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  1. My highlight was the sense of fun and lots of passion, moments of pure Heart & Soul. The NHS sections was because DB is a huge fan of the NHS and wanted to say a huge thank you to them. I truly believe it was a opening for everyone, you felt invited to join in and take part. Best Bits: The change from rolling hills to satanic mills...lighting of the rings, Mr Bean & the Cauldron...absolutly beautiful...message was recieved loud & clear this was about the youth and to inspire a generation!!
  2. The Blue material is to simulate the ocean...it starts on the upper tiers and then the lower seating as a special song is played.... hope that doesnt spoil things too much Also am very very excited now for the Ceremony...gonna be amazing...I hope everyone enjoys the show...and can't wait for the Torch Bearer and Cauldron to end years of speculation!!
  3. i think this is the ferris wheel in Victoria Park which sits behind the stadium....they have a load of stuff there!!
  4. No, there were no speeches however they will have to done at that end as I dont think they will want to stand on the man made hill, also the south end stage is close a lot closer to where the IOC family will be sitting
  5. The Platform is sitting in front of the Light Triangle, and there are no lights on it, all the other light boxes are around it, so it really just sits there waiting, I am sure if the cauldron was there you could see the flame from outside and most definatly from the Athletes Village as the North end is nearer to it.
  6. I would like to share my Theory of how the cauldron is lit and where it will sit. I have just returned from the dress rehersal for the opening ceremony and I have to say it is amazing!! Point 1 - However, there was one part of the stage that has been left out, on recent pictures of the stadium the centre stage has the river thames on it, during the rehersals this has never been used or seen. Point 2 - There is a platform installed above the main stage at the North End of the Stadium, it sits empty and looks wide enough and big enough for an object (maybe a cauldron) it wasn't there a few weeks ago, but it is there now. So, my theory (and this is only a theory, so please don't shoot me down) whoever the final torch bearer is will point the torch to river thames marked out on the stage and the river will burn, a river of fire, snaking its way was the thames does to a cauldron which currently is hidden under the stage at the end. The cauldron will then be lit and raised to the roof, to the platform, at the north end... As I say it is only my theory, and of course I could be so so so so so so so wrong, but thought I would share with you lovely people on here!!
  7. Just back from the Dress Rehersal and all I got to say is...WOW...amazing, totally blown away with what is a great show...some of the VTs weren't shown but will make great watching from home!! It is very Bristish and will more that likely recieve critisism from those who are not, they will compare it to Beijing and unjustifiably will concur that we can not do better than Beijing...However, give it a chance and remember this is London 2012, Britains games...all britiish things you can imagine, a great sense of pride and some very humbling moments leave you welling up and choking back the tears!! The switch from act 1 to act 2 is great and really shows what a true genius Danny Boyle really is....amazing!! I do have pics and vids but will not load them until after Friday in respect to DB and the thousends of people who have put all their time and effort into making what is a great show!! I shall be watching on Friday now with even more excitement and hoping the world gets the humour and message of what DB has tried to put across!!
  8. I will be attending the Final Dress Rehersal tomorrow Night (Wednesday) and I for one can't wait, I am so excited by what I have read and seen in pictures, it truly looks amazing, I will not be comparing it to any other Opening Ceremony because as someone pointed out that is like comparing apples and oranges!! Lets enjoy and see what Danny and the team have to deliver...I will give feedback tomorrow night!! My seat is in Block 106, row 4...which is right beside the 100m track, so I wont get to loads like others further up but will enjoy the experience nevetheless!!
  9. Has anyone noticed the ring shape dead centre on the stadium roof? I was there yesterday and all 4 screens are up, this is something new and is located above the main stage, above the giant screens....could this be the home of the couldron?
  10. A...MAZ...ING...wow soooooooooooooooooo can't wait now!!!
  11. Hey so the 'Look' is starting to go up in Central London too...got these snaps earlier Oxford Street Oxford Street - There are a few more a long the street, will look good when they are all up, but guess they only just started putting them up! New Bond Street - Looks very Impressive!!
  12. Do you mean this trailer? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-18647587
  13. There is little detail for sinage areound the park
  14. Here are the rings at the Aquatic Centre!!
  15. Just one thing about the wrap...not sure if I posted this before, but the wrap is also carrying information for the spectators as to find where are seated in the stadium, the pic was taken at the test event on 5th May. and
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