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  1. We sure hope so! But, as we all know, backrooms really are the centre of decisions!
  2. Agree all around. The comments on cbc.ca are a disgrace to the country. It's hard to imagine that any person with any amount of heart would post the stuff that's there. Those are very unhappy people who have nothing to do all day except post on public websites (as occasionally happens on gamesbids.com).
  3. I have more than a gazillion pins, most are Olympic and/or sports. email me if you want info!
  4. Agree. This was NOT a VANOC decision. It is a decision of the IOC. While I support women's ski jumping, I also support the IOC criteria for accepting new disciplines and sports. The line has to be drawn somewhere; the argument is really WHERE to draw the line. Considering the number of "sports" that want into the Olympic Games and OWG, there have to be some criteria or standards that must be met. We may disagree about what those standards or criteria may be, but there just isn't room for every sport to be in the Olympics. Not a pleasant situation, but that's the way it is.
  5. And one other point....they are always the people who hide behind fake names, silly handles, and/or have several aliases. They are afraid to attach their name and reputation to their posts.
  6. Hi Baron. Thanks for your comment. Frankly, I don't have either the time or inclination to waste on the people who are ignorant (and I mean that in the correct meaning of the word) or have too much time on their hands. I have discovered that in this world, there are people who have too much time on their hands, and write stupid, senseless and often hurtful things on sites and pages where comments are allowed. The donkeys who come here (and they know who they are) are not the kind of people that I want to associate with. Life's too short! I am old enough and wise enough to have learned th
  7. Frankly, having some of these donkeys in the Forums means that I, and others, don't come very often. I can't be bothered with garbage posts, ignorance, and just plain stupidity. Life's too short, and there are many other forums and interesting sites on the internet to visit, and particupate in. These people with multiple handles and ignorant posts are ruining what used to be an interesting dicusssion location. You will note that I have been here for a long time (check my number) and used to be a reqular, frequent visitor and occasional contributer. Now, well....fewer visits. There defi
  8. Dumbest thing I've heard our government doing. [and the current government has done some dumb things, but that's another thread!] What it mostly shows is how little they know about how the Canadian team is outfitted, how it is organized, etc. Minister Lunn doesn't seem to have given MPs any info about the team, including the FACT that the federal governmetn has less than zero influence on team prep. Credit to athletes who haven't commented on such a boneheaded idea.
  9. My best guess is that the court will dismiss the case, saying it doesn't have jurisdiction in an event that is the property of an entity based in another country.
  10. It's "angelikzusa." Didn't have it when I responded before. Some sort of base level of participation would be a good idea....say 5 posts related to a thread, not just some baloney?
  11. One solution to this issue is to retain events as they now are, and have both men and women compete in them, together. This avoids the issue of adding an event so late in the game, and perhaps not complying with the IOC's rules about world- wide participatiuon in a sport/event.
  12. can we get rid of this "angelizika" or whatever the name is? I keep getting emails from that person.
  13. Thanks. Let's hope he/she doesn't assume another ID. And, while I am here....I still haven't received any answer to my question posted ages ago about what all the little symbols mean, e.g. the little blue boxes, etc. I posted in in the 'questions for moderators' section at the bottom of the site.
  14. I also received another PM. I sent a msg yesterday afternoon to Moderator asking to have that donkey banned.
  15. Why do you say that? What's the evidence?
  16. Agree, although it depends upon each country's OG aspirations. Lima is probably more interested in the OG than Bogota. It also now depends upon the world's economy, and that of each of the countries. If the Colombians could marshall all that drug money, they'd have more than enough!
  17. Yes, the article in the Toronto paper said November, but the next PASO meetings are in Ocotber.
  18. At the PASO meetings October 9-12.
  19. Can hardly find the "content" for all the advertizing!
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