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  1. I doubt this Vice President has any authority to do so - and indeed it looks like it's just poor reporting and that they've been invited to bid rather than to host. All members of the Commonwealth have been invited to bid.

    Absolutely agree though it would be a very bad move to award the games to a nation with any kind of anti-gay laws. That would do more damage than having no bids at all as unlike the Olympics, people wouldn't think twice of boycotting.

  2. Let's face it none of us know how the Olympics will pan out from 2024 only, though I do think it's a fight between Europe and the USA, meaning South Africa is best off waiting until 2028.

    I do think though linking it to a Commonwealth Games that really to get any benefit with a future Olympic bid they need to have hosted the Commonwealths, so bidding in 2021 for 2028 might be a bit early. 2032 probably the better option.

  3. Never a fan of these firework type lighting where one flame sets off several flames that sets off another. Wasn't ideal too it being lit outside the stadium, but preferable to the solution in Vancouver and indead London - although I thought they would at least light it in the stadium and then the flame go outside the stadium.

    Also didn't like how summer Olympians dominated the final six torchbearers. We know how one allegedly got the job, but I'd have thought Russia had enough Winter Olympic heroes to make up more than 2 of the final 6. Heck, even Team GB could just about find six Winter Olympic medalists to light the flame.

  4. No surprise really the main OBS graphics have only been tweaked slightly from London - though it makes it all a bit boring now and I'm tired of the blue, while this look essentially still has it routes in that introduced in Sydney.

    While I think we have to accept now that each games isn't going to get it's own look, I do think come Rio it's time for more of a revolution than an evolution.

  5. Apparently the Radio Times will have a 16-page pull out this week. I've found the listings on Digiguide now too.

    Also recommend the excellent BBC2 documentary Dan Snow's History of the Winter Olympics. I didn't realising what we'd now consider the flagship events of Downhill and Slalom didn't actually debut until 1936 - and it was a Brit behind their entrance into the games. Also interesting to see footage from the other Nazi-games - and indeed all of the early games (that Norwegian figure skater is sublime!). plus quite a bit on the fight between amatuerism and professionalism through the 60s and 70s.

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  6. BBC OC coverage starts at 3:30 WTF. I thought Sochi was on GMT+3 :unsure:

    No, it's GMT+4. For once they've actually given the broadcast enough time to cover the ceremony - usually they schedule the OC's at 2 hours for Winter and 3 hours for Summer despite the fact they always run at least an hour longer.

    Now I'm confused by your confusion :blink:

    Yes, you've got the right time for the OC, or at least for BBC2's coverage. The actual OC should start at 4:14 (8:14pm Sochi/Moscow time).

    As far as I can tell, the only BBC coverage on the 6th is an introductory thingy on Radio 5 Live, 7:30-8:30pm (but that is straight after the day's 5 Live Sport news roundup at 7:00, which may well mention any significant developments from the day's competitions).

    Isn't it 8pm - all the guides I've seen seem to say that. I suspect though we'll have this rumour for every games up until 2058 - or 20:58 if you like!

    No BBC2 coverage on Thursday, but there is coverage on the red button. I really don't see the need for these events to start before the Opening Ceremony - it's not as if there isn't enough room in the schedule to accomodate them within the games, and really don't like the idea of people being eliminated before the Opening Ceremony.

    "The Last Leg" is back on Uk Channel 4 (in plenty of time for the Sochi Paralympics). Quote from main man Adam Hills (with the Ashes urn and "5-0" painted on his leg) re the Sochi 2014 motto:

    " 'Hot, Cool, Yours' which i'm pretty sure is also Vladimir Putin's description on Grindr"

    Quote from Clare Balding:: "Putin doesn't want me there, so let's go".

    And she also pointed out her job is to cover the sport, which I think people forget. I'm sure though once the games get underway just like in Beijing the sport will take over. For me the focus now needs to move on to FIFA. It was too late really once this law was passed to move the games, but it isn't too late for FIFA to move the 2018 World Cup - and indeed the 2022 World Cup. They can't on the one hand be seeking tolerance within the game and then on the other be holding their showcase events where homosexuality is banned from being promoted in one and outright in the other.

    He's brilliant, easily the best comedian on British TV at the moment. Does anyone know if there's a printed guide available for Sochi in the UK, like the one for the World Cup that's come out?

    I've not even seen an online TV guide. Obviously every event will be on the connected red button but it would be nice to see more info about what they're showing on BBC2 and BBC RB1 & RB2.

    And absolutely agree Adam Hills is one of the funniest people around at the moment - while Micky Flanigan is easily one of the least. I don't understand why shows keep booking him.

  7. Note though when Canada quote the hours they're quoting English and French hours. When the US quote the hours they're quoting recorded coverage. One thing that is interesting from all the info from some of these broadcasters around the world is that many of them are actually pledging more hours of coverage than there is actual competitive action.

    Would be nice to see a full schedule from the BBC - they don't seem to have released that in detail yet. All events are presumably live on one of the six channels on the BBC Sport app. I'd imagine between the two interactive channels and BBC2's coverage most things will be available live too - indeed in terms of streams to events even for those without access to the online channels the coverage is actually far more comprehensive than for London.

  8. If that is the case, I would rather see Singapore being asked for these reasons:

    1) Malaysia hosted the Games in 1998 in Kuala Lumpur.

