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  1. Hello Mod....I have asked before, and didn't get an answer.....where on the site do I find an explanation of the icons that are used? e.g. the little blue boxes, etc and now, the stars that are posted after 2 of the topics? Or, if it isn't posted, please answer somewhere I can read it! Thanks
  2. I suspect that costs to actually run BC Place will be high but manageable. On-going costs for the large venues in the USA will be intersting to see. Many cities in Canada are very careful about building facilities that the taxpayers don't have to pay large amounts to actually run. So, they may have fewer bells and whistles but they cost less to run after they are built.
  3. Thanks. Done. I expect my list will increase!
  4. I totally agree. My visits have become less frequent because of people who make ridiculous comments, who don't know what they are talking about (and have no desire to learn facts rather than just pass on unsubstantiated gossip), who dominate a thread with stupid comments.....I could go on. I'd be glad to have the Mod(s) ban some of these people, and am definitely willing to name them.
  5. Would someone in this thread please explain the gymnastics competition? This sport has been going on for 11 days now, with one day off I think. How can it go on for so long? Surely all these athletes have done routines on every piece of apparatus already! It's getting tiresome, isn't it, tuning in every evening to NBC (Americans, that is) and seeing yet MORE gymnastics? Please enlighten!
  6. Women Sunday at 10pm ET Men, Monday at 10pm ET The link below takes you to a great "tracker" of all the events. http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2008/08...S_TRACKER.HTML#
  7. I hope Pillan has followed the Olympic Games long enough to now empathize with boxers who for years and years complained (rightly) that the boxing judges favoured some boxers over others, not just in one Games but in every Olympic Games. Someone said that "subjective sports" shouldn't be in the Games, pointing at synchro (especially after the Sylvie Frechette episode in 1992). But, as we can see, MANY sports have subjective elements: wrestling, boxing, diving, water polo, basketball, for example. And no one, especially the IOC suits would consider dropping wrestling from the program. And
  8. Can someone give me a link to the specs for the whitewater canoeing venue? I am interested to see how it works, how the water is re-cycled, etc. Thanks.
  9. A script for the Opening Ceremony, explaining what each segment meant, etc. was available for many previous games. The symbolism, the order, number of participants etc was included. It is often the basis of the commentator's speil (Bob costas or in Canada, Pater Mansbridge). I expect that it was part of the responsibility of the director/producer. It usually is posted on the games website, and is available to download. Has anyone seen this? If so, would you please post the link? Thanks.
  10. I'm rather taken by Men's Beach Volleyball....most are easy on the eyes.......
  11. The Charter doesn't allow sports (?) that depend upon motors.
  12. True. If you go to eBay, you can find tickets for almost any big event that occurred in the past. They haven't been used; they were just purchased, and now collectors want them, and are willing to pay big bucks for them. Actually, I know someone who does this. Probably to finance his daughter's university education down the road!!!
  13. The best way to keep track of Canadians, I have found, is to watch both CBC NW, and TSN. In the mornings, TSN seems to have teams and group activities, while the main network seems to be featuring Ron McLean (whom I cannot stand) who is doing a review of events overnight, in bits and pieces. The women's soccer game againist China, for example, was on TSN, as it will be Tuesday. Occasionally I swing over to NBC to see what they are doing. Since Americans seem to be in everything, there is better variety of sposrts on NBC than on CBC/TSN. Also, you'll see more heats in swimming as there are
  14. http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2008/08...S_TRACKER.HTML# The NY Times has a great schedule tool that you can use to follow your favourite sports/events. Great tool if you want to follow specific sports/events.
  15. Ah, yes. I remember that the brother came on and told us that. I didn't remember/know the name of the fellow. Thanks.
  16. Would you provide some background please? Who, when ,what, why..... Who was this, and what are the reasons that you are proposing this?
  17. Absolutely. I do know that there are fakes already there. When I inquired about a pin that I was interested in, the answer I got indicated to me that the pin was not legit.
  18. Why don't you give it a try now? That's the easiest way to find out. The link is to a website, so there will be access to anyone, anywhere. Check for the times of "streaming."
  19. Not true. This is a computer link. Citizenry has nothing to do with it.
  20. http://www.cbc.ca/olympics/story/2008/07/1...c-coverage.html check this link. There will be 9 live streams per day (3rd last para). Might be more useful info here. As well as a detailed look at another country's athletes!!!
  21. Do you have satellite? If you do, catch the CBC (main network) here in Canada at 7am your time Fridayfor live coverage of the Opening.
  22. Baron is correct......IOC Opening Ceremony protocol requires Greece to enter first, and the host nation to enter last. They are using the alphabet (I don't remember what it is called) of China, the host country.
  23. Yes. the 2 Koreas will march in eparately. Twas on CBC Overnight (the segment from S Korea) this morning, at 5.45am
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