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  1. Won't be complaining about Joao Havelange hosting ceremonies because its capacity is slightly larger than Barcelona's Olympic Stadium. And it should not make perfect sense to hold Olympic ceremonies in a football-only stadium, whether it's larger or smaller than the athletics venue. If there is no ceremonies for Maracana, then the cauldron should not be at Maracana. They sould be reserved for the Engenhao Stadium only. Also, coming up with excuses about this will get us nowhere. If Maracana does host Olympic ceremonies, then a curse will be put on any future Olympic City, especially one who has a football-only stadium and no large multipurpose athletics stadium.

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  2. Don't you see that most part of people here doesn't care, people in IOC doesn't care, people in Rio are even happy with this choice and media is thrilled about...

    You will not change this. And if somehow Maracana won't be part of the ceremonies, be sure, it's not because of your likes and dislikes.

    Get it through their heads: Maracna will never be a true Olympic Stadium.

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  3. i cannot get used to this at all. Sorry, but the Mario Filho Stadium should be rejected and disqualified from hosting Olympic ceremonies and hosting any events in the Summer Paralympics.

    There is no rule stating that Olympic ceremonies must be held in the largest football stadium regardless of whether or not it has a track.Get the ceremonies into the athletcs stadium lke Barcelona and Mexico City and there won't be any problems.

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  4. Well lets see, they're using Maracana based on the fact that it was proven use for the 2007 Pan American Games. It is larger capacity than their Olympic stadium.

    It's not really a joke, if they're using a venue that speaks of Rio and such, they're only hosting Athletics at an upgraded Joao Havelange to meet IOC requirements. Besides, if the IOC really wanted to have ceremonies at Joao Havelange, then it would have pressured Rio to make such concessions.

    So it's simple, Rio's Olympic Stadium will always be Joao Havelange, doesn't necessarily mean that ceremonies should be held there, especially if there's another larger venue available. Not to mention the possibilities of ruining the track and such if the opening ceremony was held at Joao Havelange. Then you look at events like the Pan American Games, there's been plenty of hosts that haven't necessarily used their athletics stadium to host ceremonies. The IOC approved of Rio's proposal, what's done is done and I'm sure come 2016, you'd actually be quite pleased that they chose Maracana over Joao Havelange.

    i shouldn't be pleased at all, I should get mad. I don't care about the track being ruined by the ceremony, they can just fix it before the competitions begin. This stadium situation is going to make the Rio de Janeiro Games a disaster. Using a football-only stadium for Olympic Ceremonies is un-Olympic. 2016 is the Un-Olympic year, a year of curse for the Summer Games. Rio just likes to make the wrong excuses. The IOC is wrong for doing so.

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  5. This is really not a reason to say the games will be good or bad.

    Maybe because traditions, this games will be innovative. But, let's remember how many changes IOC made on the Olympic Games since Athens 1896...

    Baron, who worked with Olympic ceremonies talked about the logistics advantages for the ceremonies. Rio can put even bigger ceremonies, since the city doesn't need to prepare the stadium for athletics competitions few days later.

    IAAF has pointed they liked the idea of having an exclusive venue for them.

    Also, Joao Havelange Stadium was considered by them as one of the best athletics stadiums in the world. The only with a training path less than 30 m far from the main one.

    Or RIO-OCOG changes the ceremonies to Joao Havelange or nothing. Maracana will never receive an olympic path. smile.gif

    I don't care if they like the idea. exclusive venue for IAAF athletics, my boot.

  6. I looked at Google Earth and in the 2001 imagery, loads of hutongs and small apartment buildings (mostly hutongs) in Beijing were destroyed to make way for all the infrastructure for the 2008 Summer Olympics (roads, highways, parks, several venues and the Olympic Village, and the airport terminal).

  7. Even with that new (hopefully not final) design, I still don't think the Mario Filho Stadium should even be hosting the Olympic Ceremonies or be considered an Olympic Stadium, even with modifications to its new seating bowl. First of all, the seating bowl depicted in the new renderings does not match properly with its overall circular shape. Second, the upper tier looks too short. And third, why do the goal stands have to be a single tier?

  8. The Barra Cluster

    Deodoro Arena

    Capacity: 5,000

    Events: Fencing

    National Equestrian Centre

    Capacity: 14,000

    Events: Equestrian

    National Shooting Centre

    Capacity: 6,850

    Events: Shooting

    Olympic BMX Centre

    Capacity: 6,000

    Events: Cycling (BMX)

    Deodoro Modern Pentathlon Park

    Capacity: 20,000

    Events: Modern Pentathlon

    Olympic Mountain Bike Centre

    Capacity: 5,000

    Events: Cycling (Mountain Bike)

  9. Venue plan for a Summer Olympics in New York City

    Ceremonies: New Olympic Stadium

    Archery: new venue

    Diving: new venue

    Swimming: new venue

    Synchronised Swimming: new venue

    Water Polo: new venue

    Athletics: New Olympic Stadium

    Badminton: New Convention Centre

    Basketball: Brooklyn Arena - 18,000

    Boxing: Nassau Coliseum - 17,500

    Canoe/Kayak Sprint: New Flushing Meadows Rowing Basin

    Canoe/Kayak Slalom: undetermined venue

    BMX: Staten Island

    Mountain Biking: Staten Island

    Road Cycling: Staten island

    Track Cycling: new venue

    Equestrian: new venue

    Fencing: New Convention Centre

    Field Hockey: undetermined venue

    Football: Meadowlands Stadium - 82,566

    Golf: undetermined venue

    Artistic Gymnastics: Madison Square Garden - 21,000

    Rhythmic Gymnastics: Madison Square Garden - 21,000

    Trampolining: Madison Square Garden - 21,000

    Handball: Newark Arena - 18,500

    Judo: New Convention Centre

    Modern Pentathlon: undetermined venue

    Rowing: New Flushing Meadows Rowing Basin

    Rugby 7s: undetermined venue

    Sailing: undetermined venue

    Shooting: new venue

    Table Tennis: New Convention Centre

    Taekwondo: New Convention Centre

    Tennis: USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center - 22,527, 10,200, 6,000

    Triathlon: Central Park

    Beach Volleyball: new venue

    Indoor Volleyball: Meadowlands Arena - 20,000

    Weightlifting: New Convention Centre

    Wrestling: New Convention Centre

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