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  1. Between 4 and 8 a.m. it'll be so dark outside the camera will hardly pick out anything except distant city lights. Think back to last February and how dark it was at 8 a.m. Does the Today show have a special West Coast feed for West coast affiliates like Seattle's KING 5?
  2. The dome won't come down till after the Olympics which means the BC Lions will be playing elsewhere next season
  3. Good idea. All the air would rush through the opening and the roof would deflate. Would look great on NBC's Today show the day after the roof comes down: Matt Lauer: Hi this is Matt Lauer of NBC's Today Show live from Grouse Mountain. It appears there's a problem with the Stadium in Vancouver where the Opening Ceremonies are being held. We've got a great view up here on Grouse Mountain so I'll just ask the cameraman to pan over to the Stadium. And.... where's the roof?
  4. NBC Today show to broadcast Live from Grouse Mountain during the 2010 Games. Be interesting to see Matt Lauer interviewing the two grizzly bears up there Grinder and Coola though most likely they'll be sleeping in the den then: http://www.vancouversun.com/Today+show+bro...5207/story.html
  5. Right now they're dismantling the Ring beam which connects the roof fabric to the concrete rim
  6. I guess they want to make sure they have the right personnel for the Flame test: The roof control room at Vancouver's Olympic stadium is undergoing a shakeup, 24 hours has learned. B.C. Place Stadium workers were told July 7 that staff who double as operators of the air-supported roof and security guards must choose between the duties by early August. The reorganization will result in four full-time roof controllers and four-full-time security guards. Workers are also offered transfers to another department or severance of one month's pay for each year worked, up to 18 months. WorkSafeBC cited stadium operator B.C. Pavilion Corporation on April 9 because roof control workers were not properly trained. B.C. Place is seeking an internal replacement after the June 25 firing of control room supervisor Bob Maveety. The roof ripped and collapsed under snow on Jan. 5, 2007 and will be replaced after the 2010 Winter Olympics by a retractable system as part of a $365 million renovation. The memo said "intensive training" on the existing roof would occur, though roof control jobs will evolve when renovations are finished in 2011. "It is extremely important that the integrity of the existing roof be maintained until that time," the memo said. General manager Howard Crosley did not return phone calls. http://vancouver.24hrs.ca/News/local/2009/...135766-sun.html Howard Crosley never returns anyones phone calls. OrangeVest would know why. He spent an hour and a half chatting it up with him at the Open House.
  7. I'll tell you why you're all idiots. What's the difference in speed timings between Calgary's ice and Richmond's ice due to this "altitude" theory? A millionth of a second? A thousandth of a second? You make it sound like there's a difference of hours and hours in speed timings between Richmond and Calgary. That's not the case at all. True Calgary is at 3400 feet and Richmond is at sea level and Calgary's altitude might make their ice a tiny bit faster due to drier air and lower humidity by virtue of altitude. So you're saying a few millionths of a second in speed is justification on taking it to Calgary? They already knew years ago that Calgary's ice was faster. Why make a grandiose announcement now? They could've announced all this a year ago? Instead they play everyone along for at least a year thinking it'll be in Vancouver, then give this grandiose excuse it has to do with construction dust. If they're so convinced Calgary's ice is faster and that's the reason to go with Calgary, why not say so in the press release and be honest instead of giving us "dust" crapp?
  8. Okay and VANOC didn't know this ahead of time? Why do they schedule it for Richmond and then reschedule for Calgary? It was originally scheduled for the Olympic Oval. Are you suggesting they didn't know this work was / wasn't going to happen? Then VANOC should get their heads out of their asses. This is worse than the Olympic Flame burning up BC Place. Yes. Idiots. Total idiots
  9. They're moving the Flame Cauldron tower to McMahon Stadium in Calgary. That's a smart move. At least in the open air there's no Roof that will blow up
  10. Mr X you're an even bigger idiot. How the hell do they screw up a big thing like this? This is a monumental embarrassment. Yes I realize they've been doing some practices in Richmond. I've seen them. I don't have my head up my ass like you and "Jim Jones" do
  11. Jim, you're an idiot. They were originally planned to be here since that's where the athletes will be competing during the Games. What the hell good is your theory of faster ice in Calgary when the Olympics are here at sea level? Were you at teh Opening Ceremonies? The building was supposed to be ready then. Interesting the press release comes out on a Friday so that everyone will forget by Monday. Hell they're not supposed to cancel a huge event like that because of "finishing touches". They're trying to save money. Big deal.
  12. What a F'n joke. They spend $ 200 million on the Speed Skating Oval and now they give a lame excuse that the "building isn't finished yet" and that's justification for moving the Championships to Calgary. The damn athletes were supposed to train there!!! The real reason is cost cutting! And Mabey the Roof isn't safe!! http://www.news1130.com/news/local/more.js...807_101735_8036
  13. Recession or not, the contractor should spend whatever money it takes to get the Retractable Roof done in time for the Olympics. That way the Roof can be opened and the Cauldron tower can be raised and the Flame will be visible from the U.S. border
  14. When are we hearing the announcement of the winning bidder for construction of the Retractable Roof? There was talk it will be a company from Ontario, possibly Dominion Construction. Or is the "Recession" going to convince the Government to scuttle the project?
  15. Well Mr. X / X2 / Nitronuts you've apparently, according to your ramblings on Skyscraperpage, been selected as a Ceremonies Volunteer. So I guess you know more that we do right? So why do you create a separate thread to deflect attention away from the real issue? Hey there's a Lions - Stamps game this Friday night. Why don't you drop by the BC Place Sauna and check out the stained roof and take some pics. With this heat wave, I hear they're expecting the temperature to be 90 to 95 degrees inside
  16. All fish do not live on land. Some turtles live in the water. Therefore some turtles are not fish
  17. we got a bunch of clowns running this Olympics. If they had've had the Retractable Roof on in time, we wouldn't be worrying about whether "Bombardier" will be successful in lighting a 4000 degree flame inside BC Place without the Roof bursting. Instead, it's all being left to last minute Fearless Engineering and it's all very secretive and no one's talking. Fact: This has never been done before inside a packed stadium with 2 billion watching on tv
  18. 4000 degree flame inside a pressurized atmosphere that has to keep the roof from collapsing: I hear that they're replacing all 60,000 blue seats with pink seats: The seating areas are still a filthy mess: You'd think by now they would've cleaned up the damn Stadium. It's still a filthy mess and the roof is still stained. It looks disgusting. To think that Barack Obama or the Vice President will have to see what an ugly mess BC Place is. This is the sort of ugly tower they should build beside ugly filthy BC Place (this hotel tower is in North Korea):
  19. Canucks are off for two weeks during the Olympics to keep an eye of the BC Place Roof: http://www.nhl.com/schedules/20092010.html?navid=NAV|SCH|Sea http://www.news1130.com/more.jsp?content=2...715_151808_6012
  20. so Mr. X, why are the BC Lions on a 4 game losing slide? It has a lot to do with the Roof
  21. A puck shaped like a ball; a sphere. Only a tiny portion of the puck ball's surface area will touch the ice; less friction means it travels faster and makes for a faster game. Now hold a cigarette lighter underneath a balloon and tell me what happens
  22. I think for 2010 they should play with a round puck; it will travel faster and make for a faster game
  23. How stupid to spend A Billion Dollars on Security! They should be spending the One Billion Dollars on getting a proper roof on BC Place in time instead of playing games with a tattered dome that could rip at any time
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