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  1. Article (in Spanish) about Tokyo 2020, Mizuno and the Code of Ethics: http://olimpismo2007.blogspot.com.es/2013/08/tokio-2020-y-mizuno.html
  2. Today in Marca (Spanish sport newspaper) the Lusail Stadium and the Olympic Charter: http://olimpismo2007.blogspot.com/2012/02/el-estadio-movil-de-doha-2020-en-marca.html
  3. Sorry, but is not clear. The rules are the same for all and can´t be twisted. Is not serious that the Lusail Stadium was in Al Daayen for the WC bid and in Doha for the Olympic bid.
  4. Right, was a rhetorical question... The change of "location" is just a strategy that deserves comment...
  5. Tokyo´s example is worth because there is an administrative structure called Tokyo-to (Tokyo Metropolis o Tokyo Prefecture) with a goverment (Tokyo Metropolitan Government), is there something similar in the area of Doha? One question: -Why for the World Cup bid the Lusail Stadium was in Al Daayen and now is in Doha?
  6. Saint Denis is not in the city of Paris, but is in the "Paris aire urbaine" ("metropolitan area"): Paris, Hauts-de-Seine, Seine-Saint Denis and Val-de-Marne, that has administrative structure. Is there something similar in the area of Doha? But your are right, the Paris bid also had to be penalized for locating the ceremonies outside the city.
  7. "Winter Games in 2014. Report by the IOC Candidature Acceptance Working Group to the IOC Excecutive Board" 28.04.2006 Page 19: "The Jaca bid states that the Opening and Closing Ceremonies would take place in the city of Zaragoza. This is contrary to the Olympic Charter which requires that these ceremonies take place in the Host City" http://www.olympic.org/Documents/Reports/EN/en_report_1073.pdf Is the same case that Doha and the Lusail Stadium in Al Daayen...
  8. The Olympic Charter can be twisted?????? The Olympic Charter (34.1): "The Opening and Closing Ceremonies must take place in the host city itself" The Lusail Iconic Stadium is not in Doha municipality, is in Al Daayen, that is a big mistake and perhaps a big problem for Doha 2020...
  9. yes. is in Doha area, but is in Doha municipality? That is the question
  10. Is the Lusail Iconic Stadium in Doha or in Al Daayen? The Olympic Charter (34.1): "The Opening and Closing Ceremonies must take place in the host city itself" An article about this point (in spanish): http://olimpismo2007.blogspot.com/2012/02/juegos-olimpicos-2020-las-candidatas.html
  11. a serious mistake for an ISOH member
  12. the spanish members are: Samaranch Jr., Marisol Casado and José Perurena. Pilar de Borbón is out
  13. Nadal-Gonzalez in the final after an incredible match Nadal-Djokovic.Bravo Rafa!
  14. jajajaja,funny.more than 22 medals (Barcelona 92) is our objective...
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