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  1. A Natural Gas pipeline has been dug underneath the concrete floor in the east end zone section 227
  2. yeah I know, construction in Vancouver stops whenever it rains a bit where do you live, Africa?
  3. The Olympic Flame inside BC Place will be fueled by Natural Gas which I believe burns at 2000 degrees. A natural gas pipeline has been dug in the East End Zone under Sec 227: http://vancouver.24hrs.ca/News/local/2009/...692696-sun.html B.C. Place gets overhaul The B.C. Lions won't play another home game in B.C. Place Stadium until it reopens in 2011 after a half-billion-dollar overhaul. The dome will be Vancouver's Olympic stadium for opening, closing and nightly medals ceremonies. From Feb. 12-28, the Olympic flame will burn in a top-secret cauldron beneath the air-supported, fabric roof, which was inflated on Nov. 14, 1982. In May, crews dug and covered a 20-foot shaft in the centre of the stadium's floor. Sources said it was for a hydraulic lift and cauldron. A fuel pipe to feed the flame for 17 days was recently installed in the east end zone by section 227.
  4. Just to give some you out of towners an idea of what it may look like: http://football.ballparks.com/CFL/BC/oldindex.htm
  5. well I'm hoping it could be a secondary venue to BC Place for smaller concerts and parties
  6. Pavco has issued a call for tender on construction of a 32,000 seat temporary stadium to house the Lions and Whitecaps while BC Place is closed for construction. There must be a company out there that could get this stadium ready by the Olympics. Or is the Hastings Bowl field going to be used for parking in February? It would be fantastic to have this stadium ready by the Olympics. It could house additional concerts and support the Flame in a safe manner. How long did it take for 30,000 temporary seats to be installed for the Commonwealth Games in Victoria in 1994? BC Pavilion Corporation Temporary Stadium Grandstand Seating For more information contact: Request for Proposal Pavco, the crown corporation responsible for BC Place, is seeking proposals for the construction of temporary grandstands to facilitate the formation of a stadium suitable for the playing of Canadian football or soccer. Specific requirements are: - Capacity of 30,000 to 32,000 with at least 75% of the seats covered - Individual and seating preferred (to at least 85% of capacity) - Other facilities required include: - 24 private boxes - Media facilities (press box) - Broadcast boxes The location in the Greater Vancouver area is to be determined. Facilities which may be included in the proposal or which may be provided under other contracts include: - Washrooms - Concessions - Stadium lighting - Scoreboards and video boards - Sound The proposal must be priced by item i.e. seating, roof, lighting, etc. Address all proposals to:
  7. There are still no contigency plans for the Olympic Flame inside the BC Place dome. The air supported roof is not designed to handle the heat stress from a 2000 degree flame.
  8. whereabouts at Canada Place will the Cauldron be?
  9. so when are you buying me my steak Mr. JLousa? you could do so at tonight's U2 concert. There's a Players Restaurant right beside BC Place
  10. Nice to see NBC pushing Vancouver 2010 cause they certainly aren't doing the same for Jay Leno! NBC set to begin push for Vancouver Olympics By EDDIE PELLS, AP National Writer Mon Oct 26 Making the U.S. Winter Olympic team is no clear-cut deal. Most athletes earn their spots not at Olympic trials, but based on their performances during World Cup events in the months leading up to the Games. NBC and its Olympic cable partner, Universal Sports, will bring an unprecedented amount of that action to American viewers — and try to explain what it all means — over the 100 days leading to the Vancouver Games. NBC and Universal will mark the 100-day milestone on Nov. 4 by saturating programming with Olympic guests, commercials and a one-minute promotional spot for the Olympics across all NBC Universal networks at the start of prime time. From there, NBC, Universal Sports and Universalsports.com plan 1250 hours of coverage of Olympic sports leading to the Winter Games. "We're excited, essentially for the first time as an Olympic broadcaster, to be able to present Olympic athletes and events as they prepare and compete up to the Winter Olympics," NBC Olympics president Gary Zenkel said. While spots in the Summer Games are largely distributed through Olympic trials, many "regular-season" events during the winter are used as Olympic qualifiers. It's a complicated process — different for every sport — which is one reason Universal will have a prime-time studio show, debuting Nov. 4, and airing nightly beginning Dec. 1. The length of the show and the hosts have not yet been determined, but the show will provide features, news, and plenty of updates on how the U.S. rosters are shaping up. "It's confusing," Zenkel said. "A byproduct and benefit of the rollout of this coverage is it gives us an opportunity on a daily basis to put the competition in context for those who are very focused on the Winter Olympics." This is the NBC-Universal team's biggest pre-Olympic push of this kind, possible because of the partnership forged between the two networks shortly before the Beijing Olympics began in 2008. Some also may view it as another salvo in a fight NBC seems to have already won — the rift between the network and the U.S. Olympic Committee, which has delayed previously announced plans to start its own Olympic sports network. NBC's point — being hammered home with this announcement — is that almost everything Olympics fans would want to watch can already be seen on its networks. The networks will air figure skating, alpine, cross country and freestyle skiing, snowboarding, speedskating, bobsled, skeleton and luge, ski jumping and others. "One way to look at it is, it's the regular season of winter sports," Zenkel said. "For the first time ever, this all happens and is accessible to the American public. It's great for Universal Sports."
