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  1. New hotels in Rio All the hotels: REFORM IN 1) Hotel Gloria Palace of Eike Batista (building is being retrofitted); 2) Windsor Hotel Atlantic (where was the old building is being retrofitted Méridien). Hotel will reopen with 545 rooms at the end of 2010; 3) National Hotel (On October 15, the direction of the Construction and Incorporated Merza decide under which flag the hotel, closed since the 90s, will operate. Seven proposals from international companies are under review. It is being retrofitted); 4) Transformation of a residential building into a hotel on Avenida Nossa Senhora de Copacabana, at the time of Tour 3, the Windsor Group; 5) Hotel Paineiras (retrofit work should start soon); 6) Boutique hotel where once ran the Hotel Bragança in Lapa (retrofit works have not started); 7) Hotel Paris, located on Avenida Tiradentes Square with Steps, sold to the French group hospitality LA SUITE. UNDER CONSTRUCTION 1) Ibis Hotel with 122 rooms in Rua Ministro Viveiros de Castro, Copacabana; 2) Ibis Hotel with 240 rooms on the street Mena Barreto, Botafogo; 3) Della Volpe Hotel - Golden Tulip under construction on Avenida Nossa Senhora de Copacabana; 4) Building Annex Hotel WINDSOR FLORIDA; PROJECTS FOR THE BAR TIJUCA 1) Hotel Emiliano (their owners looking for land in Barra da Tijuca, but also in Joah or Alto da Boa Vista). 2) Grand Hyatt Hotel with 300 rooms, near the Avenue condominium Sernambetiba Alpha; 3) Hotel Novotel with 188 bedrooms in Sernambetiba Avenue, Barra da Tijuca; 4) Four Seasons Hotel in the region of the Reserve, in Barra da Tijuca; 5) Hotel on Avenida do Pepe, being built by the group Performance (Performance negotiates project other three hotels in Bar); 6) Hotel with 500 rooms to be built by the Group in Windsor Avenue Sernambetiba. Deadline of completion 2014; 7) Hotel with 450 rooms, adjacent to the Hotel Windsor Barra. Deadline of completion 2013. 8) Hotel Ritz Carlton (are making consultations to settle in Barra da Tijuca) 9) Hilton Hotel in Barra da Tijuca; 10) along the Rio Centro Hotel; 11) An IBIS hotel in Praia do Pepe; 12) A MERCURE hotel in Praia do Pepe; 13) A hotel on Avenida IBIS Ambassador Aberlardo Bueno; 14) A hotel on Avenida NOVOTEL Ambassador Aberlardo Bueno; 15) A 5-star hotel with 300 rooms in the vicinity of the premises of the 2016 Games, developed by STX Real Estate Development. FOR JOA 1) Txai Resort (owners seeking property in Joah); FOR BOTAFOGO 1) Hotel - it is speculated that Marriott is - the place where for years he ran a gas station next to the Rio Sul Shopping FOR THE FLAMINGO 1) Hotel, still no flag set, the current residential building Clube de Regatas do Flamengo, Avenida Rui Barbosa. TO THE CENTER AND THE PORT AREA 1) Hyatt Place Hotel (four star) in the port area; 2) A hotel near the airport Santos Dumont, in space that is currently occupied by a building that belonged to Varig. 3) A Sonesta hotel, business tourism (the Sonesta will be located in the Port Zone or South Zone). FOR THE NORTHERN 1) Ibis Hotel next to the field of Shopping Nova America (RJZ venture of Construction / Cirella: 2) Formula 1 Hotel next to the field of Shopping Nova America (joint venture of construction RJZ / Cirella); 3) A hotel at the Rio International Airport. No Location yet 1) Hotel-boutique brand Andaz (a brand of Hyatt Group), in a not yet defined; 2) A hotel Rooms, the first hotel SuperClubs super economic network in Brazil.
  2. Won't be complaining about Joao Havelange hosting ceremonies because its capacity is slightly larger than Barcelona's Olympic Stadium. And it should not make perfect sense to hold Olympic ceremonies in a football-only stadium, whether it's larger or smaller than the athletics venue. If there is no ceremonies for Maracana, then the cauldron should not be at Maracana. They sould be reserved for the Engenhao Stadium only. Also, coming up with excuses about this will get us nowhere. If Maracana does host Olympic ceremonies, then a curse will be put on any future Olympic City, especially one who has a football-only stadium and no large multipurpose athletics stadium.
