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  1. great news to hear.. i gotta have one of those
  2. this is the list that i've searched in the net: Belgium Belarus Canada China Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Finland France Georgia Germany Ghana Great Britain India Iran Israel Italy Japan Kazakhstan Latvia Lithuania Norway Poland Russia Slovenia Slovakia South Korea Spain Switzerland Sweden Turkey United States Ukraine
  3. i heard that queen elizabeth II will host the winter games this 2010..
  4. I really hope the upcoming winter games' ceremony will be a success.
  5. It's seems that the residents of vancouver were scared about this happening. some innocent people were killed, i hope in the upcoming winter games this will not affect the flow of the event.
  6. I think the opening ceremony will be quite of an snow and ice show but the closing ceremony i think will not be related to snow...IMO
  7. Some of the countries to compete in the winter games are preparing their players for the said event. Some don't let their key players to play on local events for their players to have more preparations on the olympics.
  8. Quite numerous number of guards to have in such prestigious gaming event in the world. The players will be really secured.
  9. It's a great honor to have Queen Elizabeth II as a host in the upcoming winter games in canada.
  10. I've heard that canada, south korea and austria were leading the winter olympics bidding.. i bet their players were trained very well in the best Ski and Snowboard resorts in the US and canada like the one in lake tahoe,.Unprecedented mountain, unbelievable 09-10’ season pass pricing from Alpine meadows in Lake Tahoe. Get your midweek + sunday adult pass for just $299 or rock the slightly filtered Alpine and Homewood seven day pass for $429. There are other steeply discounted options too so find the pass that fits. If you don’t want to pay now, no worries, financing is available. Lock in the savings now and pay later. Check out all the passes here. Hurry, these deals are only valid unit May 31st!
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