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  1. I'm NOT a nutcase, sir, so stop calling me that. I'm taking that as a personal attack. Personal attacks can lead to conflict. Do not start conflicts in this board, sir. And do not hurt my feelings in any way.

    I said that statement because I have wanted Kuala Lumpur to host an Asian Games and Shabery Cheek is a bad man because he is responsible for Kuala Lumpur dropping out of bidding for an Asian Games. Also, I was sick of KL dropping out of Asiad bids.

  2. We won't expect to see a Beijing on the non-hillside slums of Rio (at the north of the city), but the Maracana Stadium is getting its seating bowl torn out for a brand-new one (for the WC 2014), the metro line that will link Barra Cluster (located at Rio´s west zone - heart of the games) to the south zone is under construction), 2 BRT lines (linking Barra to the international airport and to Deodoro cluster) are under construction, the park that will host Rock in Rio festival is being built, the works for the new Sambodromo stands will start next month, and the design of the venues of the Barra Olympic Park is under international contest.

  3. 11062509.jpeg

    In this photo, the lower tier is dismantled completely and the upper tier is torn out up to the vertical two-storey section. Soon the other half of the upper tier will be torn out as well. After that, the playing area should get torn out as well, and a reduced oval playing area with a reduced football pitch of 105x68m will be put in its place. Then, after the cleaning of the structural skeleton left behind by the demolition crews, the new seating bowl will be constructed. The oval of the seating bowl has to match the curvature of the stadium's roof, which will be extended to cover the entire stands. I am having trouble finding out where in this stadium a scoreboard will be placed, plans for a new scoreboard are probably under wraps.

  4. Did you know that the Hotel Gloria used to have a total of 620 rooms (up from its original 280 or so in the original building, which was probably expanded to 400 with a wing added to the west, leaving the remaining 220 rooms to the annex)? Well, the Gloria Palace reconstruction project includes reconstruction of the annex into an office building for Eike Batista's company. I wonder if Rio will be building a hotel larger than the Othon Palace before the Games.

  5. Only in RdJ can you have two monolithic hotels with their room count in the 500s range looming ober a popular beach where all of the buildings bordering it are almost the same height. Anyway, I am glad that the old Le Meridien reopened. We do not want vacant hotels hindering the 2016 Olympics.

  6. The seating bowl of Maracana Stadium can't have that appearance. The two suite levels are going to take up too much of the space of the upper tier, and that is going to make the stadium's interior look terrible. Plus, they're not tearing down the entire upper tier. I have a friend over at SSC named Athinaios who made these 3D computer models of Maracana Stadium which respects the original shape of the stadium.



  7. I don't think they should straighten the west and east stands of the stands in the Mario Filho Stadium. It will take away from the stadium's characteristic shape. How about they just shorten the tiers to make room for two levels of luxury boxes?

    And the first time that the Marathon didn't finish in the Olympic Stadium was at Rome in 1960.

  8. New hotels in Rio

    All the hotels:


    1) Hotel Gloria Palace of Eike Batista (building is being retrofitted);

    2) Windsor Hotel Atlantic (where was the old building is being retrofitted Méridien). Hotel will reopen with 545 rooms at the end of 2010;

    3) National Hotel (On October 15, the direction of the Construction and Incorporated Merza decide under which flag the hotel, closed since the 90s, will operate. Seven proposals from international companies are under review. It is being retrofitted);

    4) Transformation of a residential building into a hotel on Avenida Nossa Senhora de Copacabana, at the time of Tour 3, the Windsor Group;

    5) Hotel Paineiras (retrofit work should start soon);

    6) Boutique hotel where once ran the Hotel Bragança in Lapa (retrofit works have not started);

    7) Hotel Paris, located on Avenida Tiradentes Square with Steps, sold to the French group hospitality LA SUITE.


    1) Ibis Hotel with 122 rooms in Rua Ministro Viveiros de Castro, Copacabana;

    2) Ibis Hotel with 240 rooms on the street Mena Barreto, Botafogo;

    3) Della Volpe Hotel - Golden Tulip under construction on Avenida Nossa Senhora de Copacabana;

    4) Building Annex Hotel WINDSOR FLORIDA;



    1) Hotel Emiliano (their owners looking for land in Barra da Tijuca, but also in Joah or Alto da Boa Vista).

    2) Grand Hyatt Hotel with 300 rooms, near the Avenue condominium Sernambetiba Alpha;

    3) Hotel Novotel with 188 bedrooms in Sernambetiba Avenue, Barra da Tijuca;

    4) Four Seasons Hotel in the region of the Reserve, in Barra da Tijuca;

    5) Hotel on Avenida do Pepe, being built by the group Performance (Performance negotiates project other three hotels in Bar);

    6) Hotel with 500 rooms to be built by the Group in Windsor Avenue Sernambetiba. Deadline of completion 2014;

    7) Hotel with 450 rooms, adjacent to the Hotel Windsor Barra. Deadline of completion 2013.

    8) Hotel Ritz Carlton (are making consultations to settle in Barra da Tijuca)

    9) Hilton Hotel in Barra da Tijuca;

    10) along the Rio Centro Hotel;

    11) An IBIS hotel in Praia do Pepe;

    12) A MERCURE hotel in Praia do Pepe;

    13) A hotel on Avenida IBIS Ambassador Aberlardo Bueno;

    14) A hotel on Avenida NOVOTEL Ambassador Aberlardo Bueno;

    15) A 5-star hotel with 300 rooms in the vicinity of the premises of the 2016 Games, developed by STX Real Estate Development.


    1) Txai Resort (owners seeking property in Joah);


    1) Hotel - it is speculated that Marriott is - the place where for years he ran a gas station next to the Rio Sul Shopping


    1) Hotel, still no flag set, the current residential building Clube de Regatas do Flamengo, Avenida Rui Barbosa.


    1) Hyatt Place Hotel (four star) in the port area;

    2) A hotel near the airport Santos Dumont, in space that is currently occupied by a building that belonged to Varig.

    3) A Sonesta hotel, business tourism (the Sonesta will be located in the Port Zone or South Zone).


    1) Ibis Hotel next to the field of Shopping Nova America (RJZ venture of Construction / Cirella:

    2) Formula 1 Hotel next to the field of Shopping Nova America (joint venture of construction RJZ / Cirella);

    3) A hotel at the Rio International Airport.

    No Location yet

    1) Hotel-boutique brand Andaz (a brand of Hyatt Group), in a not yet defined;

    2) A hotel Rooms, the first hotel SuperClubs super economic network in Brazil.

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