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  1. As far as I know there wasn't even a bidding phase, the sports organizations simply decided that Oslo was the best candidate and decided to go ahead with it. Some people in Tromsø are not happy about that.
  2. Nothing is certain yet. What is happening is that the winter sports organizations in Norway have agreed that they want to apply for the 2022 Games and that Oslo should be the applicant city. But it's still very early and they don't have any government support or financial guarantees as of yet, so it's still possible that the bid might not happen at all. Besides, the public is pretty divided on the issue, especially in northern Norway, where many are bitter that Tromsø wasn't given a chance this time.
  3. Yes of course it will, seeing as winter sports is absolutely HUGE in Norway, but it's a lot more easy to draw large crowds in Oslo and the surrounding areas since eastern Norway is home to over 50% of the population and most people wouldn't have a very long way to travel to get to the venues.
  4. I don't think so. Not after the extremely successful Ski world championships that were held in Oslo this year, where the venues were sold out every single day, and 50.000 to 100.000 people attended the medal ceremonies in the Oslo city center every evening. I don't think Trondheim (or Tromsø, or any other city) could match that level of local enthusiasm. It was quite spectacular really.
  5. Well, after the success with the 2011 World Ski Championships in Oslo there seems to be a lot of interest to bid for the Winter games soon, and it seems like people are most interested in having Oslo be the bidding city. It's going to be interesting to see if it's only talk or if they are actually serious. The sports federations in Norway are interested at least, according to this article from NRK. (Unfortunately only in Norwegian)
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