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  1. Considering it's been a couple of decades since any country has pulled the youth card in lighting the flame I think it was absolutely the right choice for London - though considering the cauldron design they could easily have had those who nominated them join them as well. The final stages of the Sydney lighting though completely excluded half the population with their sexist selection policy. A real shame as it's a cauldron design which would make a fantastic permanent monument to the games - much better than the bloody Orbit. I thought that might be the case - if it's going where the bell is (and what was the point in that bell) it makes it more annoying it wasn't in it's final position for the lighting - no reason why it couldn't have been really. A shame though it won't be visible throughout the Olympic Park.
  2. It's stunning, but just wish it could have some how moved into it's final position. I was expecting it to take off!
  3. I did have flashbacks to Vancouver when I realised we had 204 parts to raise. I kept my eye on that during the ceremony and was beginning to think the wheel might at least be involved in lighting it, but once the petals appeared it was kind of obvious, although I thought they'd be kind of stacked around the tree in some way. So can I take it even though some people worked it out as soon as the tickets were released that actually the cauldron remained a secret until the reveal (I've kept out of this thread this week and far too many pages to catch up on!). And even with the ceremony done we don't know where it'll end up - I think it might be in the centre of London rather than Olympic Park, though hope I'm wrong.
  4. So those who said the tickets were the give away were right. It's a nice cauldron and love the idea of it being built during the ceremony (though I suspect there were 408 petals in that stadium, not 204), but not a fan of a temporary cauldron being lit and then it either being moved or a replica lit - and don't see at all why David Cameron would have been needed to OK it. Nice lighting though - loved the ethos, but for me the tempoary nature of it all means it's not as magical as Barcelona, Sydney or Athens.
  5. There is a longer version which I've linked to in the broadcasting thread.
  6. Knowing London you probably need permission from the Prime Minister just to light a naked flame in an urban park after 10.30pm. Is it possible though that the talk of his "permission" is just him upping the ceremonies budget to enable them to do it? I really hope it isn't the Orbit but with most broadcasters now in place you have to think all will ultimately have the cauldron in full view once it's lit as that after all is the money shot, not the tower of junk.
  7. Same here NY20 - really thinking now I should step out of this place now to avoid spoilers (and not buy any papers all week!), and actually rather fed up of the unnecessary bickering we've seen in this place over the weekend. The place is also getting a bit busier now so rather than a couple of pages to catch up on at night it's a dozen or so in some threads, so all in all I really shouldn't come back here tomorrow - but I know I won't be able to resist.
  8. It's a great alternative in the UK especially should what is expected to be unprecedented demand cause the BBC streaming a few problems. And from what I understand with the channel streaming every channel is available apart from the broadcaster in your own country, where you'll be redirected to the broadcasters website. RTE in Ireland have even made a point of mentioning it for Irish viewers not in Ireland during the games.
  9. I agree - they've kept it secret so long I hope they manage to keep the secret until the night, and I'm wavering about whether or not I should exit this forum for a few days to avoid it being spoiled, though frankly think if it does leak it'll be in the press anyway so I won't miss it - and let's face it spoiler tags are useless. I defy anyone to not let their curiosity get the better of them.
  10. I don't buy the five athletes idea and I think it devalues the honour somewhat. And as well as literally as a moment it just didn't work for Vancouver IMO - other than Wayne Gretzky I took no notice of who else lit the flame. It has to be an Olympian, it has to be a Brit and it should not be a political decision. For me keeping in with the theme of the games it should be someone in the 2012 squad - but also someone who has already proved themselves on the Olympic stage. That narrows it down to Chris Hoy for me.
  11. I know it's something which has surely been discussed before but still not happy about the Opening Ceremony and the athletics being in different stadiums - especially having watched the BBC's 50 Greatest Moments this week and so many of the athletics moments being in the shadow of the flame. Will there be a second at the athletics venue? Actually bringing it back to London will there be smaller flames at "satellite" venues - I'm sure I've seen that in previous games. Does the 1948 cauldron even still exist, and if so where is it. I can't say I've ever known of it to be lit in London during an Olympics (other than 1948 of course!)
