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  1. I'm surprised it's even permitted in the EU considering there is supposed to be freedom of trade etc. Visually the BBC ad looks spectacular, but I'm not quite sure it really does sell the games as well as it could.
  2. Don't really agree with that - if they can afford to give primetime up for the Olympics then giving up hours out of peak for live coverage shouldn't be a problem. Why not have live action in the Today slot rather than presumably the Today hosts talking about what NBC screened the night before. The ceremonies is just ridiculous - NBC treat them as just a TV broadcast when really they're much bigger than that - they're an opportunity for the world to come together in one moment, and NBC's stance means that the US just isn't at the party. Anyway, on to the BBC who are giving more hours over to the Winter Olympics than ever before - I've never known them to have continuous coverage from dawn to dusk before of the Winter Games. The full trailer has now been released - looks absolutely stunning.
  3. P.S. Considering they dropped the Ski Sunday theme for the 2010 games I assume the BBC will use something specific for Sochi too. The obvious choice is surely Bolero - 30 years on from Torvill and Dean's victory and with links to Russia as the piece was commissioned by a Russian ballerina. It would make a lot of sense IMO.
  4. Dipping back in here for the first time in a long time - thanks to Durban for all the updates - you're as informative as ever. Not sure if this has been posted but the official OBS intro sequence looks great: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SNAHIP0uz38 As for the BBC - generally speaking BBC2 has pretty much shown the Winter Olympics exclusively for the last few games now - even back in Vancouver when overnight coverage could easily have been on BBC1. The weekend afternoon slots on BBC1 will be dominated by the Six Nations so coverage will remain on BBC2 there too, but I'd be surprised if they do continuous coverage from 7am to 7pm. I would bet on there being a break in coverage once the morning ski events are done, especially as BBC2 usually has it's daily political coverage around midday. Coverage will probably be something like 7am-11am and 1pm-6pm at most.
  5. A torch like object which lights up - that'll never catch on.
  6. Twitter might be a thing of the past in two years. Is it me or does that ball seem to be more rounded than uusal - just the angle I guess.
  7. As I said in another thread I really think that's a mistake. I think letting the Paralympic flame be kindled in a place of significance to the host country gives it a much higher profile than lighting it in a place which although significant to the Paralympic moment is frankly barely known in the UK, never mind internationally.
  8. Nice find. I've a bit of a soft spot for Victoria - the first Commonwealth Games I ever watched.
  9. I'm pretty sure that rule has now been scrapped. It served it's purpose and got the World Cup into Asia, Africa and back to South America. I suspect if FIFA want to return to South America for the 100th anniversary in 2030 they'll be open to European bids for 2026.
  10. If they're willing to move the Qatar tournament from summer to winter then they should be willing to move the 2018 tournament from Russia.
  11. Well before we give NBC the benefit of the doubt let's just note that although they may not show every event live at least they do show the games live, while NBC is pretty much the only broadcaster in the developed (and not so developed) world to still air the entire day on a time delay if it isn't in their time zone.
  12. God, this is awful. Have they revealed a Paralympic logo yet?
  13. Well this is a one games deal and according to SportsProMedia the IOC will now try and sell 2016/18/20 as a package, probably hoping the two summer games loosens the purse strings. Whether sold separately or as part of this package I'd still put 7 as facvourites for 2016.
  14. I do think London 2030 makes sense, and IMO that should then be the kick start to begin thinking for the Olympics once again. "Once in a lifetime" it may be but if we don't bid for another 50 years we won't have a chance of winning them for anothe 50 years, so I do think come the 2040s London 2012 will be distant enough for a new bid to be at least considered, but recently enough for the goodwill still to be there.
  15. I don't think it would do the Paralympics any harm at all in the long term - no such thing as bad publicity after all, and I think it says a lot about how far the Paralympics have come that this is a major story all over the world, not just a footnote. A tragic story for all concerned and it'll be some time until the truth comes out - but guns are designed to kill and anyone who kills someone with one can't claim they did it accidently. I don't think Pistorius himself would affect a South African bid but I do think how this has highlighted the crime rate and how people live in fear in the country hasn't done a South African bid any favours at all. In the absense of facts around the case the media are churning out the crime stats, and 18,000 murders a year doesn't do South Africa any favours.
  16. I guess they just can't say "better than Delhi" as that would be seen as a very luke warm complement.
  17. There maybe plenty of countries able but not too many willing if recent years are to go by, and after Delhi moving into new territories is seen as quite risky - only South Africa can really offer a decent African bid at the moment. The UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada have hosted the vast majority of Commonwealth Games, but with Canada and NZ not playing a part in the last couple of decades that means the UK and Aus are effectively having to host more often than ideal as emerging nations are just not emerging quite quick enough for the games to reach their full potential.
  18. Worth noting for the first time the IPC are bundling the 2014/2016 Paralympics together.
  19. The IPC are bundling the 2014/16 rights together and in the UK at least have said they're only interested in free to air coverage in order to ensure the momentum from London continues. C4 are bidding again, while the BBC want them back too - though I hope C4 keeps them as I just think they'll get lost in the schedules again if they return to the BBC.
  20. I don't get why they do the draw so early - they could wait at least one more year, if not two.
  21. I will rewatch the opening when I get the chance - but can't say there is anything from the closing I particularly want to see again.
  22. Skipped the last 20-30 pages but I think we're all on the same page. Completely agree - it's a real shame as it could have been amazing in the right setting. That view up from the bottom of the cauldron was stunning on TV so if that could somehow have been replicated on a much bigger scale from the ground up to a decent height it would have been superb. It might have even worked at the size it was it it hadn't been shoved in an alleyway in front of a screen - it looked alright during the closing ceremony with a bit of space around it, so had it been a bit higher within the stadium with nothing for it to blend into (i.e. exactly where the bell was!) they might have got away with it, but ultimately it fails by not being visible by all during the games - especially when you consider how successful Olympic Park was at bringing in people without tickets to any events. Absolutely agree - how anyone cannot even seem to consider the cauldron in designing a purpose built Olympic Stadium is beyond belief. It doesn't even need to be completely open at one end to accomodate it - they just needed to be a bit cleverer in accomodating it and realise that how it looked for the two weeks during the games was far more important than people not being able to see it in the weeks prior to the games.
  23. Quite surprised how few people watched the repeat - just 1.5m. Thought at least double that might have tuned in just to recapture a bit of lost Olympic spirit.
  24. It is kind of two different things - but I think I prefer something to celebrate every 4 years over a nation of healthy kids!
  25. Rio I think is only three hours behind the UK, so four behind Germany - but crucially two ahead of the US East Coast. The Rio ceremony will almost certainly be scheduled to suit NBC so they can air it around 8pm ET - maybe 7pm at a push - which would be a 9pm or 10pm start in Rio.
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