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  1. Article (in Spanish) about Tokyo 2020, Mizuno and the Code of Ethics: http://olimpismo2007.blogspot.com.es/2013/08/tokio-2020-y-mizuno.html
  2. a serious mistake for an ISOH member
  3. the spanish members are: Samaranch Jr., Marisol Casado and José Perurena. Pilar de Borbón is out
  4. Nadal-Gonzalez in the final after an incredible match Nadal-Djokovic.Bravo Rafa!
  5. jajajaja,funny.more than 22 medals (Barcelona 92) is our objective...
  6. Bravo Samuel Sanchez!!! Gold for Spain
  7. beach soccer? I think that futsal in a more serious option...
  8. Spain has chances to win medals in: AQUATICS (Synchronizced):Gemma Mengual and Andrea Fuentes (Duo) ATHLETICS: Paquillo Fernandez (Walk 20km), Juan Carlos Higuero (1500 m), Marta Dominguez (3000m steeplechase) BASKETBALL :Men CANOE/KAYAK: David Cal (C1 500m,C1 1000m) CYCLING:José Antonio Hermida (Cross Country), Marga Fullana (cross country), Oscar Freire (road),Joan Llaneras (40 km) GYMNASTICS: Gervasio Deffer HANDBALL: Men HOCKEY: Men and women TAEKWONDO: Juan Antonio Ramos (-58 kg) TENNIS: Rafael Nadal. TRIATLON: Javier Gomez Noya SAILING: Natalia Vía-Dufresne + Laia Tutzó (470)
  9. por que se consideró que era la que más opciones tenía.también por cuestiones políticas. aunque esté feo autocitarse,en mi blog lo expliqué: http://olimpismo2007.blogspot.com/2007/12/...spaolas-vi.html
  10. yes,Madrid expressed interest.in fact,four spanish cities wanted the 1992 games:Barcelona and Madrid the SOG and Jaca and Granada the WOG.
  11. Barcelona perhaps is too little for host a SOG in the future.
  12. Barcelona wants the games since 1920 (1924,1936,1940).Madrid was the choice of the Spanish NOC and government (Franco) in 1972.
  13. men´s Q. in Athens women´s Q. in Madrid
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