  12. I'd say the decisions would be taken side by side - the cauldron lighting and position would certainly have been in mind in selecting the stadia, even if they didn't know then how it would happen. Thanks AussieFan for all the pics - hadn't seen a few of the Winter ones especially. Is there any video online of the Lake Placid one - the only clip I've seen pretty much cuts straight from them lighting it to it hitting the top. Also had to laugh last night after recent discussions here when the BBC named Muhammad Ali lighting the flame in Atlanta 1996 as the greatest Olympic moment - but they sped up the clip so the lighting actually looked a lot more effective. Back to Torino and the fireworks effect - I agree that was one lighting I didn't like as the flame appeared to make no contact with the cauldron. Athens did something similar for the 2004 Paralympics - and did it better IMO and in such a way they could possibly argue the flame did travel to the cauldron. I think Sydney used a similar technique for their Paralympics but I can't find the vid (Paralympic Cauldron lighting vids are almost non existent on Youtube!) Maybe if London do something we've kind of seen before they might have perfected the comet approach with the flame seemingly of it's own free will reaching the cauldron. My gut instinct though is with the secrecy surely it can't be anything too risky - David Cameron's permission or not.
  13. Well London had more important things to deal with from 1939 onwards so I suspect little thought was put into the games at all - not sure when exactly they were officially cancelled but there was a war going on, they wouldn't stop building aircraft to build a cauldron.
  14. Great news - and the only price I've seen quoted is £60m - which for four games would be a bargain as I thought they were paying around that for one cycle.
  15. Talking of past cauldrons though do we have any idea what happened to the 1948 one from Wembley? I guess it probably ended up being turned into scrap.
  16. Can't find a video anywhere but I'm sure when they relit it for the Paralympics it happened alot quicker - though it's possible they lit it a bit higher up (did the lighter raise themselves up similar to how they did in Beijing?) For me Athens was perfect after a spectacular but over complicated affair in Sydney. Also liked the way the Olympic rings were lit during the ceremony - if a flame has to fly to meet the target that's how you want to see it done, not slowly rise as it did in Atlanta. Beijing did nothing for me really - the actual lighting was fine, but the lap running round the air just delayed the moment for me rather than built up to it.
  17. I agree about Turin - gorgeous opening. Not seen anything of the London version yet. In other news tonight at 9pm C4 will debut their "Meet the Superhumans" promo for the Paralympics not just on their own channels but also on their main rivals too, with the ad airing simultaneously on 78 channels including the C4 network, ITV, C5, all UKTV channels, Eurosport and Sky1.
  18. I though Beijing was quite Cauldronesque myself - similar in shape to Lillehammer. I agree though I'd rather it was cauldron in appearance - can still be neat and stylish but ultimately it shouldn't detract from the flame.
  19. So piecing together the info I'm going to say we'll have the athletes on both sides of the "river", which will be lit, taking the flame up to the Tor which then rises to either form the cauldron or somehow pass the flame to an external cauldron. That is probably all too obvious though, so my second guess is that the cauldron has been hidden under Boris Johnson's wig since 2008.
  20. Not sure if it'll be in this week or next but according to Roger Mosey at the BBC they'll be a 72-page guide to the BBC coverage in the Radio Times. ... which I suspect will be much easier to read than their website schedule where you seemingly have to click on every session to find out what will be broadcast each day.
  21. We really should have a "Spot the Cauldron" competition with a decent overhead shot of the stadium and surrounding areas. We each put our mark on it and closest gets bragging rights. That's a great answer. I really don't think that will happen in the same sense as it happened in Vancouver. They only got away with that because of the indoor arena, and frankly it wasn't a very popular move. However, I've always thought the London lighting could see a cauldron rise in the middle of the stadium, with that lit and the flame then disappearing down it's stem and into the ground and then up the stem of the actual larger cauldron outside the stadium. So frustrating though - I so kind of want to know but kind of don't - though luckily my memory isn't the best so most things I read I'll forget by the night anyway.
  22. According press reports today they'll be So at least it won't be all music!
  23. The studio is at ground level in the Olympic Park (I think) so presumably it will be.
  24. Hopefully his only role in the ceremony would be as one of the athletes not quite good enough to carry the flame allowed to carry the flag in, and then I suspect another might be in a medal ceremony. I hate though how people are reporting his ommission from the team by effectively giving him 100% credit for bringing the games to London - he was just a name they used to sway some votes at the end, but I really doubt he was a deciding factor. As a footballer though apart from a Champions League victory with Manchester United in 1999 he has won absolutely nothing on the international stage with either club or country. Getting knocked out in quarter finals of World Cups three times doesn't even trump a one time Olympic bronze medalist IMO.
  25. Can't believe they just discarded it. And thanks to those who confirmed the cauldron was anchored on the temporary stands rather than outside the stadium. He is well known and respected though within Olympic circles and it would be a huge nod to Jacque Rogge too. Personally I think it's four years too late to play the youth card with Tom Daley and I don't think they'd want to put that kind of pressure on him. I think if they went for a young athlete they either need a gold medalist from 2008 (Rebecca Adlington, but think she competes Saturday morning) or a debut Olympian from these games - though none have yet captured the public's imagination like Tom did in 2008. Anyone but Beckham though I suspect is the general concensus.
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