  11. Let's get something straight here. Had Canucks owner Francesco Aquilini NOT expressed interest in buying parcels of land around BC Place, there would be no deal. Aquilini has saved BC Place
  12. There will indeed be an Olympic Cauldron inside BC Place. Thus the reason for the 20 foot deep pit they've dug at center field. Unless it's being used as a trap door for opposing players during the Western Final (?)
  13. well since you've got all the answers Mr. X / X2 / Nitronuts: when is JLousa buying me my steak? I want a nice juicy one. The Keg on Dunsmuir would be a good location. Then I can enjoy myself upstairs at The Swedish Touch
  14. News conference at 9:30 regarding BC Place Stadium. Retractable Roof approved at a cost of Half a billion dollars. That is f'n crazy. Talk about another Olympic Stadium debacle
  15. Then if you don't wish to partake in this discussion, don't reply to this thread. Better still, **** off
  16. The flame lighting inside an unventilated BC Place could be a hot and smelly affair and I believe hazardous. Unlike an outdoor lighting, with insufficient air flow inside a domed stadium the flame may not light: http://ca.news.yahoo.com/s/capress/091021/..._torch_ceremony
  17. The Ring beam has been dismantled in preparation for a new roof so the Snowmelt system had to be bypassed. The Snowmelt system involves blowing super heated steam in between the roof linings to melt snow accumulation. The roof is not designed for any snow load. Those pipes serve as conduits for steam in case snow falls on the roof and they have to activate the Snowmelt system,
  18. well nothing wrong with lighting a fire under people to get things done faster. Are we still having nightly fireworks off of the Roof of BC Place? Or has that been cancelled too?
  19. Only about a dozen people were riding the train this morning. At 9 a.m. I was the only person on the whole train
  20. Boost to tourism my ass. See many Americans downtown? Passport requirements, economy falling apart, threats of terrorism... Americans are staying away. Having a bunch of skiers flying through the air here for a couple of weeks isn't gonna change that reality
  21. If you have glasses, have a look at the shape of the lens. One side is convex in shape, the other side is concave. The Stadium's roof is held up by positive pressure, meaning the roof is convex in shape. When deflated, it is concave in shape. When deflated, all rainwater will collect in the center and the drain holes will have to be opened to let rain water drain off the roof and fall to the concrete floor. This is precisely the purpose of the drain holes in the roof fabric, in case of such an emergency failure during heavy rain or snow. This is exactly what happened during the last roof failure. Unfortunately it was winter, and it's been known to rain pretty heavy in Vancouver during winter. It was not a pretty scene watching the floor and concourses being flooded with rain water. Any sort of work that has to be done to the exterior roof panels in anticipation of 2010 that would necessitate the roof being deflated would have to happen during the dry summer months. Summer's over folks. The fire's gonna be lit inside the dome, and it'll have to be a pretty small and cool temperature one, likely methane.
  22. yeah it should be wild I'll be riding wearing my Orange Vest, and hopefully YellowVest will show up too wearing Yellow
  23. Are you sure the Today show will be 4 a.m. to 8 a.m. here? Cause when I was live at 30 Rock in New York watching the Today show live, the show was 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. there, therefore 4 - 7 a.m. here. Even at 7 a.m. at that time of year it'll still be too dark for viewers to see the city. Probably planning a one hour extension since NBC will be wall to wall with coverage anyways...
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