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  1. Oh god - just had the hideous realisation that our track/field covering for the ceremonies is more than likely to be hot pink!
  2. Love that shooting venue. And in the shots of the Olympic Park on the last page the Aquatics Centre now out uglies the Tower of Boris - those temporary wings are so obviously an after thought.
  3. C4 revealed their paralympic team last week with a mixture of established broadcasters and new talent found through it's search for disabled presenters. Claire Balding heads up the team having fronted the BBC coverage since Sydney and remaining a part of the BBC Olympic team, while C4 News anchor John Snow will front the ceremonies. Jonathan Edwards will also be switching from the BBC to C4 for the Paralympics, while Rick Edwards - host of C4's Paralympic Show and their main athletics presenter (after the disaster of Ortis Deely) also features alongside Ade Adepitan. Sky Sports News veterans Kelly Cates and Georgie Bingham also feature, while Aussie comedian Adam Hills, who worked for ABC during the 2008 games, will be part of the nightly highlights shows. The new faces amongst the line up include DarĂ¡ine Mulvihill and Arthur Williams in the studio and Rachael Latham, Jordan Jarrett-Bryan, Martin Dougan, Liam Holt and Alex Brooker on location. http://www.channel4.com/info/press/news/channel-4-assembles-groundbreaking-paralympic-presenting-team
  4. Yes - not a bad idea at all and as well as cutting costs it boosts the quality of the field.
  5. It was a shame to see the international aspect axed but I guess it means more people in the UK get to see the flame this year - and hence in four years more people in Brazil will.
  6. So want to know what it'll look like - but so want it to be a surprise on the night too. I won't be able to resist a spoiler though - and probably have no choice if it's plastered across the news.
  7. Back to diving and any particular reason it wasn't incorporated in the Glasgow Aquatics centre. Seems rather short sighted if it's about saving money and limits prospects for events following the games surely - not least the 2018 Youth Olympics.
  8. It's ridiculous the tube closes at 12.30am (on any night, never mind for one of the biggest events in London's history). We all here can tell you that if the ceremony begins at 9pm it won't be over by 12.30am. Indeed if it began an hour earlier people would still struggle to make the Tube in time. As for the Opening Ceremony seating - is the 20,000 reduction an indication athletes may be seated, or just the standard number of corporate/official spectators a games can expect.
  9. BIB1 - I'd disagree with that actually - and $4.3bn suggests NBC do as well. OK, maybe it is because of the NBC strategy but the Olympics usually provide a much bigger boost to NBC primetime and the likes of Australia than they do here in the UK on the BBC, even though our figures are healthy and I'm sure will be very healthy this summer. As for the second part - I think that's the case world wide too. Historically outside of athletics everything has been rather unfamiliar here in the UK - though now athletics is probably more unfamiliar than the likes of swimming, cycling and rowing - though even then most would struggle to name more than one or two Brits in those sports - and beyond Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt many wouldn't be able to name the big stars coming to town either. Indeed considering myself a big Olympic Sport fan I'm struggling to think of names. I guess though NBC withhold results from their news coverage.
  10. Entering the bowls argument and personally I'd remove it as a compulsory sport - but obviously if hosts want it the sport would remain as one of the optional sports. Looking at the list of Core and Optional sports there are regular events like cycling, gymnastics and diving which perhaps should be protected with core status, but moving forward and I think the important thing is to keep the demands for host cities realistic - so no demanding 5000 seater venues when 2000 seaters will be sufficient. The most important thing though is securing it's place on the calendar so events don't have to be held in March or October - and when they do take place in the summer athletes are not forced into choosing between the games and another event.
  11. The BBC have got their 3D plans spot on - it would have been suicidal to lose a second HD channel for little watched 3D coverage of the game, especially when we've already lost a couple of interactive streams to make way for the HD channels. NBC looks like it's doing exactly what we expect of NBC. Having watched opening ceremonies and live action at all times of day or night here on the BBC for as long as I can remember I still can't comprehend the idea of delaying it all till primetime, especially in the world of Twitter and the internet, but London was never going to be the games that changed that - though it would be great to see NBC experiment with daytime live action at the weekend of events like the 100m final.
