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  1. What if you saw 50 women run up and down the Sambodromo in nothing but two-piece swimsuits?

    A gold-medal winning marathon runner commits suicide and I apologise for being driven off-topic in this forum. I also apologise for his death occurring.

  2. i'm not against the Maracana. It had have a very advanced-looking design for the time it was built (1950). After its grand transformation, it will host more football matches for year to come, including those for the 2014 WC and the 2016 Olympics. But the Joao Havelange needs to host the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Olympics instead of Maracana.

  3. Stop using the god-awful word seems, it's going to traumatise me, and I can't be strong enough to fight intentional bullying in discussion forums. From now on use the word appears instead. What part of "STOP" do you understand? I could put you on my ignore list for this intentional behavior.

  4. "Looks"--not seems--"Looks".

    And did I notice that a several-lane boulevard in Beijing's Olympic Green have been converted into green space (its a east-west road). And on Google imagery, I have noticed that several temporary venues (such as the hockey field and the beach volleyball ground) are still standing now after the Olympics have ended?

  5. Well, that's going to happen at Maracana, and it's not going to affect the quality of the games. So you might as well get used to it

    Who cares about the quality? I don't want to get used to the idea, and I can't, because Olympic ceremonies need to be held at the Olympic Stadium like always.

    And I don't want to rally against PyeongChang because I'm actually supporting its bid for 2018 Winter Games.

  6. But for 99.999 per cent of the world, they're not going to know or care. They'll be watching sports, or watching the ceremonies, and enjoying them for what they are. The vast vast majority of people aren't going to be watching them and marking them down on a scorecard for "infractions" like: "used two stadiums for cereminies and events - points deducted". It's ony a rare breed of Olympics nerds like the members of this august forum who will even notice that at all.

    Jeezus, you REALLY need a new hobby.

    I don't want a hobby.

    All I care about is the Parade of Nations, the Athletes Oath, and the lighting of the Olympic Flame must take place at the Engenhao olympic Stadium.

  7. In your mind maybe. But you seem to be the only one that is so obsessed with it. It's pretty much a non-issue in every other quarter. The IOC dosn't have any problem with it.

    Every stadium and venue that will be used is an Olympic one.

    I don't like the phrase "seem to be", it isn't good enough. Couldn't you have tried "you are the only one that is so obsessed with it."?

    The Engenhao, instead of the Maracana, can be the main centrepiece stadium of the 2016 Summer Olympics.

  8. If a sexy lady were thrown to the piranhas, that would be considered murder/manslaughter.

    Now, about the capacity disparity between the Olympic Stadium and the football only stadium. In Barcelona, the disparity was 45,000 (70000 capacity in the Montjuic Stadium and 115,000 in the Camp Nou). In Rio, the disparity will be only 22,000 (60,000 in the Engenhao Stadium and 82,000 in Maracana).

    Now, if you want to hear something about the designated Olympic Stadium not hosting ceremonies, that will be one of many concerns and controversies that will be faced. An Olympics will not be without concerns and controversies nowadays.

  9. Once the old buildings on the same block as the Joao Havelange Stadium are torn down, there may be enough space for the performers, costumes, props, the 10,000+ athletes, and the fireworks parapharnelia. Also, neiher Maracana nor the Joao Havelange have any underground passages. Why does an Olympic Stadium need underground passages.

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