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  1. The IOC will NEVER agree to have them run at the same time as the OG. NEVER.
  2. Even if this were a good idea, the IOC wouldn't do it. Philosophically, it doesn't fit with the OG. Not a good idea because would take too long (now 3 weekends & 2 weeks in between), would be almost impossible to get volunteers to run them, high cost (now, they have 2 budgets for the OG and the Paralympics), not enough support for ParaLympics in the IOC member nations (athletes with disabilities are not given opportunities to train and/or compete in many countries)....
  3. Softball (played only by women in the OG) and baseball (men) were dropped from the program. Women don't usually play baseball. Both groups have been lobbying to get back into the OG.
  4. Women's BASEBALL? Not likely! Softball, we hope!
  5. Should have agreed to reno Ivor Wynne Stadium a long time ago. That is the best solution for PAG and for the Ticats.
  6. Not surprising that the track facility has been a topic of conversation. Football, both amateur and pro, don't like stadiums that have a track. Football fans/owners etc like to have the crowd close to the game. A track puts the fans too far away from the game they believe. Here in Kingston, the university (Queen's) has plans to renovate their stadium, without a track in it. Only an artificial turf field. Not surprisingly, the plans are on "hold" due to the gigantic cost and the other expansion of the university. Needless to say, the track people are not pleased, nor are many others. A stadium that hosts as few as 4 games a year, and soccer, is a strange use of money. But, to get back to the PAG....track really should be hosted in Toronto; I have thought that all along. Hamilton can build a much more useable stadium for football, soccer and field hockey, etc. With good programming, it can be used from dawn to dusk in the summer, and a lot of time in the shoulder seasons.
  7. Not only is the location an issue, but what is included in the staduim will soon become an issue. Football teams (as in Canadian football, not what we Canadians call soccer!) do NOT like to play in stadiums that have a track around the playing surface, between the fans and the football players. That's why the suggestion to have track & Field at U of Toronto, in their new facilities, and build a football stadium (that can also be used for soccer, field hockey, rugby etc) in Hamilton is a good one. Then, the location can be more to the 'Cats liking. Mr Fenn is going to have a tough time finding common ground between the 'Cats and the city of Hamilton. I still think its retarded having track an hour away from the athletes village. I would have built a venue at York University instead. Hasn't the phrse "retarded" in this context, gone out of favour?
  8. I've encounered Speedsk8ter on another forum/response place on the internet. Always complaining. Nothing's ever ok.
  9. This is a very good decision. Ken will do an excellent job for Canada.
  10. Blatter is saying the same thing that Rogge says: "xyz is a fine city." That is usually taken as positive support, but it really is merely a response, and is BS. He has to say something, and to say "What a stupid idea!" doesn't get him any votes/support!
  11. I collect pins too. When I see a pin on eBay, I always ask the seller what is on the back of the pin. The seller can certainly lie about what's on the back, so it's not a foolproof way of checking ligitimate pins. But, a serious collector will know, or be able to find out, who made a particular pin (especially for recent games). You should do this before you bid on any pin on eBay, or know who the ligit sellers are. There are so many ligit pin collectors around that a newbie can ask someone who knows, if a particular pin is a fake (read "Made in China" here). The lesson: ask someone who knows.
  12. Take a look at the comments under the article. I think some people get up "grumpy" every morning!
  13. No way! Gotta wait till some team loses a few games!
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