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  1. Frankly, having some of these donkeys in the Forums means that I, and others, don't come very often.

    I can't be bothered with garbage posts, ignorance, and just plain stupidity. Life's too short, and there are many other forums and interesting sites on the internet to visit, and particupate in.

    These people with multiple handles and ignorant posts are ruining what used to be an interesting dicusssion location. You will note that I have been here for a long time (check my number) and used to be a reqular, frequent visitor and occasional contributer. Now, well....fewer visits.

    There definitely are fewer people to offer interesting and intelligent discussion. You know who you are, and the donkeys know who they are.

  2. Dumbest thing I've heard our government doing. [and the current government has done some dumb things, but that's another thread!]

    What it mostly shows is how little they know about how the Canadian team is outfitted, how it is organized, etc. Minister Lunn doesn't seem to have given MPs any info about the team, including the FACT that the federal governmetn has less than zero influence on team prep.

    Credit to athletes who haven't commented on such a boneheaded idea.

  3. can we get rid of this "angelizika" or whatever the name is?

    I keep getting emails from that person.

    It's "angelikzusa." Didn't have it when I responded before.

    Some sort of base level of participation would be a good idea....say 5 posts related to a thread, not just some baloney?

  4. Done.

    Thanks. Let's hope he/she doesn't assume another ID.

    And, while I am here....I still haven't received any answer to my question posted ages ago about what all the little symbols mean, e.g. the little blue boxes, etc. I posted in in the 'questions for moderators' section at the bottom of the site.

  5. Or even both.

    Agree, although it depends upon each country's OG aspirations. Lima is probably more interested in the OG than Bogota.

    It also now depends upon the world's economy, and that of each of the countries. If the Colombians could marshall all that drug money, they'd have more than enough!

  6. Why are you yelling?

    Why is the talk always ABOUT THE ROOF? What about the FLOOR of the stadium? :angry:

    Isn't it about time the FLOOR also got equal time? I mean without the floor, there wouldn't be a roof!!

    As DictatoRoyal of GB and FLOOR-SUPPORTER, I DEMAND that all discussion now be about the FLOOR of BC PLACE!! The FLOOR SUPPORTERS OF VANCOUVER and the World DEMAND IT!!!


  7. Hello Mod....I have asked before, and didn't get an answer.....where on the site do I find an explanation of the icons that are used? e.g. the little blue boxes, etc and now, the stars that are posted after 2 of the topics?

    Or, if it isn't posted, please answer somewhere I can read it!


  8. I think what Diana is looking for is just the programme. I doubt that it would be posted on an website. But it certainly would've been on the Souvenir Programme given out at the actual Ceremony itself.

    No, I was/am looking for the host's/producer's written explanation of the meaning of what is included in the ceremony, and its cultural meaning. This was written and available for Seoul, at least, and for some earlier OG.

  9. So?

    They cost a couple of billion between them! As long as it all works, people can see what's going on in the rectangle in the middle and the roof stays in place ;) then I'm sure it'll be fine.

    I don't know enough about the renovations to tell you whether it will compare to these brand-spanking new venues, though you're right that it seems unlikely. But I'm sure it'll be more than good enough; whether it's "world class" or not is entirely subjective and getting into debates over semantics.

    Welcome to the forum btw. :)

    I suspect that costs to actually run BC Place will be high but manageable.

    On-going costs for the large venues in the USA will be intersting to see. Many cities in Canada are very careful about building facilities that the taxpayers don't have to pay large amounts to actually run. So, they may have fewer bells and whistles but they cost less to run after they are built.

  10. I strongly recommend using the "ignore" feature when you are discouraged or annoyed by a poster. It is very effective and it really works when a "troll" doesn't receive a response. Just try it.

    Thanks. Done. I expect my list will increase!

  11. I totally agree.

    My visits have become less frequent because of people who make ridiculous comments, who don't know what they are talking about (and have no desire to learn facts rather than just pass on unsubstantiated gossip), who dominate a thread with stupid comments.....I could go on.

    I'd be glad to have the Mod(s) ban some of these people, and am definitely willing to name them.

  12. Would someone in this thread please explain the gymnastics competition? This sport has been going on for 11 days now, with one day off I think. How can it go on for so long?

    Surely all these athletes have done routines on every piece of apparatus already!

    It's getting tiresome, isn't it, tuning in every evening to NBC (Americans, that is) and seeing yet MORE gymnastics?

    Please enlighten!

  13. I hope Pillan has followed the Olympic Games long enough to now empathize with boxers who for years and years complained (rightly) that the boxing judges favoured some boxers over others, not just in one Games but in every Olympic Games.

    Someone said that "subjective sports" shouldn't be in the Games, pointing at synchro (especially after the Sylvie Frechette episode in 1992).

    But, as we can see, MANY sports have subjective elements: wrestling, boxing, diving, water polo, basketball, for example. And no one, especially the IOC suits would consider dropping wrestling from the program. And no matter how much they squawk about boxing and its well-known corrupt IF, they won't drop boxing. Just a long line of threats.

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