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  1. So everyone seemed to hate the London logo when it was first revealed but it quickly became a very effective symbol of the games which looked great everywhere it was used. Everyone seemed to hate the Glasgow logo when it was first revealed - and a couple of years on it still looks ****!
  2. Those Irish titles are really nice. And thanks again Durban for all your hard work in recent months in this thread. I don't suppose the NBC titles have surfaced online yet but here are some caps from the designer - very much an evolution of previous looks. http://www.urizendesign.com/ I'm sure he'll upload video in due course - there is quite a bit on his site from NBC coverage from the last few games.
  3. Is athletics the only sport that doesn't manage to get medal ceremonies done on the same day - at least three will be carried over to tomorrow, though TV wise that works out perfectly.
  4. Brilliant night for British Athletics - and brilliant day for Team GB - not sure what our record is for Golds in a day but I'll take six. A few more chances to come in the week, mainly in the field events - would love to see some more Greg Rutherford moments with people exceeding expectations to grab Gold. Mo is probably our best chance on the track if he goes ahead and runs in the 5000m. Not so confident about Dai Greene after tonights semi-finals - talking of which really not liking the current format for most events of heats, three semi-finals (with top two + two fastest into final) and then the final (with no lane 1!).
  5. Although the 7-10pm slot is perfect for the BBC it's a shame in a way they didn't run the athletics programme an hour later and then took advantage of the pixel panels to turn the stadium gold for every final.
  6. Well that's fine - but they didn't need to take up cycling and rowing too!
  7. Worst thing the world ever did was giving the games to China - they're now turning up everywhere as a dominant force. I think Hugh Robinson (our Sports Minister) will be sitting pretty with his bet with his Aussie counterpart - very poor from Australia so far after a disapointing Beijing too.
  8. Talking of mascots - have there been any sightings of Wenloch and Mandeville yet?
  9. I don't think Heatherwick thought beyond the lighting concept - for the lighting it worked beautifully, but beyond that it has failed on all levels.
  10. Didn't they used to have a night off during the athletics programme to allow for closing ceremony rehersals?
  11. It really is lost in the crowd - basically shoved in an alleyway at ground level. Considering it's this small surely they could have found a spot for it on the in-field. It truly is the worst decision of an otherwise superb games so far.
  12. I love the Athens lighting - it just works for me and has the right combination of someone physically lighting the cauldron and that bit of a spectacle with the torch beautifully bowing down to receive the flame. Sydney is great on the edited version without the agonising wait for it to move (I suspect NBC might have done them a favour on that), but was overly complex really. London's lighting though is up there with the best (everything working puts it ahead of Sydney and Vancouver) - so as a ceremonial cauldron it's almost perfect, but as a cauldron for the games it's been quite a failure. I do think Sochi will do a good job as their stadium seems to be designed with it in mind - and of course with it being a Winter Games they can always opt to light the cauldron in the middle and then (as long as they raise it into view) it can stay put as it's not in the field of play. I'm really worried about Rio though - at least ours is in the Olympic Stadium, not in a different stadium.
  13. Is NBC the only broadcaster in the world that's actually not carrying the games live?
  14. I like the idea of some Hammer throwing absolutely smashing the world record and sending the hammer plummeting through the stems of the cauldron!
  15. Seb Coe is quickly turning from Seb Coe - Olympic Bid Hero back to Seb Coe - Conservative Poltiician with some of his actions lately. For me it comes down to his arrogance over athletics - hence athletics get the flame and no other sport does. The screen excuse just does not wash - indeed if anything that great angle of the flame from underneath they're using kind of makes me wish it had been positioned so people could walk under it. For me though the cauldron is the major downer so far these games - at the very least it should have been lit in it's final resting place, and really considering they're telling us how lightweight it is I'm sure that some how it could have rested on the rim of the stadium roof. After all they installed all the necessary rigging to enable the various aerial elements of the Opening Ceremony, so I'm sure something would have been possible. I also have to question whether the Orbit tower played any role in the decision as that seems to have been designated as the focal point of Olympic Park.
  16. And just as I read it BBC1 answer the question about what's happened to the flame and the issue of it not being visible outside the stadium. I don't think the cauldron looks that great in it's new position really - and it's worth noting with the athletics finishing around 10pm most night that it'll only really be seen in daylight.
  17. He has said exactly that - the starting point for the design was that they didn't want the cauldron visible until the lighting. Last week when none of us knew or sussed that out that seemed great, but now it's reinforced the two weeks after it is lit is far more important than the two weeks before. Oh no, we'll have the debt too I'm sure. And they've tried for the strikes. Although I really would prefer it visible outside the stadium my main issue with the location is if it was always intended to remain within the stadium it should have been lit in it's final position - it's an absolute farce having to extinguish it and move it. Frankly I don't think it looks that great in the final position either (though I'm sure it'll look better by Friday). Also they really should have invited at least one of the young athletes from Friday to relight it today. I just don't see what each nation would do with them - they're not going to be as look after as the entire structure would be in London. I suspect though they'll get the petals that were carried out on Friday - I don't believe for one minute the ones we saw in the athletes parade were the ones on the cauldron we saw moments later.
  18. I didn't think Beijing's cauldron looked that big at all really on TV anyway - just seemed to be stuck on the roof. For me it is the major let down of London - it wouldn't be so bad if they'd lit it in it's final position rather than have that rather pointless bell, but considering the huge numbers walking around Olympic Park it's a real shame it's not in view. I'm sure it'll look great in the stadium but with the athletics not starting until Friday it's a poor choice - and the justification of people being able to see it on screens is weak. It's a London Olympics - Londoners want to see the flame, not images of the flame. We've seen that before! I'm not a fan of second cauldrons but in this case I think maybe the nominated athletes lighting the one in the stadium and then the athletes who nominated them lighting a second one in the park itself would have worked, keeping that first one alight in the stadium for the athletics (and in the new location).
  19. I wasn't a fan at all of the two cauldron solution in Vancouver but think it would be an appropriate compromise here. Really not liking it being tucked away in the middle of the stadium. It wouldn't be so bad if it had been on some sort of hydraulic platform so it could be raised above the roof of the stadium in week one before settling into position in the stadium. I guess to that after the athletics it'll probably return to the centre.
  20. Chances are though you'd see it getting to the venue - and that's the point. It's all part of the experience. I was wondering about that - a completely new cauldron perhaps for the Paralympics - maybe one large petal. One of the lighters on the BBC now saying they only got to rehearse it once.
  21. Because the cauldron is a symbol of the games, not just the climax of the ceremony. It's also not about it being on TV - the Olympics are in town and Londoners, visitors and athletes should be able to see the Olympic flame burning bright.
  22. The idea is fantastic, both in terms of the petals representing each nation and how they had youngsters nominated by Olympic legends light it - but no use having a gorgeous cauldron with such a great idea behind it if nobody can see it.
  23. It looks like it's in the middle of a scrap yard at the minute. I do think it's a real shame - the cauldron is part of the whole games, not just the ceremonies, so should be visible throughout. In past Olympics it's always been the default shot for any broadcaster. Looking forward Sochi's should be integrated into the stadium, though I believe plans have changed. But with the Rio ceremonies not being in the main track stadium I fear we'll either have another temporary cauldron or a cauldron in a stadium which only hosts football.
  24. ... especially as we were all expecting one of the tallest cauldrons ever.
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