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  1. Venue plan for a Summer Olympics in New York City Ceremonies: New Olympic Stadium Archery: new venue Diving: new venue Swimming: new venue Synchronised Swimming: new venue Water Polo: new venue Athletics: New Olympic Stadium Badminton: New Convention Centre Basketball: Brooklyn Arena - 18,000 Boxing: Nassau Coliseum - 17,500 Canoe/Kayak Sprint: New Flushing Meadows Rowing Basin Canoe/Kayak Slalom: undetermined venue BMX: Staten Island Mountain Biking: Staten Island Road Cycling: Staten island Track Cycling: new venue Equestrian: new venue Fencing: New Convention Centre Field Hockey: undetermined venue Football: Meadowlands Stadium - 82,566 Golf: undetermined venue Artistic Gymnastics: Madison Square Garden - 21,000 Rhythmic Gymnastics: Madison Square Garden - 21,000 Trampolining: Madison Square Garden - 21,000 Handball: Newark Arena - 18,500 Judo: New Convention Centre Modern Pentathlon: undetermined venue Rowing: New Flushing Meadows Rowing Basin Rugby 7s: undetermined venue Sailing: undetermined venue Shooting: new venue Table Tennis: New Convention Centre Taekwondo: New Convention Centre Tennis: USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center - 22,527, 10,200, 6,000 Triathlon: Central Park Beach Volleyball: new venue Indoor Volleyball: Meadowlands Arena - 20,000 Weightlifting: New Convention Centre Wrestling: New Convention Centre
  2. ^^Sorry, my "headquarters" hotels usually have a minimum of 500 rooms (or a minimum of 300 for the Youth Olympics).
  3. Boxing, Fencing, Judo, taekwondo, Table Tennis, Weightlifting, and Wrestling are all placced to take place at the ExCeL Exhibition Centre. The bid originnally proposed four sports halls inside the exhibition centre to accommodate the sports. Now, because Fencing events were moved there from the Olympic Park, a fifth sports hall (or possicly a sixth hall) may be needed. ExCeL recently had an expansion completed.
  4. Really? Because my initial choice was the Othon Palace at Copacabana before I recently switched to the Sheraton at Vidigal.
  5. Rio only has 4 hotels with over 500 rooms: Othon Palace - 588 Sheraton Rio - 559 Windsor Copacabana - 540 Hotel Nacional - 510 If I had a headquarters hotel during my visit to Rio for the games, it would be the Sheraton.
  6. So Rio is going to use all the hotels that they have, plus a few condominiums, about six cruise ships situated at the port, a media village, and a "village" in each cluster (except for Copacabana).
  7. The I guess RdJ is in trouble, then... A main stadium dispute means the 2016 Olympics will be a disaster.
  8. Ceremonies cannot happen at Mario Filho, sorry, but it was wrong of the IOC to approve of this idea.
  9. The Barra Cluster is a main venue cluster (or Olympic Park) without the main stadium, such an idea is original. I agree, there should be only one cauldron, and Joao Havelange Stadium will have that cauldron. The architectural style, or maybe its roof. may be more appropriate for Olympic Ceremonies than Maracana. And the soccer finals do not have to take place in the Olympic Stadium. Maracana hosts the ceremonies, and a curse may be put on any future Summer Olympic host cities (The Maracana Curse). I think Rio has an obsession with having a track-less stadium as the Olympic Stadium, the Mario Filho will never be an Olympic Stadium.
  10. I have slipped up on the Triathlon venue. It should have been Triathlon: new venue
  11. Ceremonies: Toronto National Stadium - 80,000 Archery: new venue Diving: new venue Swimming: new venue Synchronised Swimming: new venue Water Polo: new venue Athletics: Toronto National Stadium - 80,000 Badminton: National Trade Centre Basketball: Toronto Centre - 19,800 Boxing: CNE Coliseum Canoe/Kayak Sprint: Toronto Regatta Centre Canoe/Kayak Slalom: Twelve-Mile Creek, St. Catherines BMX: new venue Mountain Biking: Hardwood Hills Road Cycling: Downtown Toronto Track Cycling: new velodrome at National Trade Centre Equestrian: North Caledon Equestrian Centre Fencing: Metro Toronto Convention Centre Field Hockey: new venue Football: Toronto National Stadium - 80,000, National Soccer Stadium - 21,000, Hamilton Stadium - 40,000, Ottawa Stadium - 35,000, fourth venue to be determined Golf: undetermined venue Artistic Gymnastics: SkyDome - 60,000 Rhythmic Gymnastics: SkyDome - 60,000 Trampolining: SkyDome - 60,000 Handball: National Trade Centre Judo: Metro Toronto Convention Centre Modern Pentathlon: National Soccer Stadium, National Trade Centre Rowing: Toronto Regatta Centre Rugby 7s: National Soccer Stadium - 20,000 Sailing: Olympic Sailing Marina Shooting: new venue Table Tennis: National Trade Centre Taekwondo: National Trade Centre Tennis: National Tennis Stadium - 12,500 Triathlon: Atakoy Marina Beach Volleyball: new venue Indoor Volleyball: National Trade Centre Weightlifting: Molson Amphitheatre - 16,000 Wrestling: National Trade Centre
  12. ^^Sir, the Olympic Games can be used to give ANY city in the world a facelift.
