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    Pin collecting, esp. CBC Sports, Sport Canada. Olympic politics (especially IOC, IFs); and Pan Am Games
  1. Diana

    Boston Selected To Bid For 2024 Olympic Games

    I'm pleased that Boston was selected! Look forward to an interesting couple of years!
  2. But it is highly unlikely that another member of the Windsor family would be appointed to the IOC. One would be seen as "enough." And, regarding Seb Coe's inappropriate remarks, the head of an OC should never have an opinion aobut his/her country's athletes or the IOC....his/her job is to be an impartial OC leader, mostly cheerleading for the Games, and never becoming mired in specific athletes or countries..... That's part of the reason they are picked, but the most important reason is that the IOC (and past and current presidents) like to be seen with "royalty" surrounding them, and keeping the IOC well above the mobs.
  3. The IOC will NEVER agree to have them run at the same time as the OG. NEVER.
  4. Even if this were a good idea, the IOC wouldn't do it. Philosophically, it doesn't fit with the OG. Not a good idea because would take too long (now 3 weekends & 2 weeks in between), would be almost impossible to get volunteers to run them, high cost (now, they have 2 budgets for the OG and the Paralympics), not enough support for ParaLympics in the IOC member nations (athletes with disabilities are not given opportunities to train and/or compete in many countries)....
  5. One of the very important reasons for having bid books is that it forces Host Cities to do some work, and not just fritter away the time till they realize that the games are upon them. The books force cities to evaluate what they have (in the light of IF requirements and IOC requirements) and begin to lay out a plan to meet the requirements.
  6. Diana

    Toronto 2015

    Softball (played only by women in the OG) and baseball (men) were dropped from the program. Women don't usually play baseball. Both groups have been lobbying to get back into the OG.
  7. Diana

    Toronto 2015

    Women's BASEBALL? Not likely! Softball, we hope!
  8. Diana

    I'm sorry but what the **** ?!

    Now I HAVE heard eveerything!!!
  9. Diana

    Toronto 2015

    Should have agreed to reno Ivor Wynne Stadium a long time ago. That is the best solution for PAG and for the Ticats.
  10. Diana

    15th Fina World Championships In 2013

    Yes, World Aquatics Championships in California.
  11. Diana

    Toronto 2015

    Not surprising that the track facility has been a topic of conversation. Football, both amateur and pro, don't like stadiums that have a track. Football fans/owners etc like to have the crowd close to the game. A track puts the fans too far away from the game they believe. Here in Kingston, the university (Queen's) has plans to renovate their stadium, without a track in it. Only an artificial turf field. Not surprisingly, the plans are on "hold" due to the gigantic cost and the other expansion of the university. Needless to say, the track people are not pleased, nor are many others. A stadium that hosts as few as 4 games a year, and soccer, is a strange use of money. But, to get back to the PAG....track really should be hosted in Toronto; I have thought that all along. Hamilton can build a much more useable stadium for football, soccer and field hockey, etc. With good programming, it can be used from dawn to dusk in the summer, and a lot of time in the shoulder seasons.
  12. Diana

    15th Fina World Championships In 2013

    Both Belgrade and Madrid have hosted them before. Should pick other cities........
  13. Diana

    15th Fina World Championships In 2013

    FINA has taken lessons from the EOC! Oops, maybe FINA thinks it IS the IOC!!! lol Sorry...meant IOC....wrong fingers. (I don't know how to correct an error like this, even moments after posting!)
  14. Diana

    Toronto 2015

    Let's hope not! :-)
  15. Diana

    Vuvuzela poll

    FIFA was asked to ban them, but refused, saying that they are part of the culture of SA. Sometimes I can barely hear the announcer/play-by-play. I too would rather have the crowd's cheering than the vuvuzelas. And, I've never seen one in Canada (let alone heard one!).