  12. An upturned bell shaped cauldron though could be quite ugly. I'm not so sure about the bell myself - if anything I think I'd put it in a permanent home outside of the stadium within the park to start with and ring it from there rather than have it stuck in the stadium throughout the ceremony. It does seem Diversity will be involved in some way. There has been reports this week Ashley Banjo has been asked to choreograph a large scale "street dance" routine for the ceremony and he pretty much confirmed he'd been approached on This Morning and would be involved without doing the whole usual "can't talk about that" routine. And thankfully The Spice Girls are now talking about hijacking the Diamond Jubilee for an unwanted reunion rather than the Olympics (I suspect Danny Boyle told them where to go!). Has any more been said about a series of concerts being staged during the games featuring several top acts. Had to laugh when I saw that in the paper a couple of weeks ago being highlighted as "giving London something to celebrate" and plans to screen them across the world. I suspect it was someone trying to get in on the act rather than a LOCOG idea as obviously the Olympics themselves are more than enough for Londoners to celebrate - and TV companies around the world will probably be otherwise engaged during the Olympics.
  13. So the timing has switched again - it was announced as a 7.30pm start last year. Whatever they say we all know no ceremony at the Summer games at least clocks in at under 4 hours - so we could be looking at 1am for the lighting of the cauldron. I think we saw Steve Redgrave pick up his Sydney medal earlier than that! There is some suggestion it might have been done so the actual lighting falls within US primetime - but I really can't see NBC broadcasting from 4-8pm. If anything having it later will surely reinforce their plan to tape delay it and show it in primetime. P.S. 3D coverage - on a 24 hour delay. Is there really any point?
  14. Quick question - what type of "pre-show" can you expect before the offiical opening ceremony? Obviously like the rest of the world we usually only see the main event, but I suspect the BBC might at least screen the build up on the red button this year.
  15. It's so painful isn't it to commend David Cameron for anything, but absolutely the right decision. I've no complaint about a single penny spent on the Olympics - the nation is long overdue a treat and I genuinely believe that in the last few years the promise of London 2012 has been a bit of hope on the horizon for the nation. And let's face it, the country would still be in the **** and cuts being made left right and centre with or without the Olympics.
  16. I think seating wise for the pool games the minimum requirement is only 10-15,000, though for the knock-out stages that rises.
  17. Ridiculous how he is defending Huw Edwards and saying focus groups back him when he has been unanimously slammed for his efforts in Beijing and Delhi. Not impressed either Gary Lineker gets the peaktime slot when he's had no Olympic involvement since Atlanta 1996. If it was down to me I'd have: 6-9am Breakfast with Bill Turnbill and Gabby Logan (covering news and sport) 9am-1.45pm Claire Balding and Jake Humphrey 1.45pm-7pm Sue Barker and Gary Lineker 7pm-12m'n John Inverdale and Hazel Irvine - easily the best two all round sports hosts the BBC have. And for the ceremonies I'd have John and Sue lead the broadcast with Hazel leading the commentary.
  18. Housing is always being built - so some sort of development to be converted to housing afterwards won't be an issue - though might be further away than the Olympic village. Media and press requirements are significantly smaller for the Commonwealth Games, while I'm sure the Aquatics Centre will be big enough - bigger than Manchester 2002 I think, and I'm sure they've said the reduced size would fit with FINA guidelines for World Champs etc.
  19. And I'd guess the next step for London will be a Commonwealth Games - they could go for 2022 or 2026, but I suspect they'd like the centenial games in 2030.
  20. Why on earth would you want to move the final from the home of rugby in England to a football pitch (roofless BTW - they never finished that!). And it would be no money spinner at all for rugby as the RFU own Twickenham so don't want to be gifting a chunk of profits towards the FA. Stupid, stupid, idea.
  21. Hopefully it's burned to the ground long before the Olympics.
  22. South Africa the best bet for 2023, or a Celtic bid. I think for Italy they would need to co-host with France really as I'm not sure they're ready yet to go it alone. Argentina is a good call for subsequent tournaments.
  23. I think though in terms of both the TV deal and indeed the Olympics as a whole a summer games in the US in 2024 is of more value to the US than the Winter games in 2022, especially as them hosting the Winter Olympics in 2022 effectively rules out 2024 and 2028 for the Summer Games (though LA 2032 would be on!). BTW, has anything been suggested yet by the IOC to mark the centenary of the Winter Games in 2024?
  24. I think that phrase you're actually looking for is "Absolutely Hideous". Stick it in Thorpe Park!
  25. I'd guess due to the timezones NBC's coverage of London is going to have more parallels with Athens than Beijing. The one thing though you can guarantee is there is no chance NBC will screen swimming or track and field finals live at 2pm in the afternoon, even at the weekend.
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