    2) Singapore has better transport infrastructure.

    3) Singapore's Venues are more up to date.

    Singapore would be a great host city and the best bet for an Asian host - wouldn't feel risky sending it there.

    The last time we had a "Not Interested" was for 1986, and Edinburgh stepped in. If we are left in a "default" situation, then London will have to host. We are just on six weeks for bidders to raise hands...But the CGF must use plain common sense and prehaps delay applications deadline until Glasgow. Kind of neat actually if it was allowed.

    In NZ there is a push for Christchurch to be the country's bid city if no one is fronting, which means South Africa.

    Maybe it's all a cunning plan - I still think London will try and hold out for 2030 to host the centenial, so force them to step in for 2022 and that opens it up for elsewhere to host 2030!

  9. So, er, it seems Channel 4 will be doing a Celebrity edition at the same time as the BBC are in Sochi....


    It will be finished before the Olympics begin. Ridiculous really that the likes of Amy Childs and Anthea Turner will get to ski jump on TV before any woman has ski jumped at the Olympics.

    The BBC have launched their new Winter games website - and for once a new look is an actual improvement - layout is far better than the main site and looks much better. They've also confirmed Clare Balding, who will probably now go down in history as the sole presenter of the London games, will front the Opening Ceremony and daily coverage from 4pm, including the 7pm highlights. Hazel Irvine will commentate on the ceremonies and host the early shift, while Jonathan Edwards hosts from around midday to 4pm. Sue Barker has reduced her role to just commentating on the figure skating.

    P.S. Think I might have asked this already but considering most the worlds broadcasters have now dropped it will any Sochi content be available in 3D?

  10. And it'll be at least 2022 before another network has a shot at the Olympics. Who knows what the television/media landscape will be 8 years from now. 1 thing I am sure of though.. if ESPN had the rights to Sochi (and until the day of decision, it was far from a guarantee that NBComcast was going to bid as much as they bid and win the rights), they would have gone with a very different strategy than NBC has all these years. And it would have been an abject failure. It would have set the course of Olympic television in this country back decades if ESPN had come in and thought people were going to watch their cable-heavy live coverage in the same numbers that watch NBC. American coverage doesn't need to be revolutionized. It needs to be tweaked.

    I do think ESPN would have been the best of both worlds. ESPN would have offered most things 100% live, while ABC would continue with the primetime strategy. It's how well the two combine which is the question. In TV you need to take the risks to get the rewards - yet NBC haven't been willing to step out of a model which is half a century old and just not suitable for TV today. The way the West Coast is penalised is ridiculous too - they could have primetime live coverage at 10pm every night.

    This was 1 of the great questions of Olympic television in the 90s.. when video started making its way onto the Internet, how would all these rightsholders be able to protect themselves from either other. The BBC pays for the right to broadcast the Olympics to Great Britain just like NBC has the rights here and CBC has the rights in Canada, and so forth. You can't have every country's coverage of the Olympics viewable in every other country. This is the way it has to be, especially in the digital world.

    Well it was one of the games best kept secrets but up until 2012 viewers in Europe could watch other countries coverage on Eurovision Sports - and in an increasingly mobile world it's understandable they'd be a small audience wanting to watch coverage from their home country focusing on their national stars. I'd hate to have to watch the games on a non-UK broadcaster.

    Anyway, bringing it somewhat back on topic the IPC have confirmed they will stream 5 live HD streams on ParalympicSport.TV (which sadly now is a Youtube channel - was much better when it was it's own website!) There will be one stream each for Sledge Hockey, Curling, Alpine Skiing and Nordic Skiing, with a fifth multisport stream covering the pick of the action. All 5 will have English commentary. Presumably these won't be geoblocked.

    C4 have yet to confirm plans here in the UK - they'll have covered more from these games than the BBC did from the last by the time we're half way through the opening ceremony and I think have pledge for something like 50 hours of coverage. It is also the Cheltenham Festival that week so that rules out afternoon coverage most days on C4 itself, though I suspect some will be on More4. I'd imagine C4 will therefore air coverage from around 6am to 12.30pm most days, and probably also simulcast the IPC channels on their website. The Cheltenham Festival rules out Clare Balding for most of the week too - though I suspect she'll front the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, and maybe a little bit more if coverage is anchored in London rather than Sochi.

    The IPC press info:


    The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) has announced it will provide the most comprehensive online coverage ever for a Winter Paralympics this March when it broadcasts over 300 hours of live sport from the Sochi 2014 Paralympic Winter Games via www.paralympic.org.

    In addition to covering both the Opening and Closing Ceremonies live from Sochi in HD, the IPC website will feature four HD channels showing live and uninterrupted daily coverage of alpine skiing, Nordic skiing, ice sledge hockey and wheelchair curling. A fifth HD channel will broadcast a mixture of all sports and all five channels will feature English commentary.

    Following the conclusion of competition each day, all the sporting action including individual matches from ice sledge hockey and wheelchair curling, will be made available as video on demand via the IPC's YouTube channel ParalympicSport.TV. Highlights packages from each sport will also be made available.

    Supporting the live and on-demand video streams will be live results, whilst a team of writers will produce daily in-depth previews and reviews of all five sports, together with interviews with leading athletes. It is estimated around 150 stories will be uploaded to the IPC’s website during the Games.

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