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  1. I thought about this: What if Toronto considered binning for the 2030 Pan American Games instead of Hamilton? Toronto is hosting the 2015 Pan American Games, what if Toronto hosted a Commonwealth Games? By 2030, Ivor Wynne Stadium will have been replaced by a new stadium and be dead for a number of years. By 2015, they'll have enough venues for the CWG's (which may be an economy-sized version of the Summer Olympics and it's just for nations of the Commonwealth).
  2. Crap! I always end up confusing Adelaide with Auckland. That's Adelaide's Oval, that's Adelaide's 40-60K stadium, that should be Adelaide's Commonwealth Games bid. Curse my inability to edit posts to correct mistakes, only premium members do that.
  3. This thread hasn't seen a post in four years, but I decided to bring this matter forward. Something just came up on my mind and I think a redeveloped Adelaide Oval should be the main stadium for an Auckland Commonwealth Games. Auckland needs a 40-60K stadium if it wants to host a Commonwealth Games. Auckland also has a few other facilities, such as the Entertainment Centre, the Distinctive Homes Dome, and the Memorial Drive Tennis Centre. But I was thinking about letting Perth host the next Australian Commonwealth Games before Auckland does.
  4. The site where the Olympic Stadium and rowing course that were proposed as part of Toronto's 2008 bid may be encroached by several new condominium towers and that may interfere with any future Olympic bid.
  5. Even as several measures have been taken to reduce pollution, the Beijing Olympics were still considered the most polluted Games ever. Why that?
  6. The Olympic Curling Centre is supposed to be converted into a recreation centre after the Games, so are the stands in this arena temporary?
  7. The Richmond Olympic Oval is a LEED Silver certified building. Have there been any other Olympic venues that are LEED certified?
  8. The Pacific Coliseum was built in the 60s (1967), not the 70s. Also, are the renovations finished yet? And the first few rows of seating were removed to accommodate the international-size ice sheet.
  9. One of the venues for the Games, the Dhyan Chand Stadium, will organise the 2010 Men's Field Hockey World Cup from March 7-20. The stadium has apparently been demolished and had new stands built closer to the field.
  10. I don't know when the renovations to the Pacific Coliseum are gonna be finished. I haven't seen any recent photos of the progress.
  11. Delhi has a small number of hotel rooms. The city is planning to increase the number of hotel rooms for the upcoming Commonwealth Games. Some of them should be under construction.
  12. It would make sense for a big soccer team to move into the National Stadium, but it would not make sense to demolish Workers Stadium.And with all the university gymnasiums I don't think we should start a Chinese version of the NCAA. Philippines already has their version of the US-based league.
  13. If the shopping mall and hotel are ever built, should they be built inside of the stadium or at a nearby location?
  14. When are the renovations of BC Place gonna begin? I don't want the stadium renovations to remain unfinished during the Olympics. The works should last about 300 days.
  15. In the Games mode and the Post-Games mode renderings, it looks like all the seating in this oval will be temporary.
  16. If the Pacific Coliseum gets a renovation, then should the CH Place get a renovation for the Olympics as well?
  17. ^^How is Melbourne going to be the official backup host city? Backup host cities for multi-sport events smell.
  18. Any word on when they're gonna start dismantling the temporary Olympic venues?
  19. There will be a 5-kilometre long flyover road connecting the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium to the athletes village. It is to be built within 24 months.
  20. If a city can't use its own rail transit system during their hosting of the Olympic Games, then that would be messed up.
  21. In the United states, the Paralympics are being broadcast by the Universal Sports Television Network.
  22. Will the three old buildings next to the Chaoyang Park Beach Volleyball Groungs be dismantled along with the main ground after the Olympics. A report said that there were three industrial buildings next to the Ground were upgraded to be part of the venue.
  23. Sorry nobody posted in this thread in months. Anyway, a new terminal at Indira Gandhi airport is being planned, the Delhi Metro is having six new stretches, and the government is planning to increase power production from 7,000 MW from the cuttent 5,400 MW to meet power demands.
  24. At the Royal Artillery Barracks, there will be a temporary shooting hall. Olympic requirements say that a shooting hall and a clay target field are needed for competitions. Where are they going to put the Clay Target Field at?
  25. I recently saw a commercial for Budweiser saying that they're a proud sponsor of the US Olympic Team. Why should a beer company sponsor an Olympic Team?
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