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  1. The studio is at ground level in the Olympic Park (I think) so presumably it will be.
  2. Hopefully his only role in the ceremony would be as one of the athletes not quite good enough to carry the flame allowed to carry the flag in, and then I suspect another might be in a medal ceremony. I hate though how people are reporting his ommission from the team by effectively giving him 100% credit for bringing the games to London - he was just a name they used to sway some votes at the end, but I really doubt he was a deciding factor. As a footballer though apart from a Champions League victory with Manchester United in 1999 he has won absolutely nothing on the international stage with either club or country. Getting knocked out in quarter finals of World Cups three times doesn't even trump a one time Olympic bronze medalist IMO.
  3. Can't believe they just discarded it. And thanks to those who confirmed the cauldron was anchored on the temporary stands rather than outside the stadium. He is well known and respected though within Olympic circles and it would be a huge nod to Jacque Rogge too. Personally I think it's four years too late to play the youth card with Tom Daley and I don't think they'd want to put that kind of pressure on him. I think if they went for a young athlete they either need a gold medalist from 2008 (Rebecca Adlington, but think she competes Saturday morning) or a debut Olympian from these games - though none have yet captured the public's imagination like Tom did in 2008. Anyone but Beckham though I suspect is the general concensus.
  4. The schedule for the first few days on BBC1 and BBC3 (click Week 31 and Go!) http://www.bbc.co.uk/mediacentre/proginfo/search/?medium=tv&yearweek=&channel=&day= BBC1 will also air Olympic Countdown all day in the lead up to the opening ceremony.
  5. For secret Cauldrons outside of the stadium wouldn't the timeframe of Sydney be the best comparison. I don't know if Gamesbid was around back then but anyone know the sort of timeframe for the reveal of that?
  6. The BBC schedule is essentially the games schedule with 24 channels effectively meaning one channel per sport: http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/olympics/2012/schedule-results The presenting schedule for BBC1/3: http://www.bbc.co.uk/mediacentre/mediapacks/bbc2012/gamestime/presenters.html
  7. It is in the BBC Olympic thread on TV Forum if anyone wants to see it: http://www.tvforum.co.uk/forums/post829823#post-829823 Anyone know if EurovisionSports.tv will be streaming the games this year - they did for Vancouver, so as these are under the same deal I don't see why not. I'm sure they've been discussed somewhere too, but liking the on screen graphics, assuming the official game is an indication of what they'll look like (they usually are): http://youtu.be/BTIc3wlqhCM
  8. You can console yourself with the knowledge that while you're in it you won't have to look at it. It's getting worse to the eye, not better!
  9. Michael Platini is beginning to make Sebb Blatter look sane! It's their own fault though - with 16 teams three of the last four tournaments have been co-hosted so really it is no surprise that increasing the number of teams to 24 has limited the number of potential bidders - even co-hosting isn't an option for many with the demands of the extra 20 games, while the bigger nations have their eyes on the World Cup.
  10. Foxtel have released their schedule: http://www.tvtonight.com.au/2012/06/foxtel-launches-olympics-tv-guide.html
  11. All the big footballing nations there - he just lost his argument in trying to defend it. With 16 teams the Euros are competitive throughout the group stages but with 24 that will not only be lost in the group stage, it'll also be lost in the 16 team second round as should things go as you'd expect it'll effectively be the top eight seeds all avoiding each other - so while this year you have games like Spain v Italy, France v England and Germany v Portugal in the first few days in 2016 those type of match ups won't take place until the quarter finals.
  12. Never mind the Olympics, it would be the worst thing to ever happen to the Paralympics if they were ever merged and talk of merger at a time when they're really beginning to grow as their own event is pretty stupid. Indeed I think a complete separation is probably more likely than a merger, with the Paralympics being switched to non-Olympic years and possibly having it's own bidding process.
  13. Is it possible though that it could just contain the "base" of the cauldron and then the actual cauldron is positioned on top from outside the stadium? Personally I don't think it would be the cauldron itself, but could be somehow linked to the lighting of the cauldron. Also if the tree is on that stage where it the bell going?