  3. Get it through their heads: Maracna will never be a true Olympic Stadium.
  4. Well, Ii ain't gonna shut up. This is all about keeping Maracana out of the Olympic Stadium picture.
  5. ^^No, Mo Rush. IOC shouldn't care if an existing Olympic Stadium is a tourist spot or not. If there are two stadiums planned to be the main Olympic Stadium, there's gonna be conflict, there's gonna be controversy surrounding that fact.
  6. i cannot get used to this at all. Sorry, but the Mario Filho Stadium should be rejected and disqualified from hosting Olympic ceremonies and hosting any events in the Summer Paralympics. There is no rule stating that Olympic ceremonies must be held in the largest football stadium regardless of whether or not it has a track.Get the ceremonies into the athletcs stadium lke Barcelona and Mexico City and there won't be any problems.
  7. Yes. IOC may be happy with this. I'm not. I think Maracana is violating a little something I call:
  8. A fifth 500+-room hotel (the Hotel Guanabara) exists in Rio's Central Business District. Rio de Janeiro is going to have the largest media village of any Olympic city (Summer or Winter). And what is the purpose of the proposed Maracana, Deodoro, and Port Villages?
  9. i shouldn't be pleased at all, I should get mad. I don't care about the track being ruined by the ceremony, they can just fix it before the competitions begin. This stadium situation is going to make the Rio de Janeiro Games a disaster. Using a football-only stadium for Olympic Ceremonies is un-Olympic. 2016 is the Un-Olympic year, a year of curse for the Summer Games. Rio just likes to make the wrong excuses. The IOC is wrong for doing so.
  10. Worse, I'm afraid Rio, like other Olympic Cites, can have only one main stadium.
  11. Wait till the 2011 World Military Games in Rio and see who deserveS to be the main Olympic Stadium. Joao Havelange Stadium is hosting athletics and ceremonies at that event. Rio is an Olympic City with no (proper) Olympic Stadium. A football-only stadium hosting Olympic ceremonies s a joke.
  12. I don't care if they like the idea. exclusive venue for IAAF athletics, my boot.
  13. If they're not hutongs, what were those houses that were demolished in the Olympic Green, then? Slums?
  14. ^^ No, Rio will just be like Montreal: a bad Summer Olympic city if athletics and ceremonies are not concentrated on the same site.
  15. If Maracana is to be in the lineage of Olympic Stadiums, it must not only host Ceremonies and Football Finals, but athletics as well, To host athletics events, the lower tier should be a movable stand to uncover an athletics track used for the Games.
  16. I looked at Google Earth and in the 2001 imagery, loads of hutongs and small apartment buildings (mostly hutongs) in Beijing were destroyed to make way for all the infrastructure for the 2008 Summer Olympics (roads, highways, parks, several venues and the Olympic Village, and the airport terminal).
  17. Even with that new (hopefully not final) design, I still don't think the Mario Filho Stadium should even be hosting the Olympic Ceremonies or be considered an Olympic Stadium, even with modifications to its new seating bowl. First of all, the seating bowl depicted in the new renderings does not match properly with its overall circular shape. Second, the upper tier looks too short. And third, why do the goal stands have to be a single tier?
  18. More concrete in the lower tier has been ripped up in the Maracana Stadium today, and all of the seats in the upper tier above the boxes have been removes.
  19. I think Paralympic ceremonies should happen in Joao Havelange Stadium, also.
  20. Just one question, what if the Mario Filho Stadium did NOT have any role in the 2016 Summer Paralympics? Wembley Stadium is not going to have a role in London's Paralympics, Camp Nou - no role in Barcelona's Paralympics.
  21. Besides the Maracana and Engenhao stadiums, should the Sambodromo and the Maracanazinho Arena also have a renovation before the Games?
  22. Mistake on the first post: I must have misidentified the Deodoro Cluster as the "Barra Cluster". Sorry about that.
  23. The Barra Cluster Deodoro Arena Capacity: 5,000 Events: Fencing National Equestrian Centre Capacity: 14,000 Events: Equestrian National Shooting Centre Capacity: 6,850 Events: Shooting Olympic BMX Centre Capacity: 6,000 Events: Cycling (BMX) Deodoro Modern Pentathlon Park Capacity: 20,000 Events: Modern Pentathlon Olympic Mountain Bike Centre Capacity: 5,000 Events: Cycling (Mountain Bike)
  24. If the field space of the Mario Filho Stadium is reduced, they they'll end up having to move the ceremonies to the (expanded) Joao Havelange Stadium.
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