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  1. GM Place already had its renovations. It got some new exterior and interior paint, new state-of-the-art scoreboards, etc. It doesn't need vast renovations like the Coliseum considering it was built in 1996 and is generally well kept by the Canucks.....while the Coliseum was built in the 1970's.

    The Pacific Coliseum was built in the 60s (1967), not the 70s. Also, are the renovations finished yet? And the first few rows of seating were removed to accommodate the international-size ice sheet.

  2. As far as the Bird's Nest goes, wouldn't it make sense for the soccer team Beijing Hyundai to move into the stadium and demolish the aging Workers Stadium?

    And what is Beijing going to do with all those brand new arenas such as the Wukesong Arena and the National Indoor Arena not to mention all the ones they built at local universities? It's not like they have NCAA basketball teams waiting to move in.

    It would make sense for a big soccer team to move into the National Stadium, but it would not make sense to demolish Workers Stadium.And with all the university gymnasiums I don't think we should start a Chinese version of the NCAA. Philippines already has their version of the US-based league.

  3. Will the three old buildings next to the Chaoyang Park Beach Volleyball Groungs be dismantled along with the main ground after the Olympics. A report said that there were three industrial buildings next to the Ground were upgraded to be part of the venue.

  4. Sorry nobody posted in this thread in months.

    Anyway, a new terminal at Indira Gandhi airport is being planned, the Delhi Metro is having six new stretches, and the government is planning to increase power production from 7,000 MW from the cuttent 5,400 MW to meet power demands.

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