  13. ^^Usain Bolt might as well return in Glasgow in 2014.
  14. Sports venues that have existed at the time Atlanta was chosen as the host city of the 1996 Olympics in 1990: Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium Georgia World Congress Centre (Building A and the southern half of Building Omni Coliseum Panther Stadium, Clark Atlanta University Herndon Stadium, Morris Brown College Georgia State University Sports Arena Alexander Memorial Coliseum, Georgia Institute of Technology And the Stone Mountain Tennis Center had closed in 2007 and there is talk of its demolition. There is a fight to prevent this. I support that fight because demolition of the tennis centre means that a legacy is ruined.
  15. The primary reason that Dubai has pulled out of the 2013 World Aquatics Championships is that Dubai does not have an existing aquatic facility that is adequate or even a proposed facility. Might as well award the 2013 World Aquatics Championships to Moscow (one of the bid cities). Shouldn't have awarded the Championships to Dubai, I don't know why they even won in the first place.
  16. I don't care how big of an icon the Mario Filho is. The Mario Filho hosts ceremonies, then the 2016 Olympics will go down in history as the worst Summer Olympics ever. If the Joao Havelange hosts the ceremonies (exclusive venue for Athletics my foot), we'd all be very happy. If not, then an undisputed main Olympic Stadium in Rio de Janeiro is meaningless. It's like Barcelona using Camp Nou for the ceremonies instead of the Montjuic Stadium in 1992. The same goes for the Paralympics, but instead of leaving the Maracana empty-handed, let it host the medal ceremonies. (it may apply for the Olympics as well). And no, a newly-built Olympic Stadium will not be in the Barra cluster. Rio and Barcelona (and Rio and Mexico City as well) could possibly have many similarities.
  17. ^^No, a way must be sought to get the ceremonies off the Mario Filho and into the athletics venue. A question has been left unanswered, Why was Maracana even chosen as Olympic ceremonies venue, anyway?
  18. For a city that has failed horribly in its bid. New York City is one of the "big four" cities of the world. The others of the big 3 (London, paris, and Tokyo) have already hosted. But it has never hosted an Olympic Games, and is very unlikely to do so in this century. Their plans to use the Mets Stadium as the main stadium a la Atlanta, I hated that plan. That stadium later became Citi Field. The venues that new York has right now are Madison Square Garden, the ustA National Tennis Centre, and the Meadowlands Stadium in New Jersey. Available venues that are currently proposed include the Brooklyn Arena (Barclays Centre) and a reconstructed Nassau Coliseum. A proper main Olympic Stadium must be proposed.
  19. ^^Then let the track serve as the marching path, then.
  20. The Maracanazinho Gymnasium, the volleyball venue, was built in only 5 months from April to September of 1954. A concrete-franmed structures isn't supposed to be constructed that fast.
  21. I tried to conceal the information about the ceremonies and the marathon because I think something is wrong with the plan. The ceremonies should not be in the football stadium, but instead at the athletics stadium because that might be a crazy idea to hold Olympic ceremonies in a trackless stadium. And the Marathon should start at the Sambodromo, but instead of finishing at the same venue, it should go through the Maracana Stadium and finish in the Joao Havelange Stadium.
  22. The Maracana Cluster Estadio Jornalista Mario Filho Capacity: 85,000 Events: Football finals Maracanazinho Arena Capacity: 11,800 Sports: Volleyball Engenhao Stadium Capacity: 60,000 Events: Athletics The Sambodromo Capacity: 36,000 Events: Archery
  23. Golf has been selected to be an Olympic sport in 2016 and there are two potential venues: Either the Gavea Golf Club or the Itanhanga Golf Club.
  24. ^^Hambantota's not on the list, sir? This is for Colombo only. And we now some city who is in the list...Dubai.
  25. Several cities are vying to host the 2019 Asian Games: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (my favourite) Hanoi, Vietnam Hong Kong, China Palembang, Indonesia Singapore Taiper, Chinese Taipei Colombo, Sri Lanka
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