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  1. Hi GB Moderator.....a technical question...I read what the little yellow boxes mean somewhere in the formum, but I can't find that again...the little yellow boxes that indicate that someone has been reprimanded....where is that info?


  2. Hi GB Moderator....with the season's finale (so to speak) in less than 2 days, I have a suggestion.  The posting of pictures and endless bid logos etc interrupts the sometimes interesting discussion.  My purpose in coming to the forums is to hear what people have to say, to get additional perspectives on the Olympics and all the stuff that surrounds them; I don't come here to look at downtown scenes in large cities or many logos, etc.

    Would you please consider not allowing any pics or logos along with people's words?

    I can appreciate that this will not meet with support from the members who don't mind scrolling down through the junk in the forums, but having to scroll down page after page is annoying.

    I look forward to your considered answer!  Thanks!!

  3. Hello, Moderator....how's the chat room coming along?  I am wondering because the thread about the boyfriend jumping off the balcony is really a chat that those people are having. Is a thread sposed to be a chat among several people?  Surely they should be in a chat room, so the rest of us won't be bothered by their silly responses.
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