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  1. Have you thought of the possibility that they try to light the cauldron during the ceremony... and it doesn't light?
  2. what I can't understand is I thought it was a German company that was building the Retractable Roof. Those Germans must think us Canadians are a bunch of IDIOTS lighting a huge Flame like that inside a pressurized dome
  3. twiddledi twiddleda http://www.news1130.com/news/local/more.js...603_193225_6916 VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) - Even though the contract hasn't been awarded yet, the B.C. Federation of Labour is sounding the alarm over the new retractable roof proposed for BC Place Stadium. Federation president Jim Sinclair says PavCo (operators of BC Place) needs to do the right thing and choose a local company for the project. There are four companies on the short list for the $365 million project, including one from Ontario and one from Quebec. Sinclair says during this recession, keeping B.C. workers on the job is key. "That would keep over 150 people working. That's over $12 million in payroll on direct jobs, it means that those companies can stay viable, and that money that comes out of our pockets as taxpayers, is going right back into our economy." The winning bid is expected to be announced in 3 to 5 weeks
  4. Did it occur to you that if a panel bursts that all the lights, speakers and rigging attached to that roof will come crashing down?
  5. okay well let's say the Roof deflates in 10 minutes. That's hardly enough time for panicked spectators to run through the concourses, stand in line at the merchandise counter to buy a BC Lions Cheerleaders poster and then gracefully exit the building before the Roof has come to a complete stop
  6. After the blowout the Roof collapsed in less than 2 minutes. That's not enough time for 60,000 people to leave their seats, run through the concourse, light a cigarette, have a coffee, and then exit
  7. The Workers Compensation Board has a number of issues with BC Place right now. Every infraction the WCB sees and management gets fined. At some point I expect the WCB to file an order to shut the stadium down and deem it unsafe.
  8. Of course you could make the flame so small that it could work and not cause any problems. How about a flame 6 inches high? Is that going to look good on NBC and International TV broadcasts around the world? Two billion people seeing a flame twice as long as your hand? That's how British Columbia should be represented? By a flame 12 inches high? If this Government hadn't had it's collective head up it's ass and had the Retractable Roof done BEFORE the Olympics rather than AFTER, we could have a Roof that opens and a huge bright Flame to show the world and be proud of. Not a flame 6 inches high just so it doesn't stress the roof. There's no doubt you can make the flame small enough that it doesn't create a problem. The issue is: we could've done better
  9. When you examine the design of the dome, one thing is apparent. The furthest point in the stadium from any point on the teflon roof is... drum roll please... the center of the floor. As you move to the extreme edges of the floor the distance between that point and a point directly above on the roof decreases. It's a result of the geometry of the dome. The highest point (the apex) is the center 200 feet up. Makes sense that the best, and ONLY, place to safely put a Flame is the center of the floor and close to floor level. Thus the hole.
  10. Meaning that such a flame would not be on a tower but rather at floor level. The key is to keep the heat source as far away from the teflon fabric as possible.
  11. I actually posed the question on skyscraperpage and got a bunch of half ass responses by people who have their heads up their asses
  12. drowninginair, your analysis is too symplistic. The heat generated by the flame is eminating from one point. The heat generated by 55,000 people is spread throughout the stadium. The heat from the flame will rise to the top of the dome and cause it to expand. So don't tell me that 55,000 people generate as much heat as a flame cauldron burning at 2000 degrees.
  13. Look! Mr. X / X2 / Nitronuts thinks I've destroyed this forum! "Originally Posted by jlousa It's nice to see this thread civil and not littered. You can't say the same for the 2010 section at GamesBids, it's almost as if he who must not be named dropped a bomb in there...his latest topic: http://www.gamesbids.com/forums/inde...3&a...t=0&start=0 With no moderation, he has single handedly destroyed that forum." You can read more of Mr. X / X2 / Nitronut's nonsense here: http://forum.skyscraperpage.com/showthread...228&page=38
  14. Note the temperature this gas burns at (2010!!!) : MAPP gas Methylacetylene (C3H4) air: 2,010 C / 3,650 F
  15. Adiabatic flame temperature (constant volume) of common gases Fuel Oxidizer Tad (°C) Tad (°F) Acetylene (C2H2) air: 2,500 C / 4,532 F Oxygen: 3,100 C / 5,612 F Butane (C4H10) air: 1,970 C / 3,578 F Butane (C4H10) Oxygen: 2,718 C / 4,925 F Hydrogen (H2) air: 2,210 C / 4,010 C Hydrogen (H2) Oxygen: 3,200 C / 5,792 F Methane (CH4) air: 1,950 C / 3,542 F Natural gas air: ~1,950 C / ~3,542 F Propane (C3H8) air: 1,980 C / 3,596 F Propane (C3H8) Oxygen: 2,526 C / 4,579 F MAPP gas Methylacetylene (C3H4) air: 2,010 C / 3,650 F MAPP gas Methylacetylene (C3H4) Oxygen: 2,927 C / 5,301 F BBBBBBBBBBBBBBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!
  16. They've dug a gasline under the concrete floor to the floor center. It's going to be a steel - glass flame tower. You don't need a gasline for a holographic projector. Stop trying to deny the inevitable. Funny how JLousa never comes on here. We never hear from Orangevest either. I'm still owed a nice big juicy steak for winning the roof bet.
  17. Temperatures inside an atomic explosion fireball can reach several million degrees. So now that you all seem to agree with me that the cauldron will be burning at at least 2000 degrees, someone explain how a teflon roof will be able to sustain that sort of pressure when it couldn't handle the pressure of high winds?
  18. At what temperature will the flame burn? 5000 degrees?
  19. What is the formula for calculating the volume of air under that dome?
  20. Heat up a full balloon and state what the end result was
  21. I've got Breaking news from NBC that the hole is not 20 feet deep but is rather 19 feet 8 inches deep. The hole will house a trap door and elevator that will carry Taylor Swift and Ashlee Simpson to the floor to light a tiny cauldron 6 inches high. After the tiny 6 inch cauldron is lit the trap door will open and Ashlee and Taylor will fall right into a waiting limousine below that will wisk them up to Whistler. It should be great.
  22. now we've got North Korea firing cruise missiles and setting off nuclear bombs
  23. Unfortunately, Bob Mackin is one of the best reporters in the City and his sources are accurate in this case. A gas pipeline is being built underneath the stadium floor to the floor's center.
  24. A 20 feet deep hole would indicate a strong foundation necessary for a tall tower meaning the flame will be lapping close to the teflon roof. They're not going to dig a 20 foot deep foundation for a tower only 5 feet tall. What the hell are these people up to? Are they crazy? Even at 1000 degrees, they'll be tremendous heat going up to the top of that teflon roof
  25. Water cooled cauldron? What the hell are they going to have high pressure water hoses splashing water against the sides to keep the glass from shattering?
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