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  1. Do Eurosport have their own commentators there though or are they taking the feed produced for ParalympicSport.TV?
  2. Don't be ridiculous - no reason at all the games should be combined. And looking beyond the athletes themselves, I'm sure like able bodied folk, most disabled people enjoy the Olympics more than the Paralympics anyway. It's already bad enough that some Olympic events have been compromised due to going too PC in not being sexist (i.e. dropping cycling and boxing categories for 2012) never mind throwing Paralympians in the mix too. Merging the two events would benefit neither. Coverage wise and a shame the BBC can't even bring themselves to show the 10 minutes highlights of the Opening Ceremony. As for coverage in news - well, I've seen nothing today and due to the Six Nations there's only one full bulletin anyway.
  3. P.S. EU members can again watch online at http://www.eurovisionsports.tv - up to three live streams (without commentary) and a daily highlights show.
  4. BBC is shockingly poor - just one-hour of highlights the week after the games from the broadcaster who've pretty much been a leader when it comes to the Summer Paralympics, giving that daily live coverage and highlights programmes. They're blaming budgets and timezones for the lack of coverage - ridiculous really. The rights are bought, so bigger waste of money not to exploit them, and with a 55-minute show produced by the host broadcaster each day all they need to do is stick that on the interactive service. As for time zone - well all the skiing events are in primetime - suits UK TV even more than a games held in Europe. I suspect the real reason is more down to losing the rights to the 2012 Paralympics to Channel 4, who are pledging 150 hours of coverage.
  5. France the clear favourite in my view, though the increase from 16 to 24 teams means Italy and even Turkey will probably get their chance soon enough as it's just blocked so many countries from being to host the expanded tournament.
  6. Wouldn't want him anywhere near the London ceremonies. IMO the Vancouver Opening Ceremony was the worst of all in the last 20 years - far too formal and far too concerned with giving us a history lesson, rather than entertaining. The closing ceremony on the other hand was one of the best - fun and entertaining throughout and a visual spectacle without the Beijing budget. I'm hoping London will be similar in approach to Manchester 2002 (Commonwealth Games) where the opening ceremony had a closing ceremony kind of feel to it and I'm fairly confident that the producers will concentrate on the London/Britain of today, not it's history.
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