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  1. It should be saying "Welcome to The Swedish Touch" with pics of the models below
  2. anyone that would waste so much of their life posting 20,000 times on here is a bit crazy too JLousa no doubt banned you on skyscraperpage once he realized you posted almost 20,000 times on here
  3. Here is a link to a Secret Report to the BC Government requesting a 25 million BTU gas line to the center of the floor: http://vancouver.24hrs.ca/News/local/2010/01/03/DAEP.pdf Highlights: A10) Cauldron Gas Pipeline and Supply (Managed and Contractred by PAVCO) a) "Supply Pipeline and Supply Supply and install a new 25 million BTU 2 psi gas pipeline including meter upgrade, pipework to center of FOP as required Cauldron Permits and Approvals Help acquire all permits, licenses, documentation, approvals and certification as required for the installation." Too bad Mr. X is banned from Skyscraperpage. He could reveal this to the world. 25 million BTUs of gas entering BC Place. That's a lot of fuel to go wrong. The Flame is burning in the dome. It's official. Done deal. Get ready for hell on earth
  4. no I'm not a sicko at all. I just tell it like it is and most of you don't want to deal with reality. The truth will be revealed in the papers in the very near future
  5. If Mr. X does continue here, I predict a 50 / 50 chance he'll post a pic without credit and get banned
  6. show us some pics of the Flame in that RCA Dome in 1987. I don't believe you
  7. Wrong direction Mr. X. The salt building and the Cauldron tower are on the other side of the Cambie bridge which is flater. The shot there is of the Hospital which is around the 1000 block of Broadway. Yes there's a hill there, climbed it many times. The Salt building and Cauldron tower are way to the east closer to Science World and that area is in the flats. Right behind that Salt building is City TV on West 2nd. That area is in the flats. I will take pics tommorow
  8. Of course my predictions of BC Place's roof exploding haven't come true yet... cause the damn Flame hasn't been lit yet! you are inane
  9. Yes it is. First this Mr. X dude attacked me when I propositioned that the Shangri La tower had 62 floors. Him and JLousa and a few others ganged up on me and tried to convince me it was 61 floors. In the end, I was right. It's 62 floors. Then Mr. X jumped on my back about the Olympic Flame burning a hole through the teflon dome of BC Place. What goes around comes around. Mr. X had this coming for a while now. And I still am owed a nice juicy steak from Mr. JLousa for winning the Roof bet. No steak yet
  11. Hey you're in New York so don't pretend you know the landscape here. There are no hills in that area.
  12. Breaking News: Mr. X / X2 / Nitronuts Suspended at SkyscraperPage. I told you the 4000 degree Flame would blow up the BC Place roof
  13. Yes likely the cauldron will rise out of the floor of BC Place. That's why they dug the 20 foot deep pit in the center, right? This isn't rocket science folks. We're not reinventing the wheel here. Then when the flame is lit, minutes later you'll hear an enormous BOOM echo over Vancouver
  14. That pic is not at Whistler and it's not False Creek either. Note the hill in the background. False Creek is flat.
  15. That pic you posted is of the outdoor broadcast studio. There is no cauldron being built at the Convention Center. The one being built inside BC Place will blow up the roof
  18. They're obviously planning something risky. The entire BC Place is now cordoned off with fences to keep the public out and the BC Sports Hall of Fame has covered up their interior windows with planks so you can't see what's going on the Stadium floor
  19. It doesn't have to be a catastrophic explosion. The heat from the flame will cause the roof to expand, then tear and a small air leak will cause the roof to deflate. Stadium staff will turn on more fans to keep the pressure equilibrium and keep the roof from deflating. The tear will get bigger. More fans get turned on, now blowing full blast. Then the tear rips wide open
  20. yeah Mr. X you clown if you really think that I ruined this forum, then you really are an idiot. Like most of your buddies there at UBC
  21. Shutup Mr. X, you're an idiot. And you can tell that JLousa clown on SSC that he can forget the roof bet and take his steak and shove up his ass. There's a big storm blowing in Vancouver tonight; the stadium roof is at risk.
  22. BC Place's teflon dome will be deflated for roof work prior to the Olympics. Speakers and lights will all be replaced as will several teflon panels replaced with transparent panels that can be seen through so that the Flame can be seen from outside.
  23. For God's sakes, believe me, you cannot burn a 2000 degree flame inside a pressurized atmosphere
  24. The Olympic Flame inside BC Place will be fueled by Natural Gas which I believe burns at 2000 degrees. A natural gas pipeline has been dug in the East End Zone under Sec 227: http://vancouver.24hrs.ca/News/local/2009/...692696-sun.html B.C. Place gets overhaul The B.C. Lions won't play another home game in B.C. Place Stadium until it reopens in 2011 after a half-billion-dollar overhaul. The dome will be Vancouver's Olympic stadium for opening, closing and nightly medals ceremonies. From Feb. 12-28, the Olympic flame will burn in a top-secret cauldron beneath the air-supported, fabric roof, which was inflated on Nov. 14, 1982. In May, crews dug and covered a 20-foot shaft in the centre of the stadium's floor. Sources said it was for a hydraulic lift and cauldron. A fuel pipe to feed the flame for 17 days was recently installed in the east end zone by section 227.
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