  14. Just a random thought which I don't think is likely myself but is it possible at all that one section of the roof of the stadium might be removed to make way for a cauldron which is anchored underneath it. Obviously the roof itself couldn't support a cauldron in this case, but it could hide one.
  15. Flippant but serious point but I hope they rehearse you in the rain as well, just in case. I first saw that reported on April Fools Day so took no notice of it - but it does seem to have been reported since too.
  16. Here, here. Most eyesores get easier on the eye everytime you see them - but this tower of junk just seems to get worse.
  17. I'm getting so wary now of reading threads like this. On the one hand I really want to know what it looks like and how it will be lit - but on the other I don't and would love to see it all unfold on the night itself. Sometimes knowing too much spoils the magic.
  18. It's not so much of an issue though with 24 nation tournaments, still leaving 21 spots for others. I really don't think the Euro expansion is a good idea though - as you say it's pretty much tough from the get go with 16 teams but with 24 the group stage will be a formality with 2-3 from each group making the top 16, so the tournament is going to be less competitive.
  19. P.S. ITN/ITV have revealed the location at least of their studio for the games. They're not right holders but I expect all news bulletins will come from there. http://twitter.com/#!/directordanitv/status/203066617674997760 Do the IOC make arrangements for non-rights holders as I'd imagine the number of (non-rights holding)networks reporting on the game probably exceeds the number actually covering the games - and surely it's in the Olympics interests to have the games promoted on non-rights holding channels too. That's a question for Americans then - I assume if Usain Bolt wins the 100m at 5pm but NBC don't air it till 11pm the 6.30pm news bulletins and local news bulletins on non-NBC networks at least will take great delight in reporting it.
  20. So 5pm is 10pm UK - but I guess even at the weekend there is zero chance of any live swimming or athletics. I assume too those not on the East Coast will get a further 2-3 hour delay.
  21. Scotland-Wales-Ireland is interesting, and although opening it up to 24 teams means the requirements have risen from 31 games to 51 games by having 24 teams it is now an option to have three automatically qualify as hosts as it still leaves 21 places open. Perhaps a Scandanvian bid might follow in future years. How it splits will be crucial - the obvious is two groups each but I think Scotland might take a third. In terms of a final venue the Millennium Stadium is the best bet (Croke Park is bigger, but it'll take persuasion for them to allow footballers onto their ground again). I'd imagine then either Ibrox or Celtic Park and the Aviva Stadium get the semi finals, with two quarters in Scotland and one each in Wales and Ireland. The 16-team second round may be split in Scotlands favour again (4-2-2 or 3-3-2), and I think Scotland would get the Opening game - unless perhaps Dublin gets it and perhaps gives Scotland both semi-finals as some kind of trade off.
  22. It's bad enough we get Huw Edwards, but what on earth is DJ Trevor Nelson doing as part of the commentary team. With three of them it'll be even more talked over than I fear. Hazel did a great job as the lead commentator in Vancouver and would much rather it was her for London, with somebody actually knowledgeable about the athletes participating coming in for the athletes parade. As for the BBC coverage - I don't know if it's just me but the coverage still seems slightly less important than it did in the days it was branded Olympic Grandstand. Even though the main Saturday show is long gone it would be nice if they kept the brand for the Olympics.
  23. I do wonder whether airing all gold medals live with 8 channels is achieveable. I know for the Winter Games they managed it with 4 channels, covering all medal events and all competing Aussies, but rarely in the Winter Olympics are more than four events going on side by side.
  24. Loving the BBC trail and the music sounds great - but I just hope they don't burn it out before the games even begin. IMO they should have kept the theme under wraps until the games itself..
  25. Roger Mosey (Head of Olympics at the BBC) has confirmed BBC1 will show the opening Team GB football games on Wednesday and Thursday before the Opening Ceremony. Not sure what I make of that - I'd have rather they'd have been on BBC2/3 and had a lower profile myself, with the focus being thrown on the Opening Ceremony as the event that kicks it off. P.S. Is it likely the graphics used for the football draw (a mixture of pink, white and purple) is a taster of the main broadcast graphics for the games?
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