traditional nations, though with 2019 in Japan both Southern and Northern hemisphere teams will probably be in the running. Scotland or Ireland leading a home nations bid is a possibility, but I think Italy would be my European choice. Probably too soon for Argentina after the risk of Japan 2019, so South Africa or Australia the Southern candidates. I guess if like this time they allocate two back to back tournaments we could see Argentina get the 2027 tournament, with Europe getting 2023.
  25. Wouldn't want him anywhere near the London ceremonies. IMO the Vancouver Opening Ceremony was the worst of all in the last 20 years - far too formal and far too concerned with giving us a history lesson, rather than entertaining. The closing ceremony on the other hand was one of the best - fun and entertaining throughout and a visual spectacle without the Beijing budget. I'm hoping London will be similar in approach to Manchester 2002 (Commonwealth Games) where the opening ceremony had a closing ceremony kind of feel to it and I'm fairly confident that the producers will concentrate on the London/Britain of today, not it's history.
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