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  1. Yes of course the ice would melt. So you have to refridgerate the ice. Or else install a very expensive coolant system to bring the air temperature in the dome to minus 5 degrees. They may have to do this anyways to cool the air with that 4000 degree Olympic Flame burning inside
  2. In order to have ice on the floor of BC Place you'd have to have refridgeration units underneath the concrete floor to keep the floor temperature below freezing. Not practical. Just build a temporary ice rink like they did at Commonwealth and put it inside the dome surrounded by seats. You'd have 60,000 for sure
  3. Well they had the Winter Classic at Edmonton's Commonwealth Stadium but they have a drainage system underneath the grass. Mind you it was minus twenty degrees so the drainage issue seems a moot point as everything would be frozen anyways. However you could build a skate rink and have a refridgeration and drainage ststem underneath the ice surface but not necessarily underneath the concrete floor
  4. They've had Curling tournaments inside BC Place so it can be done
  5. A cop had his leg broken during a melee in Surrey with Canucks fans
  6. will all these security people be using the pool? skinny dipping?
  7. It has to do with the Olympics cause someone thinks that way. I suggest having all remaining home games inside BC Place with 60,000
  8. They should play games inside BC Place to test the Roof
  9. Mars Water Bombers wouldn't be able to dump a sufficient amount of water. Fireboats would be best. Where's the Olympic Flame going to end up? They were talking about a 300 foot high cauldron that could be seen for 60 miles
  10. The cruise ships will be stationed in False Creek in front of BC Place Stadium. There will also be several Fireboats in False Creek on standby in case the Roof on BC Place should explode and catch fire due to the Olympic Flame
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