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  1. The structure has grown on me - but it's the location I hate. The Olympic Cauldron should dominate that area, not Boris's tower.
  2. I suspect they'll change it by then if FIFA like the idea of returning to Uruguay in 2030 (or keep it if they fancy it being in Europe). They're certainly not going to leave it 16 years between two European tournaments. The best thing though about talking about 2030 now is it's likely to be a world without Sebb Blatter, which can only be a good thing. As if FIFA care about little things like that.
  3. The BBC yesterday announced they will extend BBC3's broadcasting hours (usually that starts at 7pm) and launch an extra radio station - 5 Live Olympics Extra, for the duration of the games, along with confirming multiple live streams online covering all events. http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/rogermosey/2011/08/i_was_surprised_to_read.html Also rumours today the BBC are looking to share rights for 2016 with either ITV or C4 for the first time since 1988.
  4. They've said it will be quick - and usually by quick they mean for 100m records not 10,000m records.
  5. The Winter Olympics should never be awarded as a consolation prize for weak summer bids failing.
  6. An "Olympic Grandstand" style programme on the BBC in a couple of weeks covering the test events: http://www.bbc.co.uk/pressoffice/proginfo/tv/2011/wk34/sun.shtml
  7. http://www.theage.com.au/sport/costly-delhi-games-deeply-flawed-20110806-1igwo.html Cost: $3.92 billion - 16 times over budget Revenue: $36 million
  8. Any news yet on how the new European deals (not done through the EBU) will affect Eurosport.
  9. http://www.metro.co.uk/tv/866018-gary-barlow-nearly-turned-down-x-factor-to-front-olympics-talent-contest
  10. The BBC had big plans for a talent show rewarding the winner with a spot at the opening ceremonies. LOCOG soon put a stop to it.
  11. One of the most interesting things I've found about this forum is how differently the rest of the World views London and Britain to how it views itself - your plan is so stuck in history Citius Altius Fortius and if anything of that nature does feature I think it would be confined to one scene, but as most of British history consists of us invading the countries we've inviting to compete I think they'll be cautious in how they approach it. I can't remember with previous ceremonies but it is worth noting the first 2 hours or so of the ceremony will likely be in daylight, so that could affect things, especially fireworks. It'll be dark by the time the flame is lit after 11pm, but my memories of opening ceremonies are of them being at night, although surely light nights aren't unique to London.
  12. I hope it isn't too music driven - indeed I'd be quite happy if the Opening Ceremony didn't include a single star name performing.
  13. Foxtel announce their plans - 8 HD channels. http://www.tvtonight.com.au/2011/07/foxtel-to-screen-2012-olympics-on-8-hd-channels.html I don't know though if they could achieve their ambition of showing "every Aussie medal" and "all sports and matches featuring Australian teams" with just 8 channels. It was achieveable for Vancouver with just 4 - but the Winter Olympics is much smaller and the Aussie participation very limited. The summer games will most days have around a dozen sports going on, and I can't see Foxtel airing an entire day of shooting on the off chance an Aussie is the winner at the end of it.
  14. BBC plans for the Olympics - turning BBC1 into basically a "sport and news" channel for the period, and 24 channels online. http://www.aroundtherings.com/articles/view.aspx?id=37541
  15. Is that a good thing though. Surely it should be the stadia and when built the cauldron that grabs you eyeline, bot some unconnected tower.
  16. It screams lazy to me, not London. And although I know those vids earlier in the thread are designed for advertisers rather than the general public the London portrayed in the American one is very different to the way London portrays itself today.
  17. Interesting if true - to my knoweldge there has never been any Welsh language coverage of the games. So goes against the image London 2012 is trying to create. It's the sort of logo those who moaned about the official logo would have designed. To be fair 7 got similar criticism, but Nine somehow managed to encourage more. Most of them points outlined though are ultimately just not practicle and if they swung more towards them they'd get even more criticism when missing Aussies competing in events to show a medal ceremony featuring some Americans. The set up in Australia doesn't help either - if it wasn't for FOXTEL picking up rights they would only get the main Channel 9 coverage as ridiculously C9 are not allowed to use their multi-channels to air seperate programming from the games (even more stupid when some coverage is on pay TV). Foxtel of course pledged to show every medal won and every competitng Australian live in Vancouver, but that simply won't be possible with the summer games. I guess no news yet on the Aussie rights for 2014/16. A bit better than the NBC effort, but still very dated. Still not the most asthetically pleasing building, but I guess the view out is more important than the view in (though I suspect most broadcasters use CSO). The BBC are rumoured to be opting for a studio on top of a nearby council block instead, whilst Sky (with no broadcast rights) have a position in a shopping centre.
  18. Have to agree - it's hideous and really is a blot on the landscape, and will take attention away from the Olympic Cauldron itself, which should be the structure which dominates the skyline of the park. Unfortunately it's a Boris Johnson/Conservative vanity project - private funds could have been put to better use elsewhere.
  19. Must say as a massive Olympics fan I'm already getting fed up with the ads for 2012.
  20. Considering Fiji have been suspended from the Commonwealth they didn't exactly have any Fijian athletes to focus on. And indeed their presence was missed from the Rugby Sevens at least.
  21. Would be interesting to know who was used on the World Feed. Think all broadcasters dipped in at some point - the BBC seemed to use them for the athletics one morning at least on the red button interactive service, but then when it was shown on network the regular BBC guys were commentating. Also anyone found any caps/videos of the Foxtel interactive service. Pushbutton.tv developed the Vancouver one and has some caps and a video on their website. I'd have thought they probably tweaked it for Delhi too, but seen no caps of it anywhere. The BBC unfortunately now just use a standard sports multiscreen layout for all such events rather than the tailored interactive services we saw through to around 2006. Indeed for Freeview viewers I reckon we only had less than half the coverage of four years ago. In Melbourne we had live coverage pretty much from the first event to the last on the network, plus two further streams which were pretty much 24/7 throughout the games. In Delhi though coverage began around 8/9am - 4-5 hours after action began, and we only have one interactive stream, and that was only used for live coverage. We didn't get rolling highlights or delayed coverage at night.
  22. Glasgow handover was very poor IMO - so cliched and stereotypical and not really a fair representation of 21st century Scotland. It may divide opinion but IMO London were absolutely right to give a ceremony which reflected the city in the 21st century rather than the city people expect it to be.
  23. Two things need to come out of this. Firstly, a complete shake up of the Commonwealth Games Federation, including the axing of Mike Fennell and revamp of future bidding and crucially, monitoring processes. And secondly, the instant rejection of any Delhi Olympic bid.
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